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Checks and Balances

Posted 24 Sep 2010 at 17:08 PM by danieltowsey

Checks and Balances

(this is not about banking)

by A Truth Soldier
This article is much more important to your freedom and justice then you might think. I am about to shed some light into the workings of the corporate shadow governments and what appears to be social truths.

I live in Nova Scotia Canada a province surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on Canada’s east coast.

What I am about to write about will seem very familiar to where you live and what you have seen and been a victim of, whether you realize you have been a victim or not. We have all been victims since the creation of the first corporation.Please read my article “Creation of First Corporation”.

So read on because this applies to anyone who wants to or thinks they live in a free society. The first rule of a free society is one that is based on truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. For then you will have justice which then and only then will lead to a truly free society.

Unfortunately no one living today has ever experienced living in a truly free society. All you have lived in is a Corporate image of a free society.

You can read my previous articles “The Last Democracy” and “The last Democracy is DEAD” to learn more about democracy or a free society.

So now I will explain how my society and I am sure your society has been undermined by having all checks and balances removed from society.

Here in Nova Scotia we do not have any checks and balances to keep government and those who derive their income from the government, honest and truthful.

Our society is now a corporate state with its corporate image of a democracy.

The province of Nova Scotia has never had any independent public agencies to investigate crimes or injustices done by members of any government agency be they, Police, Social Services (welfare), the free Public medical fields, etc etc, and the necessary legislation and financial support to protect and empower these independent agencies to investigate

I’ll give you an example as it pertains to the public health care system here, with its legislation prohibiting private health care.

If you are a victim of deliberate medical malpractice. You will never be able to get any remedy. You will never find any doctor in the public health care to ever admit that another doctor has been negligent (be it deliberate or due to total incompetence) because, No medical doctor will ever speak the truth as that would surely be career suicide.

So you end up living in a society where the Sheeple have no idea as to the evil and injustices that go on until they (you) become a victim of such. Upon which time you will be labeled as delusional or a village idiot if you speak up.

Please read my “Who is delusional now” and “ The Village Idiot” articles.

Those in the corporate government who have done you wrong do not care at all, as they know there will never be anything that you the victim will ever be able to do about it.

You will never be able to sue the medical service provider be that a doctor nurse or what ever. No doctor has ever been sued in this province that I have ever heard of.

Those of you who think that health care should be free for all and no private health care be allowed, had better think again.

There needs to be both private and public health care. This would provide the checks and balances needed as you would be able to go to the private doctor with you case and have the private doctor be able to go to court against the public doctor with no fear of ever losing their job.

Private health care would help to reduce the the costs to the tax payers.

Private health care would bring the public health care standards up.

I would like you to understand that because we have no checks and balances the public is never made aware of the injustices that go on unless you become a victim of such.

Those doing the white collar injustices are never ever brought to justice. This has the effect of seriously undermining the society we live.

Our society is now a corporate government state with the false corporate image that makes everything appear to be just fine.

The creation of the first corporation has now mushroomed to now undermine everything in society. Everything today is now operating with the corporate crime syndicate system of doing things.

All corporations have the rule that you as an employee can never reveal to anyone what your corporation does that my be immoral or unjust. You have to sign the conspiracy agreement, which is the secrecy none disclosure agreement. If you want a job.

The other very important thing to understand is that anyone that works, owns, manages or operates a corporation can never be sued. Legislation has made it impossible to hold members of a corporation responsible for any wrong doing.

And their secrecy agreement makes sure of that.

Here in Nova Scotia all governments are now registered as corporations and as such only answer to private interests and that being the share holders and not the people. Because the governments here are no longer the government of the people, by hte people and for the people.

Governments in a free society should of never been allowed to become incorporated.

So now all laws and legislations that are created only serve the needs of corporations and not the needs of we the people.

Which is why I say that we now have a shadow government in charge of everything. The shadow government does what every corporation does. It misleads the public into believing that everything is all right and that you still live in a free and just democratic society. We all now live under the false corporate image..

Which is why the governments now believe they own you and that you only have rights and freedoms if they choose to give them to you.

Go out and try to do a public protest and see how fast the corporate state and corporate media vilifies you and undermines your pleas for truth and justice.

Welcome to the Communist fascist New World Order.....This is the END.

Follow A Truth Soldier on twitter www.twitter.com/danieltowsey

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