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Dispensational Survey of the Bible (Brief) Matthew through Philemon (Part 1)

Posted 16 Oct 2009 at 02:08 AM by Phil Jayhan

Originally Posted by Phil Jayhan View Post
The "New Testament" survey is so good, and so concise, I thought I would put it up, so people will read it through. It is about 4 minutes of reading. And this 4 minutes can undo 50 years of bad doctrine, learned over a lifetime. I highly suggest this website for new believers, and older believers who have been taught creeds and false doctrine their entire lives. To some of you, these truths will be precious, and still by others despised, because they are the truth. All I can say is I would trade anything to be able to go back in time 25 years, and learn the truth, as presented here, rather than the horrible train of lies I was taught. Perhaps I can save someone else the pain and suffering which false doctrine always inevitably brings. And 25 years of their life, or more. Hope so!


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Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

The Gospel accounts record the arrival of the Fourth Installment in the Fifth Course of Punishment. With John the Baptist God broke the silence of the Third Installment, and the climactic final stages in the Fifth Course began. The "gospel of the kingdom" began to be preached to Israel by John and he began to administer the prescription for Israel's cleansing to those who responded. He also manifested Christ to Israel and prepared them for His ministry. Those that believed the "gospel of the kingdom" became part of the Lord's generation and were no longer identified with apostate Israel.

The time schedule for the Fifth Course was nearing its end with the ominous Fifth Installment fast approaching. Therefore, Israel was warned to "flee from the wrath to come," while the Lord prepared and equipped the believing remnant to make it through the tribulation of those days. He taught them much corrective doctrine by which they could be set apart from Israel's apostate system.

To confirm the reality of the kingdom of heaven being "at hand," the Lord manifested the signs of the kingdom spoken about in the prophets. The power to do so was also given to the 12 apostles, whom the Lord had chosen and commissioned to function with him at this time. The 12 apostles were also prepared by the Lord to function in His absence following His rejection. They would also form the government of Israel once the kingdom was established and would be "sitting on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel."

When Israel rejected Christ, the Fourth Installment to the Fifth Course was scheduled to conclude. However, God graciously provided an extension of mercy and forbearance to Israel in accordance with Christ's prayer for them on the cross. Following His resurrection from the dead, and after preparing His disciples for the Fifth Installment that was soon to begin, Christ returned to the Father and sat down at His right hand "until his enemies be made his footstool."

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The Acts of the Apostles

The opening 8 chapters of Acts record the "stumbling" and "fall" of Israel during the extension of mercy and forbearance God gave to them following their rejection of Christ. God gave "repentance to Israel" during this time, before Christ would actually begin to have His day and make His enemies His footstool. This "stumbling" and "fall" was prophesied about, taking place even in view of the increased signs that began on the day of Pentecost, which confirmed the arrival of Israel's "last days."

Three honest, open opportunities were given to Israel's rulers to repent, but they spurned each one. Upon their rejection of the third opportunity, Stephen was given to see that the extension of mercy was over and the Lord was ready to begin His day of wrath. The Fifth and final Installment to the Fifth Course of Punishment was ready to begin.

However, instead of beginning His day of wrath, the Lord did something completely unexpected and not prophesised about.

The Lord Jesus Christ came back from heaven, as related in Acts 9, and raised up Paul to be a brand new apostle. He commissioned him to go out and preach the astounding message that God was holding back the day of wrath, suspending His program with Israel, and was bringing in a new and different dispensation. In view of this, the Lord's day of wrath has yet to occur and the kingdom of heaven has yet to be established on this earth.

Following the raising up of Paul, the book of Acts records what God did to inform His 12 apostles of the change in programs He had made. It also goes on to describe the "diminishing" of Israel, as God made sure that even those of Israel outside the land knew about the rejection of Christ. In so doing He left them without excuse, but also provoked them to jealousy by His new program with the Gentiles.

Acts, therefore, records the "stumbling," "fall," and "diminishing" of Israel.

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Romans - Philemon

The Apostle Paul is "the apostle of the Gentiles." He is the one to whom God gave "the dispensation of the grace of God" for us Gentiles, revealing to him "the mystery of Christ." We, today, live in the dispensation of God's grace. Paul is our apostle and it is in his epistles - Romans through Philemon - that God sets forth what He is doing with us today. Israel's program is suspended during this dispensation. It will not be resumed or fulfilled until after this dispensation is concluded.

Believers in this dispensation are members of God's "new creation," the "one new man," the church the body of Christ. As Paul teaches, God will use His "new creation" to reconcile the heavenly places unto Himself. God formerly kept the "mystery of Christ" a mystery in order to take Satan in his own craftiness. Now, having made it known, God has revealed His plan for repossessing not only the earth, but the heavenly places also, from Satan's usurped domination.

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    Continued,. (Part 2) Hebrews through The Revelation

    God's design for our edification today is set forth in a doctrinal progression from Romans to Philemon. Romans sets forth the primary doctrines of who God has made us to be "in Christ," being justified, sanctified, living in this new dispensation, and being dealt with as "sons." These foundational doctrines are expounded further in I Corinthians through Galatians, as Paul deals directly with the effectual working of these truths in our lives.

    Ephesians builds upon this foundation with further knowledge about God's plan and purpose for us, especially in the heavenly places. Philippians and Colossians advance on, as Paul deals directly with the impact of this further knowledge upon our lives. The attitude and conduct we should have as mature saints is manifested and dealt with in the Thessalonian epistles. The four pastoral epistles that follow deal with the proper functioning of a local church, which God has designed to function as the "pillar and ground of the truth" for "godly edifying" in this dispensation.

    This dispensation will end with the Lord rapturing the church to be with Himself in the heavenly places.

    Table of Contents | View Chart

    Hebrews through The Revelation

    Following the conclusion of this dispensation God will resume and fulfill His program with Israel. The Fifth Installment to the Fifth Course of Punishment will then take place. The Lord will fulfill the remaining mandates of the Davidic covenant and Israel will be given their covenanted kingdom. They will function on this earth as God's "kingdom of priests and an holy nation." The promised "new heavens and new earth" will be established "wherein dwelleth righteousness."

    Hebrews through The Revelation is the portion of the Bible dealing especially with the ominous Fifth Installment of the Fifth Course of Punishment, along with the fulfillment of Gods purpose with Israel on the earth. In accordance with this time that is still yet "to come," God has placed these books in the Bible following Paul's epistles about this present dispensation. They are placed in the very position that indicates the time to which they pertain.

    The Hebrew people, (Israel), and God's program with them are once again the special focus of attention. These books to them, and from their apostles, have the prophesied Lord's day of wrath in view.

    The book of the Revelation sets forth the details concerning the resumption of Daniel's time schedule. It describes in detail the Lord's day of wrath; the activities of Satan's final policy of evil against Israel; the avenging of God's cause with Israel upon the nations; the Lord's coming with "power and great glory" at the end of the "great tribulation"; and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven in fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant.

    Israel's "fulness," which is in abeyance in this dispensation, is the issue in these books.

    Table of Contents | View Chart
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