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Restore Republic Taking Shape - Tennessee

Posted 3 Dec 2010 at 19:51 PM by spanner

Here is some of the Tennesse Republic Restoration, a part of a national effort to restore the republic to it's official Constitution intent. They would appreciate your visit/comments.
http://www.tennesseerepublic.org Sorry for the yellow print below, I could not change it.

Most of our country’s citizens today are operating under the misconception that if you merely change the political mixture in Washington DC by voting in a different party, be it Democrat or Republican, that they have accomplished an effective change in the direction of our government.

As anyone can see clearly, This is not so at all!

Vision and Goals of Tennessee republic

Adopted from the Republic for the united States of America

The plan is a bold achievable strategy for behind-the-scenes peaceful reconstruction of the de jure institutions of government without controversy, violence or civil war. After a national vote and approval by the body of Republic Assemblies, the plan is now in the implementation phase to accomplish the following:

Restore and re-inhabit the de jure institutions of lawful government.
End the foreclosure nightmare (for borrowing against one’s own credit).

End tax prosecutions for resisting the transfer of private wealth to such as I.R.S. (former Puerto Rico Bureau of Taxation).

End street assaults against the sovereign People for failing to exhibit a State-issued confession of subject-class citizenship.

End all prosecutions which lack an injured party.

End admiralty prosecutions for kidnapping and other heinous crimes against mankind as “commercial crimes” against the corporate State under a contrived corporate color-of-law venue (corp. ref. 27 C.F.R. 72.11).

End the use of covert contracts such as Form 1040, car registrations, birth certificate applications, and bank signature cards which confess the signer to be a legal fiction subject of the United States Federal Corporation (“U.S. person”) that has waved his/her rights in favor of state-issued privileges.

End the use of deeds which classify the People as “tenants” on their own land, thereby transferring control to incorporated County registrars and tax assessors.

End the perversion of marriage into a commercial system of state-issued privileges through the so-called “marriage license” whereby incorporated “courts” presume the “right” to trespass on families and kidnap children.

End the hijacking of automobile ownership through DMV registrations which covertly exchange the divine rights of travel and ownership for the state-issued “privileges” of “driving” and “title.”

In place of all of the above, substitute sovereign identification, diplomatic immunity and sovereign passports to facilitate safe passage throughout the world free from corporate State molestation and terror.

Restore the People’s money and wealth from the banking institutions, war profiteers, and international loan sharks.

Instantly vest all mortgages, auto loans and personal business loans “issued” by members of the Fed. The state shall hold no paper on, or debts against, the sovereign People, directly or through its agencies and licensed banking institutions.

Instantly end all non-consensual and unlawful taxation including all taxes on the sacred rights of labor and privacy.

Empower and inspire the sovereign People to righteousness through such renewed abundance.

Issue orders to the military and police powers to enforce the Peoples’ divine rights of birth.

End the perverse act of requiring the People to pray to “courts” as is now required under corporate rules and traditions.

Restore the de jure judicial institutions including the district court of the United States and the one supreme Court.

Quietly mirror the strategies of 1933 thereby using their (our) institutions, military and public officials to undo eighty years of subterfuge without provoking alarm, controversy or armed conflict.

Forgive all corporate actors who repent for their State-sponsored crimes against mankind. Remove the recidivists from office.

Do all of the above, and more, peacefully, discreetly, quietly and honorably, behind the scenes, without public proclamations or provocative actions against a general public that is mostly unaware of the hijacking of their free de jure American republics, and their hapless media.
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