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The Huge Learning Curve To The Forbidden Truths

Posted 24 Sep 2010 at 17:19 PM by danieltowsey

The Huge Learning Curve To The Forbidden Truths
By A Truth Soldier
Sorry but I have to tell you, that for you to take in the contents of this truth soldier article like all my other truth soldier articles, it is going to be a huge learning curve for the uninformed, or for those that have lived in the program of the matrix their whole lives.

Many people through their travels of life. Have known or unpleasantly discovered that something is very wrong with the direction that humanity is traveling in.

Many have been too afraid to even question or peek into the workings of the minds of evil ones.

Most Sheeple will, as always cower away from the challenge to understand lifes complications or injustices.

Most will never try to be free thinking intellectuals.

For seeking the truth of anything is the only path to freedom.

For those that are too afraid of the psychological (work) learning curve necessary to achieve understanding of lifes difficulties and its evils.The result is total enslavement of your mind and very possibly the cost of your very life.

So you are about to learn that there is and always has been a deliberate control of humanities ability to discover certain truths.

You may wonder what a learning curve is.

A learning curve is like when you take a new college course or start a new job.. You enter into something you know nothing about. So the first step is to get a bit familiar with the topic. For many that first step is the beginning of the learning curve.

For very intelligent people the learning curve can be a straight line to the top. For slow learners the curve can be a very long curve to the top. As in everything the difficulty, is to get to the top. If you choose to.

But for many others they will drop out and never stay on the curve, instead their curve drops back to the bottom and they drop out or run away from the challenge of learning something new.

Sometimes, as in learning of the forbidden truths, most know nothing about the forbidden truths and do not even believe that there is such a thing as forbidden truths.

So you might ask, how do you know what is the truth?

That is the learning curve. For to get at the truth you will have to enter your mind into knowledge that is forbidden for most.

It may be intentionally forbidden or it may be forbidden by ones intellual limitations.

Those limitations are most likely from having grown up in the matrix of the new world orders control of humanity and humanities controlled access to the knowledge of the forbidden truths.

But in this modern age of computers and the internet. Access to the forbidden truth is now available.

If on chooses to enter into the learning curve to the forbidden truths.

It should be understood that truth is an action, as truth is ever expanding. If one engages their whole in the action of pursueing truth, one becomes knowledgeable and that knowledge is the exercise that your mind needs to grow stronger and healthier.

As you develop your knowledge you free yourself from the shackles of stupidity.

Those that are knowledgeable can then know and discover the path to fulfill their life journey to happiness.

Knowledge is power. With knowledge of the forbidden truths you can never be enslaved into a prison of stupidity.

For only stupid people seek no truth.

You may ask what hidden truths am I talking about.

Will I am talking about the truths that evil doers (criminally insane) will never want you to discover.

Such as those in this article that pertains to all the hidden truths of the activities of secret societies.

Okay now here is the curve to the forbidden truths.

The first thing you will need to learn is that the New World Order is very real.

The New World Order is a plan to enslave all of us into a life of total worthlessness.

For the international bankers want all the wealth on this planet to be in their hands.

They have been on a mission to do just that.

They realized long ago that if they control the peoples money creation, that over time with their ability to create money out of thin air. They would have the ability to control the planet.

They have used their free money to buy up and control all money making enterprises on this planet.

They have altered the very course of humanity itself and have created the matrix of false reality.

They have very successfully enslaved humanity into a life of stupidity and worthlessness.

The banksters do not value you. They are in the process of impoverishing everyone on this planet.

Their achievements have taken away all of humanities power to do anything.

Yes everything I have just said is very true and that is the learning curve you are on.

So now, I hope that you now have some understanding on how to think for yourself.

You can now choose to engage in the action of seeking truth by going on-line to the Internets world wide web to explore and search for information on the information I have just explained to you.

Heres is what distinguishes an idiot from an intellectual.

An idiot assumes everything and an intellectual questions everything.

The intellectual will go out and seek more knowledge on the topic of interest.

In this case it is actually about the Federal Reserve System of banking that started by the creation of the first corporation on earth.

So I have made your chore really easy, if you choose to be a seeker of truth and freedom.

You can start by going on-line and read my article entitled " Creation of the first Corporation "

After you read that article you will fully understand what hidden truth I speak of.

If you continue on in your search for the liberating truth and possibly if you read my many other articles of truth.

You will come to the full understanding of the truth that has been forbidden from humanity.

That those that control the money are completely criminallyinsane from the power of money. The insane are those that seek no truth and speak no truth for truth is absolute and insanity is absolutely the opposite.

These NWO criminally insane actually believe that they know best or even that they know everything. They refuse to listen to any outsiders. That being you.

You may one day come to the realization that the New World Order is very real.

That the secret societies and their power of money have used every means available to them to achieve their total control and enslavement of this planet.

They are not limited by reason or truth, They are not limited by Justice.

They after all are the Corporation.Translated it means the Corruporation, which means to cooperate in corruption.

Corruporations are only limited by imagination..and they live in a totally imagined reality that they are in control. In reality they are completely out of control. They are right out of their frigin minds.

And you should be really really scared of their criminal insanity.

A corporate mind only thinks on whether they can do something and are never limited as to whether they should do it.

Please read my article entitled "You can not reason with the insane"

They have used social engineering through their control of all media sources of information.

They have used Hollywood, Newspapers, Television, Books and even the education system to create their socially engineered Sheeple.

Yes this is the shocking truth of what is and has always been happening since their creation of the first corporation.

Look around, you can no longer find any companies, small independent businesses are all being eliminated, all privately controlled family farms are all disappearing.

Have you not noticed that all businesses are now turning into mega corporations.. See how the first corporation mushroomed so that they have now spread their crime syndicates called corporations all over this planet.

Please read my article " Beware of the Corporate Mind"

I hope that I have written enough here to have tweaked your attention and that you will not discount what I have written before you do your own research in the pursuit of the forbidden truths.

Because if you choose to believe that you have nothing to worry about.

I assure you that the New World Order Money Masters are very criminally insane indeed. They are so selfish that they want this whole planet for their own choosing.

They have been on their United Nations (CODEX Alimentarious) agenda to depopulate this planet to 500,000 people. Yes again this is very real.

Please read my article entitled " They want you dead is written in stone"

Please do not be afraid to discover the truth of the evil insane NWO doings.. For if you keep your head buried in the sand, you will really excite the NWO perverts because your beautiful shinny smooth exposed behind is up in the air, while your head is buried in the sand. This is a real sexual turn on for the NWO perverts.

(Please excuse my next very vulgar line but it has to be said ti be literally correct)
Do you really like being fucked up the ass by the NWO?

Will here are suggestions as what you can do. Please become a Truth Soldier, for when the seeds of truth are sown. The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment.

This world needs all good people to become truth soldiers... Please join the revolutionary army of truth.

I have previously written an important article entitled " A Truth Soldier"

I recommend you read it before you assume you know what you might choose to do about this horrible world situation.

These insane corporate NWO secret societies have to be vilified for what they are and its members have to be provided a very humane housing in one of their creations, that being a psychiatric institution.

One last thought....all truth leads to God for God is the truth.. That is why I am a Truth Soldier..If you seek God and seek truth, you will find it..So what do you seek
"So who's delusional now" "Tap water will kill you"
"Psychiatry an industry of death" "Soft Kill"
"Just Imagine" "Modern food"
" The village idiot" "How to grow a mushroom"
"Are you ready for the truth?" "Why get a flu shot?"
"What do you seek" "How the chemicals got into the tobacco"
And many more that can be found at http://danieltowsey.wordpress.comwww.scribd.com/danieltowsey and all over the www.

You can also follow A Truth Soldier on www.twitter.com/danieltowsey

Would you also please consider joining this group..be sure to check out the thousands of files, links and more in the other folders..they are loaded with thousands of important items..even links to just about all important documentaries
Jason Bailor As always, excellent! :)

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