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A Crude Wildlife Funeral Eulogy

Posted 24 Sep 2010 at 16:36 PM by danieltowsey

A Crude Wildlife Funeral Eulogy
by A Truth Soldier
It was a very somber day.
The media continuously reported the events that led to the death of wildlife.
There was no long funeral procession in the Gulf of Mexico,
of whales, sharks, and dolphins, the fishes and birds did not attend either.
Their was only the human animal that could show up for the funeral but they did not choose to attend. They were to concerned about using up the fuel in their fuel tanks
and they could not bare the crude stink of death in the air at the funeral.
Someone had the idea of lighting up an eternal black flame in memory of the death of wildlife.
This eternal flame would bring a dark cloud over the whole planet and choke out the air
and sunlight that this last remaining animal needed to survive.
At the wake it was announced that all the wildlife died the most excruciating death.
They choked and died in a black sea of slimy black crude.
It was a very slow and painful death.
The wildlife was buried in this black crude of death.
Few spoke kindly of the memory of how the wildlife lived free and wild.
How the wildlife never did any harm to anyone.
No one spoke of the slow death of wildlife that had been coming on for years.
For the few that attended the funeral were the ones that were part of the cause of the death
of the wildlife.
Those that attended the funeral were very somber
for they realized that they were in deed attending their own eulogy.
For without wildlife it was guaranteed that they would also soon die.
There was only one crude black tear shed. The tear came from heaven for God was crying.
God saw that his creation had received a mortal wound and the very blood of the core of the earth is gushing from a vital artery puncture.
The doctors that have previously covered the Gulf of Mexicos’ bed with many man made arteries were unable to stop the massive bleeding. They knew that the patient would not survive.
Please read “God is crying” and read about the tears of a native Mi’kmaq elder in “My Vision Quest”
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EVERYONE is being exposed to CARCINOGENIC BENZENE made worse by using COREXIT
Daniel J Towsey I was sent from one place to another,,where the chain of horrible abuses never stopped..I had no one that was looking out for me...I could write many more articles as to what I went through and saw...Those years in Quebec were called the Duplessis years..That was hte name of the Premier of the province..After so many very serious things happening to me I was sent out of province to Ottawa..so the Quebec authorities could wash their hands of me and cover it all up.Not only did i not see may grand mother, I also never saw my three brothers or my mother..until we were reunited in Ottawa when I was about ten years old
Ngozi Angeline Godwell "I had no one that was looking out for me." People keeep on telling me that my little one will be OK because she has me looking out for her, but the state has a way of blocking you so it appears that she has no one looking out for her. Making her a vunerable child.So why could they not just take you I hope you do not mind me asking? I will be going off line shortly.
Daniel J Towsey It is extremely complicated..No one from my family knew what was happening..My mother was very young and she had been taken from the same abusive Catholic Childens aid..My mother grew up in their orphanges and at 11 she eneded up with my father whose much older and she kept having kids but knew nothing about being a mother ,,plus my father was the devil himself so my mother was powerlessYou can read two other articles I wrote on this topic "Please help us" and "Catholic Childrens Aid Tries To Kill Four Year Old Boy" You can find these at http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/Thanks

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