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Remedy for Our Stolen Democracy

Posted 24 Sep 2010 at 17:28 PM by danieltowsey

Mr.Daniel Towsey
Remedy for Our Stolen Democracy (Revised June 30,2002)
Dear Citizens:
Please read this.
We in Canada have a very serious problem with corruption in our voting process .It has been going on since approximately 1969.
We have a very old voting system that is extremely flawed. First, it has to be understood how a voting station works. Polling stations are manned by volunteers from the different represented parties. All activities and ballot counting is witnessed by them. When the polling station closes, the witnesses manually count all ballots for each riding. Then the results are reported by telephone to the Solicitor Generals office in Ottawa. At which time the solicitor general can enter any vote results he or she feels like entering, as there are no witnesses present for this process. In Canada, there is no way to verify those results. As all ballots are blank. The ballots are useless once the witnesses leave the polling stations. There is no way to verify the accuracy of the information that the solicitor enters in the computer bank. We have no safe guards against the corruption of vote results. Most corruption will occur in highly populated areas. Since these activities will likely not be noticed.
It is to be understood that if even the smallest possibility for vote corruption exists. Then all possible safe guards should be put in place for the witnesses, to eliminate it.
I suggest that we put into place a system where all ballots have a unique UPC bar code on the backside. Then each polling station would be allotted a predetermined number of ballots. The location of each and every ballot would accounted for, through the whole voting process. The ballots would randomly be given out to voters at each polling station. At the end of the day the used and unused ballots could be counted manually as well as with a computerized counting machine (computer). All activities need to be monitored by the volunteer (public) witnesses. The ballots will still need to be counted manually. In this way, all ballots will be accounted for in the whole country. To further safe guard. Each and every volunteer will be given a printed signed copy of the results, to keep. So that results can be collaborated in the future by the volunteers at an on line site or manually through public records. There will also be other security safe guards put in place to ensure that the possibility for corruption never exists again.
Note; The chief reporting electoral officer should have no authority to do any certifying of vote results without public witnesses from the represented parties being present to witness his certification activities…
Our votes need to be protected. Our democracy starts at the polling stations on the day we vote. Lets make sure it does not stop there!. I AM A PROUD AND FREE CANADIAN… Sincerely, Mr. Daniel Jude Towsey

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