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Above Top Secret Can Blow Me

Posted 6 Jan 2012 at 01:05 AM by yankee451

Above Top Secret Can Blow Me

There. I said it.

I mean, who was I kidding really? I bent over backwards to be Mister Polite to you cocksuckers, and you still ban my trolling ass? Four times? Sure, maybe the “451” in my gmail address was your clue, but I need to be able to flip you government motherfuckers the bird somehow, don’t I? It would make 911 truthdom so much less fulfilling if I couldn’t.

I confess I like stirring up the sheepish American faithful, with their TVs and their bogus elections, with their empty heads stuffed up their full asses; they can blow me too. I like pissing off the brainwashed masses just because; I don’t need just cause; I don’t need a reason, hell my fellow Americans are reason enough all by themselves.

I further confess; I want a revolution, and in my state of mind, it could even be a violent one, but once the sugar from the beer wears off, I know I’ll regret that, so I’ll save those thoughts for when I’m in Idaho. Just kidding about Idaho and the violence, but not about revolution, or about Above Top Secret. America really does need a revolution, and ATS really can blow me.

I joined LetsRoll after the Hollow Towers revelation, prior to which time I’m ashamed to say I had once been a member of the Scholars for 911 Truth, and I later espoused the Judy Wood bullshit, among other bullshit.

In all honesty, I am a 9/11 research rookie; a lightweight among the heavyweights at LetsRoll. I liken it to being an unpolished drummer in a very talented and tumultuous band; a 911 band with a bitchin guitarist, a gnarly vocalist and a haunting theme with a crashing back beat; a sort of Pink Floyd mixed with the Sex Pistols, only with more LSD and less heroin. Phil is Johnny Rotten, and thanks to god for that because Larry’s a more-serious, less-stoned Roger Waters. Tetracycline may have ruined Phil’s smile, but it gave Willie Rodriguez something to smile about, while I don’t think Larry smiles at all. “Don’t play chess with Larry” is what I think, but what do I know, I’m a rookie drummer too jazzed over the thought of hanging with these cats to be able to keep time.

I don’t watch TV and I like to tell people as much as a way to sound superior. You poor bastards still watch TV? *Haughty sniff*. In reality I troll the Internet at least as often as the next guy cruises cable, probably more. I don’t eat fast food anymore, but I love to wage 911 wars in the government’s trenches on Godlike Productions and Above Top Secret. An hour on ATS is at least as toxic as a Big Mac, so really, who am I kidding.

The Government Internet conspiracy sites are like junk food for the brain, working overtime to fill you up on battered and deep fried plane stories, helping you sleep soundly until the gas wakes you up with a jolt at 3 AM. I believe if you read too much of it you’ll go blind, so I was doing my fellow Americans a favor by giving them a better option.

Once the Hollow Towers were exposed, I knew what I had to do. I can’t keep-up with the research here on LetsRoll; I started late and don’t have the patience for that kind of work. The ADD keeps me from poring over photographs and FOIA reports; and besides, poking a finger in the digital eyes of emotionally adolescent America is vastly more satisfying.

Above Top Secret is a big site…they have a couple million users at last count. It is a place where readers new to 911 may go first to test the 9/11 waters. They are the Mainstream Media of the internet “conspiracy” forums, the biggest if you believe them, and I convinced myself it was there I could make the most impact. When curious 911 researches would arrive at ATS, I wanted to be there to greet them; like an usher for the Pink Pistols Band of LetsRoll, I would shine my laser pointer on the floor, and lead them like dazzled sheep towards clover fields of truth. I was doing god’s work.

The site owner’s handle is “SkepticOverlord”, a name right out of a Disney movie, an apt analogy, for like a cartoon character he changes his avatar to suit the holiday. For the ten year anniversary of 911 he had the “Dead Father Judge” avatar. It was that avatar that would cause my first banning from ATS; actually it was the thread I created to mock his avatar that did it. I started a thread entitled “Death Certificate Number One”, exposing the fake, staged images of Father Judge in his chair. I included a link to LetsRoll of course and that was the end of Yankee451 on ATS.

ATS will delete any topic that doesn’t support the government’s pretext for plunder and Imperialism. They’re not like Godlike Productions which will ban you simply for mentioning the Tavistock Institute no, ATS will label as a hoax, or delete any thread and ban any user who posts a “no-plane” thread. Experience tells me they will also ban users for Hollow Towers threads, video-fakery, pre-demolished towers, brass-plate tenants, jumper fraud, victim fraud and of course, Father Judge fraud.

Well, I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I went back. When choosing a name for my next persona I really wanted to use “SepticOverload”, for obvious reasons, but having just been banned I figured obvious would be too obvious so I settled on “Septic” and managed to stay unbanned for a couple more months. But old habits die hard and Septic was banned as well…add NYPD and FDNY fraud to the list of offenses.

“Firelight” was going to be a girl blogger but didn’t last long enough for gender to become an issue.

“Comprehension” lasted a bit longer than Firelight but by now even I have to admit they’re on to me and there’ll be no more fun pissing off the losers at ATS. Add Minoru Yamasaki to the list of bannable topics by the way.

ATS has a stable of spooks. Whether they’re real individuals or digital persona created from blogging software matters little, the results are the same. Every thread that deviates from the story supported by the FBI and all the official “Truth” movement groups will be swarmed by a posse of belligerent, intellectually stunted blowhards. These guys take trolling to new heights, and I urge anyone curious as to what thoroughly controlled opposition looks like, to head over there and see what happens. Seek out users like GoodOl’Dave, pteridine, hooper, and my personal favorite _BoneZ_, or even better, post anything about any of the topics listed above, and they’ll seek you out.

If you do take a look, do the right thing and give them some links to some real research, at least before you’re banned. It’s for the good of your neighbors. While there, you may see SkepticOverlord, in fact you may see him trolling around LetsRoll as “The Skeptic Guy”, and if you do, tell him Yankee451 says; “blow me”.
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  1. Old Comment
    2getherwestand's Avatar
    Their loss yank.Fuck em'.No serious individual has time for the likes of ATS.(Assbandits Titheads Shitstains).They did you a favor and your writing is way too good to be wasted on useless eaters such as the ladyboys at ATS.Only the dumbed down and ignorant feel at home there.LRF is your rightful place and home friend.LETS ROLL now.2getherwestand.
    Posted 6 Jan 2012 at 03:07 AM by 2getherwestand 2getherwestand is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Phil Jayhan's Avatar
    Great post! I have heard this same story 100 times here as Admin of letsroll.

    Or more!

    Posted 6 Jan 2012 at 05:31 AM by Phil Jayhan Phil Jayhan is offline

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