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Moses and Christ - Alike and Dislike

Posted 22 Dec 2010 at 13:49 PM by spanner


Two young girls talking, both, proclaiming to someone else, "Mary, and I, are both alike, we both hate lemon flavored candy, we dislike it so much, we are so alike".

Perhaps, off beat of the path to which we are trying to reach, but it gets the mind thinking in the direction we want to achieve.

The Bible will always agree in one format and that format is in the "literal" point of view; when a viewpoint cannot be achieved by the thing written, then one or two things apply, either the viewpoint is wrong and erroneous, or the writing is in error. With the Bible, there are two/three types of viewpoints, and those are the Literal, meaning the words define the meaning precisely as they are written or as they are interconnected to other writings with similar meanings or expressions, to the idea or the precept. The second is that of Symbolic Figurative language, which means the idea is in the "mind" of the writer, but He/she has left enough information that we can conceive what is in the mind of the writer, or the concept trying to be conveyed. The first, literal, is often demonstrated by the statements, It means what it states, or It states it therefore I believe it like it is - the second is not as easily "nailed" down to a clear platform, but can be heard in the political arena as applied to the US Constitution as Supreme Court Justices are divided into two camps, one as the Letter of the Law,or second, the "Intent" of the Letter of the Law or the "framer" or "writer" of the Law. The first view, that is the "literal" viewpoint unites the readers one to another, the second, "symbolic/figurative, viewpoint divides the readers one from another. To any, one, thinker it would seem obvious that the second viewpoint would be any persons viewpoint, and it cannot be rejected, but it can be tolerated and "bounced" around to see if it can maintain it's self through the "sifting" pool of accepted thinkers in the marketplace of ideas. It might also be noted here, that the viewpoint on any subject matter, which is generally accepted among the "thinkers", although published as a kind of "fact" or "literally" held viewpoint; is to be held as literal, only until another view comes along to replace it's value.

A good study in this arena is that of the story of Balaam and his conversation with the angel of God, and that which he was told of God to state to Balak, in Numbers 24 and 25, however, one must bear in mind the warning also attached in Jude 9-11 and now, we will view, with this in mind our like/dislike of Moses and Christ. Moses was not allowed to enter the land of promise as Moses smote the rock to which he was told by God Himself, but to speak to the rock and out of the rock would come forth water, but he struck the rock in much anger because of the people, (Christ was crucified because of the anger of the people), and Moses punishment, he would bear by not being allowed to enter the promise land. So Moses, on Mount Nebo was able to see the land promised unto the children of Israel and the scripture states that Moses "died" on the mount-but did he die? Now we enter the mind of the writer to understand that which is written about Moses. The scripture states in;

Deuteronomy 34:6-7 "And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor: but no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this day. And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated."

The Bible states that the eye(s) or sight of Moses was not dim or "glassed" over that the eye could not see, but the eye(s) remained in a functional condition, like that of the "natural force" which was not "abated" or brought to a stop or halt, the natural force being that of the heart muscle to pump blood throughtout the body of Moses so that the body's life force would not be abated/stopped. Now, in this place, my friends of the "symbolic" mindset, would opt to take this literal as a fact, but not without their own purpose of it's acceptance as such, for they cannot have Moses' body remain "alive" in state, it would not secure their view or idea, which comes back to a "pick and choose" mentality of viewpoint, but one thing is clear and that is the Bible stated what it did-fact. Of all those whom have died in the early youth of Israel, we are told where their burial took place, just like we also do today with our relatives, we mark the place as did they also. The question for both the literal and the symbolic in all honesty would be why, as any news person knows you always secure the five grounds of media, who, what, when, where, and while we would like to add another "w" we cannot, as the last groundwork is "how" . Now we can take a look:
Who: Moses
What: Body of Moses
When: Before the entry to Israel, the promised land to the fathers.
Where: Mount Nebo, at the top of Pisgah
How: What is termed the Shekinah Glory of God
We can now enter the thinker or the "police" work of the reporter, which is usually a policeperson's call and not the reporter, but, we, the thinker will tag along,
Why: ?
This is the biggee which is left to be answered by both the "Literalist" and the "Symbiologyst" a word of course, that I have made to dress it up a bit. At this point, I will not answer the call or understanding of the symbiologyst, but I will leave that up to their camp of reasoning, however, I will attend the matter literally. You may be interested at this point to know, that not all literal thinkers would agree, not because of divisionary lines drawn in the proverbial sand, but due to a lack of interest or application to the matter. To quote a line from a study group, "It Is Written" and found in;
Hebrews 9:27-28 "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation."

Did the Bible state earlier that Moses died? Yes, and death is not defined when the body stops it's work, or it's functions of life, but it is noted, when the person can no longer "think" or is absent of "brain functions", the brain itself, being a muscle, like that of the heart, but when the lifeforce of the mind, being the Spirit from God, ceases to exist in the shell called flesh or body, then death is declared, both now, and as well, then. So the "soul" of Moses left the body of Moses, and the soul of Moses went into heaven as also shown in Matthew 17:3, and why did the soul of Moses enter into heaven when the others are shown to have become "asleep" with their fathers? There is a war raging in heaven, Micheal and the archangels are fighting against Satan, as Satan is trying to overcome heaven with his methodolgy of sin, thus the Law being most dead or "fading away" is still in effect, until the fulness of the Kingdom of heaven should appear, so Moses the "Lawgiver" or the acceptor of the Law from God, is now in heaven awaiting his time, for what? The star-trekkies among us will find this delightfully in their rejecting, but for the common, ordinary, everyday simple person reading..well..you are just simply blessed, because salvation and the plan of God is very simple and easy unto us all, if it was not, then I could never have been born again or understood any of this, I love God's plan of simplicity. Moses, has long been thought as one of the two witness's to appear in the end times, and I call it the end times as the angel flys through the sky declaring that "Time should be no more", thus the endtimes, and Moses is one of the two witness's, that God has declared in His Word, should appear to show or illustrate to a world most corrupt that they have refused the "system" of Law.

Jesus Christ, went to the cross to bear our sins, and not His as He was without sin, so Christ took upon Him our sin to the point of death. While it is true, that sin causes the cessation of life in our flesly bodies, He, Christ, took those sins in a battle won before it began, and captured all sin by the death of His fleshly body, but without His flesh being contaminated by the sin. Sin is a fruit and not a physical manifestation, that is until the person or persons allow it to become such, so the God of Christ, in the absence of His body, grabbed the fruit of sin (anger, malice, envy) and delivered it back into hell from whence it came forth. The direct opposite of what occurred in the Garden of Eden as Eve/Adam partake of the "fruit" which was not physical in nature, but was "spiritual" in it's work of malice, anger, murder etc..,. but Christ having never had "sin" in His flesh could not be held in "death" as it was a violation of the natural realm for the flesh to die without it's own sin, when He took our sin, it could not be charged unto Him, who knew no sin, thereby, His flesh having seen no corruption was or had to be set free from death, while He-Christ Himself, delivered the spiritual fruit of sin back unto it's keeper, Satan, in hell. Moses, who did sin, was not held in death of the body, as Moses had appeared before God and received in his natural flesh such "glory" that it maintained Moses' lifeforce even after his soul departed his body, and the "why" we have already stated as Moses is one of two systems to witness and testify against a world gone corrupt with sin. When Moses returned from the mount having spoken unto God and "viewed" God, in God's leaving the mount, Moses was allowed to see but a glimmer of the glory of God, which we term God's Shekinah Glory as told in Exodus 33:18-23, it was so bright that Moses skin shone, that the children of Israel could not look upon Moses and Moses' placed upon himself a veil, so that he could then speak unto the children of Israel (Exodus 34:29-34). If a miracle could keep someone in the "saved" position at this point, then surely the glory of God would have done so, as His Glory was seen both in the mount and in the cloud which the children of Israel followed to know the way, but God said unto Moses another thing which would occur, that bears repeating often in the church of today, and that was/is: "And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee." from Exodus 34:10, you cannot read the old testament without seeing the coming of the Tribulation Period of Seven Years, but as then, the people refused the Word of God and made unto themselves ministers who changed the Word of God and proclaimed another way unto them, not of God, and to the ministers, the people of Israel did follow, the same is being conducted today in the world. It might be noted that this verse was placed before the giving of the Law. Moses then, had "sin" but his body did not die, persay, Christ had no sin, but His body did die. Moses body was preserved in state for a future event, but in a sin state, Christ body was contained in state for the future, present and past event of forgiveness of sins. Moses body will be revived to witness to the entire world for 3.5 years and then die, and after 3.5 days ascend into heaven on a cloud, being a witness in death that Israel has 3.5 years to go in Tribulation, Christ, having not revived, but "arose" the victor over sin, having the keys of both death and the grave, after three days arose and was "glorified" and was seen among many, and the disciples for forty days, and then ascended in the view of the disciples, and was told them by the angels, that Christ will come back in the same manner He left, and Christ will return in the clouds for those whom have died in Christ, and those that are alive and remain at the day of His appearing for His Bride, the church. The next time the world shall see Christ, it will be with His saints coming to takeover the earth on white horses.

Of all the bodies that have been buried in Israel there is only one that Satan desired and that was the body of Moses as told in Jude 9:
"Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee."
And why did Satan want the body of Moses? Twofold reason, one, to stop the one of two witness's to come in the near future, which is obvious, and the second is to attain the DNA coding from the body of Moses for God's Shekinah Glory, to prolong life in a sin form, like that of the Tree of Life in Genesis, sound farfetched? Then you know little about the CERN project in Europe designed to find the "beginning" of Creation, now why would they want that, it has nothing to do with disproving the Creation as evolutionary, as you are being told, but to attain a visual of where God spoke it into existence, Creation, to attain matter/anti-matter for the battle against Christ.

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