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The Two Creations, Gods Grace & Paul's Gospel

Posted 15 Feb 2010 at 00:51 AM by Phil Jayhan

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Copied from the Pilgrims Oasis thread; Two Creations
The Two Creations, Gods Grace & Paul's Gospel


For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

Where [is] the wise? where [is] the scribe? where [is] the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, [are called]: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, [yea], and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

That no flesh should glory in his presence.

But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:

That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

  • 1 Corinthians 1:18-30
__________________________________________________ ____________

The Two Creations

These are some of my favorite verses in scripture. God will destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. Many people often overlook gems of truth. This is one of them. I pray that all of your understandings will be enlightened while reading through this post, it will be a long one, I am sure. It will deal with many false doctrines which people hold to. Before you say "Amen" read on because I promise you this is going to step on everyone's toes. How much so will depend on how many lies your presently believing.

God will destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.
Before you say amen to this, realize that God is speaking about you in this verse. And he is speaking about me. These 13 verses are all about you & me, to us, for us and about us. And to the world at large as well. What do you think God means when he says he will bring to "nothing" the understanding of the prudent? Or to "destroy" the wisdom of the wise? Often in a new Christian, filled with a world full of lying pulpits, and hard to understand scriptures, will accept by default many false doctrines which unfortunately, and often, impede any possible growth of that new believer to full maturity in Christ. Most of it, whether or not we want to realize, or maybe even know, is fear based. I would certainly call it a form of trauma based mind control.

Much of what I say here, most will reject at first, but because of the sheer logic presented along with scripture, they will always be hounded by these truths until they start to accept them one by one, not because of any wisdom of mine or persuasiveness of speech on my part, but because they are true.

The first creation which started with the creation of Adam & Eve was cursed through Adam & Eve's sin. All of Adam and Eve's children born were born with fallen sinful natures. This is defined as possessing a nature, which by nature, is alien to the knowledge of God previously possessed, along with a nature which is now perfectly hostile and hateful towards it creator. God has dealt with his creation in various ways and means throughout it's history. God made a promise to Adam and Eve that he would send a redeemer to redeem his creation after their initial rebellion against God.

What would happen if you found out that most of what you presently believe about scripture was wrong? If presented with the truth, would you believe it? Would you be willing to change any or all of your beliefs if you find them wrong and indefensible? What would happen if I told you that, assuming I am talking to a person who has believed the gospel/good news, that Christ died for their sins, was buried, and rose from the grave, a person who has received salvation, what would happen if I told you you don't ever have to confess another sin? What if I told you that your future sins are forgiven you, even before you sin them? Do I have your attention yet?

What if I went on to tell you that baptism was never supposed to be practiced by the body of Christ? And that we are not supposed to baptize people because it was an ordinance of Moses Law which God imposed upon the Israelites?

How about if I tell you that tithing was for Israel and never imposed upon the body of Christ? That instead of the requirement of law, which commanded 10% of their salary, as a stipend to feed and clothe the priesthood, that now, nothing is required by God, except that which you can give to him with a cheerful heart? Before, under the law, it didn't matter whether you had a cheerful heart or not, to fail to give 10% was sin and rebellion against God. Now nothing is required. And if you give, whatever you give, all that God really asks, is that you give it with a cheerful heart!

But lets get to why these things are all true, and you will see a little better the hows and why's. God & Paul inform us in Romans that God condemned all of creation in Adam. I kid you not. If that doesn't blow your whole idea of Christianity out of the water, not sure what will. What this means practically is that every person ever born to Adam and Eve, was of course born fallen, but also condemned by God. Before it ever takes it first breath of life. Before it ever sins it first sin. Wow! If you fully understand what I am saying and I said it correctly, many of you at this point must be saying, wow, how patently unfair! God is such a jerk! To be condemned by God before I even ever take a breath. Wow. This is bad news!

But it is also the cornerstone of everything which comes after, and the reason for all of our blessings. You will later see this in a new light and hopefully, if you understand what I am saying, enjoy a new profound knowledge of him and what he accomplished for us on Calvary. The entire chapter of Romans 5 deals with this issue, how God condemned mankind in Adam, and how he undid this in Christ. It is the chapter of "Much mores." Read through the "5 much mores" of Romans 5 and see what I mean; See if you can find all 5.

To understand this fully, God condemned the entire race of men in Adam so that he might justify the entire race in Christ. Before one walks through that very narrow door of faith and believes the good news, that Christ died for his sins and rose from the grave, they are lost. or Unsaved, or more specifically and speaking scripturaly, they are condemned. There is nothing they can do to be saved or become justified. There is nothing they can do to remove themselves from the race of Adam and the condemnation of anyone part of that race. No matter how good they are, this will not remove Gods condemnation of them, which happened because of Adams one single act of disobedience. No matter how pure, or how much they read their bible and pray, it will never and can never change the fact that they are "IN ADAM."

To be "IN ADAM" means to be born of Adam. If you were born and are reading this, and not a believer, you are still "IN ADAM" and part of Adams race and under Gods condemnation of that race. You cannot escape being "In Adam." Every person born is Adams progeny. There is no escaping this.

To be "IN CHRIST" means to be born of God. To be born of the Spirit. It happens when any person believes the good news, that Christ died for their sins, was buried and rose from the grave. The moment one does this, they cross the line from eternal condemnation to eternal justification.

Previously, in Adam, they could not be saved, or justified. Nothing they did could change their sorry lot and situation in life. Nothing they did could justify them, or give them eternal life. Even if they could do the impossible, and live without ever again sinning, this would not erase their relation to Adam and the condemnation which goes with being part of his race. And thus, they are still condemned. After all, they are condemned for what someone else did. And that cannot be undone. But now, In Christ, everything has changed the moment they believe.

Now the new believer, regardless of his behavior, is un-condemned. Previously the believer found himself in a place where he could not be saved, regardless of his behavior. Now this is reversed. Now that he is "IN CHRIST" and Christ is now his new parent, all of his relations to Adams race and the condemnation of that race are gone. And now, since he is "born of the spirit" God has taken him out of Adams race, and now placed him in the NEW CREATION God is raising up, and he now finds himself in Gods NEW CREATION, as a NEW CREATURE "IN CHRIST JESUS."

So we see in scripture here that God tells us Christ is the last Adam. What he is telling us that Christ is the new head of a new creation which God is raising up. The question now becomes, not whether a person is part of Adams race, but rather which Adam and which race. Are they part of Adams first race and the condemnation which comes with it, or, are they part of the second race, of the "LAST ADAM" which God is now raising up even as you read this.

If they belong to the LAST ADAM, they belong to the new race. And will never not belong to the new race. (Double negative, I know - lol) Previously they could do nothing to change their position in Adam or erase their guilt or condemnation. Now this is reversed, they now find themselves in CHRIST, WHERE THERE IS NOW NO CONDEMNATION! Previously nothing they did could get them out of Adam. Now, nothing they do can get them out of being "IN CHRIST."

Previously nothing they did could justify them, as they had the gift of unrighteousness from Adam and his ONE SINGLE ACT OF DISOBEDIENCE. Now nothing they do can condemn them, because they now have the gift of righteousness from Christ, FROM HIS ONE SINGLE ACT OF OBEDIENCE;

Previously they were lost, in Adam, and nothing they do could save them. Now they are saved and nothing they do can make them lost again. Why? Because before you received salvation you weren't condemned because of your own sins or sinfulness. You were condemned because of Adams one single act of disobedience! And having been born into his race. Now we will start to see Gods goodness in why he condemned us in Adam, APART FROM WORKS! Before we were even born.

Because this is exactly how he saves us, APART FROM WORKS. Previously were condemned because of Adams one single act of disobedience. Now we are justified by Christs one single act of OBEDIENCE on the cross. We were previously lost because of something someone else did. We are now saved in the same manner, because of something someone else did. You must see it was never about YOU, your sins, or sinfulness. Gods entire issue with you is that you were part of a sinking ship, a race which IS PRESENTLY CONDEMNED TO PERDITION AND ETERNAL SEPARATION FROM ITS CREATOR. Simply put, your were one of Adams children. Apart from your own personal misery, he doesn't care how sinful you are or what you have done. Or how many times, or how much you enjoyed your sin. The one thing God cares about is getting you OUT OF THAT CONDEMNED RACE OF ADAM, and getting you into the UN-CONDEMNED RACE OF CHRIST. There is not a single thing that God desires more for you or any creature of his, then this.

We were previously condemned because of Adam. We are now justified because of Christ. We previously had the gift of unrighteousness from Adam and nothing we did could change it - We now have the gift of righteousness from Christ and nothing we do can change it. Being in Christ has actual defined meanings that God wants us to be aware of. Being in Christ means we are born of him, that our history in the first Adam was erased. That is the purpose of Gods baptism for believers in THIS DISPENSATION. The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 6 the moment we believe, we are "baptized into the death burial and resurrection of Christ."

The word baptism, is a greek word, (Baptismos) and is generic in meaning, which simply means to immerse. The word has nothing to do with water.

It can mean to be immersed in fire, immersed in water, immersed in the spirit. That's what the word baptism means. To immerse. The baptism Paul teaches in Romans 6:3 is a dry, waterless baptism. It is an action done by the Holy Spirit of God the moment someone believes the good news. God literally takes that believer and baptizes them or immerses them into the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The moment this happens, you are removed from the cursed condemned race of Adam, where Adam was your head, and now placed into the new, un-condemned race of Christ, where Christ is now your head. Your history now ends at the cross, where previously it went back to Adam, the first born of God. You were previously condemned because of what Adam did. You are now justified & uncondemned because of what Christ did.

This is how people who are totally sinful and wicked and sinning can be still justified and 100% saved at the same time. So that God can be both JUST & THE JUSTIFIER OF HIM THAT HATH FAITH IN JESUS. God remains just and upholds his integrity by justifying the sinner because all of the believers sins were dealt with at the cross, buried and forgiven forever. Once and for all. Now that's good news!

Previously, in Adam, the sinner could do nothing to change his lot or become uncondemned. Having crossed the line, having heard the THE GOOD NEWS OF HIS SALVATION, that Christ died for his sins, past, present and future sins, all of them, was buried and rose again, he now can do nothing to change his lot or become condemned. Why? Because you are saved by believing the truth. And salvation, as I have just shown, is simply more then forgiveness of sin. When God saves someone, he removes them from Adams race completely. That history is literally and eternally erased by baptism into Christs death, burial and resurrection. Once this is done it cannot be undone. there is no going back and forth between the two races. Once we are "in Christ" it is permanent. This is why Paul tells us so confidently in Romans 8:1 that there is now no NO CONDEMNATION for ANYONE WHO IS "IN CHRIST JESUS."

Compare this to the fact that there is NOTHING BUT CONDEMNATION FOR ANYONE STILL "IN ADAM."

This is why the Apostle Paul tells us so confidently at the end of Romans 8 that he is "persuaded" that;

This is also why Paul calls this such a GLORIOUS SALVATION & why it says that even the Angels of God longed to look into these secrets in times past but were denied by God until the fullness of times when they should be revealed through Paul who God gave the REVELATION OF THE MYSTERY.

Well, now that you have had a little more understanding of what exactly the "revelation of the mystery" is, and have an understanding of the TWO CREATIONS, the condemned creation or race of Adam and the un-condemned creation or race of Christ, I can now lay a foundation for Gods Grace & the Gospel of Paul.

Gods Grace & the Gospel of Paul

Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery kept secret since the world began but now made manifest; Romans 16:25

Have you ever wondered when reading through scripture and coming upon this verse above, why Paul calls it his gospel? I mean, think about it. Paul, previously Saul of Tsarsus, was Gods greatest enemy on earth. Gods own word testifies that Paul, through his inquisition, commissioned by the Sanhedrin, laid waste and wreaked havoc upon the church of God. He probably spent his whole time mocking Christ and trying to find ways to kill him while on earth, and then after Christ was murdered, laid waste to his flock without mercy. Then he gets saved by Christ, where Christ actually appears to him while on a journey to Damascus. Now he starts writing books and has the nerve to call it "his gospel?" What a jerk! what a selfish little imp. Notice how none of the 12 call it "their gospel." Perhaps they had more respect then this creep who once laid waste to the church of God and killed thousands of people in the most cruel harsh manner. Shouldn't he at least have enough consideration to call it Christs gospel? I mean, seriously. Or perhaps when Paul wrote this, he was "in the flesh, and not in the spirit."

Those are some of the things I first thought when reading Romans 16:25. I thought it odd, had some questions about how odd it was, and then forgot about it till the next time I read it and had the same unanswered questions. Let me say that all of Paul's words and books are scripture. They are the word of God. All of Christs words are also the word of God. Christs words are no less or more important then Paul's. But we need to know how to rightly divide the word of truth, to avoid all confusion, and to be able to enjoy all of Gods gifts in Christ he has given us so freely;

What do I do when the words of Christ contradict the words of Paul? Do I obey Christ's words because he was God in the flesh? Or do I obey Paul's words because they came later? For anyone who doubts contradictions, there are dozens, but here is but one example; Christ commanded us to forgive, or we would not be forgiven.

Here, Christ clearly & plainly teaches men that if they do not forgive, they will, under no circumstances will be forgiven. Yet Paul teaches the Collosions that they need to forgive each other even as Christ forgave you, so you also.

The difference here is subtle. Christ tells us to forgive or we won't be forgiven, period. Paul is telling us to forgive because we HAVE ALREADY BEEN FORGIVEN. The difference is that Christ was a minister of the circumcision, sent to Israel UNDER LAW, TO REDEEM ISRAEL UNDER LAW.

Christ was a teacher of THE LAW of MOSES. The Nation of Israel was not UNDER GRACE as we are today. When Israel finally blasphemed the Holy Spirit and committed the unpardonable sin (Something individuals cannot ever do) God set Israel aside. But you might be surprised to find that God didn't set Israel aside when they committed the most treacherous crime ever committed in the history of mankind. The torture and brutal murder of Gods only Son. How can we know this for sure? Well, there's a few ways to be certain, but the best one is when Christ was being crucified, he cried out in prayer to his God, FATHER, FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.

This prayer of Christ was answered by God, and God didn't immediately judge Israel or bring his wrath against her for this treacherous crime of deicide. Even to this day, God has held back his judgment against Israel for this crime. But will one day judge Israel for this terrible criminal act against God, our creator. The time of this judgment, very specifically in scripture, is referred to as; THE TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE -- It is also known as the Tribulation, the Great Tribulation, or the Apocalypse.

If God didn't set aside Israel at the crucifixion, as is so commonly taught across Christianity, then when did God set Israel aside?

The short answer is roughly a year later, Israels glorious history came to an end, and God finally said, "not my people." (Lo ammi) It needs to be understood, that the gospel being preached by the 11, and later Matthias, who replaced Judas the traitor, was the very same gospel they had been preaching while Christ was with them on earth. THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM.

Gospel is another generic word; It simply means good news;
And there are different gospels in the bible just as there are different baptisms, another generic word. In order to understand what gospel is being spoken of, look for the "of" or "to";

When Jesus came, he came as promised by God. In his own words, he came to fulfill the promises made unto the fathers & to confirm the covenants. He also said he did not come for any, but the LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. While his mission certainly did have a duality of purposes that we, in after-sight, now are aware of through Paul's revelation of the mystery, his first and primary mission, in his own words, was only to Israel. That is why the gospel to Israel, which is called THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM, or the good news of the kingdom, is different then the gospel or good news which saves us today.

The gospel or good news to Israel was that her long awaited King, Messiah and Christ was now here to REDEEM ISRAEL and take his place as the KING OF ISRAEL. Which explains the words of the good news itself; REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!

Why is the Kingdom of heaven "at hand?" Because the KING is finally here! And he is anxious to introduce himself personally to his people and take his throne as Israels King. He wants to do this speedily, because he desires that his entire nation of people, the Jews, to become Ambassadors of CHRIST THE KING and bring the good news of his REIGN and KINGDOM to the ends of the earth and announce the new millennial reign of Jesus Christ!! All of Israel has to be baptized for this mission, because the law of Moses requires all priests and kings be baptized. And God desired his nation to become a Royal Priesthood, An Holy Nation. Thus everyone now needs to be baptized, for all shall become, according to the good purposes of their creator and King, Kings and priests of the Most High God.

It was such a great plan, except for the free will of man. Israel unfortunately rejected her King, Christ & Messiah. And didn't stop there. After rejecting him, they handed him over to the Romans to be tortured and beaten till he wasn't even recognizable as a person. Then he was stripped naked, and forced to carry his own heavy wooden instrument of final torture and death, the tree whereby he would be hung to death by his own creation, the very creatures he made with the breath of his mouth and the dust of the earth and his own hands. Here he would be beaten and tortured again, pissed upon by the Romans, laughed at, mocked, cursed, whipped with a cat o 9 tail that simply tore all of the flesh off of his back. (39 floggings) and then finally have huge nails that weigh pounds, driven through his hands and feet, nailing him to the cross.

And all of this with NONE OF HIS FRIENDS WHO WALKED WITH HIM FOR 3 YEARS AT HIS SIDE TO OFFER LOVE OR SUPPORT. They had all deserted him, abandoned him, rejected him, and in some cases denied even knowing him. Christ went there alone. And desolate. Even God forsook him. And then he died, all alone. Forsaken by his friends, family, nation, his own people, the world at large, and now finally God. And he died in that horrible state of desolation and aloneness. And finally, the Son of man took his last final agonizing breath and gave up his spirit, and his body fell limp on the tree he was nailed to and the saviors blood started to dry. This was a really seriously bad day for the savior. Worst day of his eternal existence. It seemed like such a defeat for Christ and God. Nothing seems to go his way. No matter what he does, he always ends up on the short end of the stick when dealing with mankind. Yet, here the wisdom of God, not always open and obvious was hard at work, for something happened on that cross that Satan didn't think of or expect. It says so in the bible;

Wow, do you guys see what God & Paul are telling us here in his word? That Satan had no clue what was happening at the cross, that satan thought he had actually defeated God and his promises, and killed his Son, Jesus Christ. but God did something there at the cross, something hidden which cannot be seen by human eye. While Christ was dying, God laid on Christ all of our sins, and our sins became his sins. He did it when satan wasn't looking. lol Seriously, that's what is intimated in 1 Corinthians 2:7 - Lets take another look:

which none of the rulers of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

This is speaking of Satan and all lesser rulers as well who took part in Christs murder, including Pontius Pilate. Had satan known what God was doing at the cross, satan wouldn't have dared crucify Christ or kill him. Satan would have done everything he possibly could to keep that man, Jesus Christ alive. Satan thought his killing Christ would be his victory. Little did he ever wonder or think that God was using him, satan, to kill his son, and thus accomplish his good purposes toward mankind. It's so beautiful and full of Gods splendid wisdom and love for mankind how he fooled satan into accomplishing his purposes.

The Law of Unintended Consequences:

Satan now had to deal with unintended consequences of the murder of Christ, as did Israel, who had now just murdered her own King and Messiah. To satans dismal surprise, Christ would emerge from the grave 3 days later, as God remembered his promise to Christ, speaking through his holy prophet David, that he would not allow his HOLY ONE TO SEE DECAY NOR WOULD A SINGLE BONE OF HIS BE BROKEN. Both rather amazing feats of God. To raise someone from the dead, and to prevent a single bone being broken in a procedure (crucifixion) which usually breaks multiple bones as the nails are hammered into the hands and feet through all the bones and muscle. This is the ultimate miracle. The defeat of death.

Now Christ wouldn't immediately go back into heaven, nor would he try again to personally and immediately establish his Kingdom, now being rejected, he tarries with the disciples for 40 more days, instructing them and finishing off their faith, before he gently floats off into heaven with all watching. Now there, he sits at the right hand of God, as the Son of Man & the Son of God, the only one now able or worthy to open the great and mighty scroll of the judgments of God Almighty, the everlasting One who Inhabits Eternity. Only he will be able to open those scrolls, for only he is worthy, for he is THE SON OF MAN. He now sits in exile in heaven. The King is now in exile.

Meanwhile on earth, the 11 Apostles are working to carry out Christs orders, what we call the great commission. Little do they know at this point the strange twist of events that would so soon come upon them. As they labor under this commission of Christ, more miracles are now happening and being done in Christs name then when Christ was on earth. Christ's church, the "little flock" of Hebrews who received him, were healing all of the sick and lame which were brought to them without exception. And they were doing it all in the authority of Christ and in his name. And their fame went abroad even all the more so that everyone from everywhere brought their sick and dying to be healed by the Apostles. People were even raised from the dead, numerous times again and again. It got to the point there were so many people being brought to be healed, that Peter couldn't even lay his hands on all them individually and God simply starting healing anyone who touches Peters shadow.

The Kingdom of God offered one last time to Israel:

Now God had forgiven Israel for this brutal murder of his Son, so he sent forth his Ambassadors and Apostles preaching the good news of the Kingdom to Israel still again. Same message, with a promise that Christ would AT THAT TIME RETURN AND TAKE HIS THRONE AS KING OF ISRAEL;

Repentance here of course is repentance from the murder of Christ and rejection of Christ by Israel. If Israel, even now, would repent and turn back to God and receive her King, Christ would at that time return and begin his millennial reign of 1000 years, as promised. This last offer of the Kingdom to Israel was roughly 1 year after Christ was brutally murdered. A very short time after Peter's LAST KNOWN OFFER OF THE KINGDOM another terrible event and tragedy would happen. The Stoning of Stephen. After all of the miracles and attempts by the rulers of Israel at stopping the spread of this new movement which they called "the way" and after terrible persecutions broke out in Jerusalem so terrible they drove all believers out except for the Apostles, the persecution was led by a man named Saul of Tsarsus and reached its climax with the stoning of Stephen.

Saul's Final Stoning:

Saul had been to many stonings. Hundreds of them, probably more. He had permission from the chief rulers of Israel to deal and exterminate "the way" and all believers by any means necessary. Saul was greedily efficient at this job and as a hebrew of the hebrews, Paul felt it his duty before God to kill those, all those who call upon the name of Jesus. I imagine Stephen was a fiesty prophet of God and was preaching somewhere near the Temple, only to unbelievers, as all the other believers had fled for fear of Saul and his inquisition. At this time a terrible persecution had broken out against the Jerusalem church and everyone but the Apostles fled for their dear lives away from Jerusalem for safety. Only Stephen, and the Apostles remained; And the crowd must not have received Stephens message very well, because they took him out of the city to stone him to death. By the Law, they were forbidden from stoning anyone in the city. So they dragged him out of the city of Jerusalem, so they could obey Gods law while they stoned Gods prophet to death. I know, the irony just kills me sometimes.

The Stoning of Stephen and Jesus Standing at Gods Right hand;

In Plain sight. Sometimes the truth is in plain sight, right before our eyes, and we are as though we had no eyes to see it, and yet, there it is, staring us blindly down until we turn and finally!

When they were stoning Stephen, it says that Saul was there, giving his hearty approval, and HOLDING THE COATS OF THOSE STONING STEPHEN! The reader here needs to understand that stoning a person to death is extremely messy. The method is easy enough to understand as it is in the title. A person is taken and placed in the center of a larger group of people in a circle so they cannot escape. Each of these people have previously gotten their own stack of rocks, fist sized rocks that they would throw at the people until they were dead. This often took a very very long time before death would occur, and often the people would have to reuse rocks which had already been used and which were bloody and on the ground.

Jewish law (Not Moses law) required certain sized rocks be used. Not too big to kill them too soon, and not too small to make it "less cruel." But the process was messy. People would chuck their rock at the person in the center, and it might hit them in the face and cut open their face sending blood squirting as far as blood can squirt, and getting all over the people stoning the person to death. This is why Saul was holding the coats of those who were stoning Stephen. To keep them from getting bloody and ruined. They didn't have Tide and washing machines back then, if you soiled your clothes with blood, they were soiled for good.

Now Stephen probably wanted to do all he could to get this damned stoning over with as soon as possible because it hurt. And because he was encircled. No escape. And knowing this, Stephen probably decided to keep preaching and accusing them of killing their messiah as loud as he could, knowing this would make them angrier and kill him sooner, is the idea most likely going through Stephens mind. Less pain, gets to see Christ sooner. Yada, yada, yada... And when he is full of blood, soaked and covered in his blood, with brains smashed in, blackened, bruised and bloody eyes, nose broken with blood literally pouring out, most of his teeth broken and smashed and bleeding as well as his lips, and broken bones from some of the rocks poundings, facing his murderers, now soaked in the splatterings of his own blood, Stephen sees a vision of the LORD JESUS CHRIST STANDING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD: This is what I was speaking about when I said in plain sight. We read this over and see the words, and keep reading never knowing how important an event is taking place. THIS IS THE VERY MOMENT IN TIME WHEN ISRAEL WAS SET ASIDE AS GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE AND SET ASIDE:

When Stephen's poor broken and bleeding body could take no more, and Gods prophet who had so valiantly stood in truth and faithful testimony for Gods message to the HOUSE OF ISRAEL, when his body was so soon near to death, Stephen cried out with a very loud voice and said;

Did you see where Israel was cast aside here with the stoning of Stephen? It's right up above in those 5 verses from Acts 7. Almost down to the second you can tell where Israel was set aside and even made themselves enemy of God and the footstool for his feet. I'll give you a hint. Go back and reread those verses above and look real hard about the time that they stop up their ears and rush on him with one accord? What caused such unusual behavior? Here you have a group of obvious alpha males, and females perhaps, as they also participated in stonings, who have total control of the situation, so much so they are torturing a man to death by stoning, and they still get all riled up because he claims he see's a vision of Jesus, THE SON OF MAN, STANDING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD. They don't see the vision, only Stephen see's this vision, through his bloodied swollen and cut eyes,.

They already know he is a follower of "the way." That he is a disciple and so called "prophet" of God. So why would they get all riled up, and stop up their ears with their fingers? This is so irrational. Something Stephen said must have really, really pissed them of unto rage. Serious rage. But what was it? They probably thought he was making up the vision or perhaps confused for a moment and taken off guard. But still, to stop up their ears with their fingers, AND THEN TO RUSH ON HIM ALL AT THE SAME TIME SCREAMING HIM DOWN WITH THEIR VOICES TO DROWN HIM OUT, while he stood there, probably not even able to stand, bloodied, broken, tortured and in excrutiating pain beyond imagination, with those stoning him more then likely screaming at him to die and calling him all sorts of vulgar names and obscenities, along with the name of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, a name above every name, in this age, and the age to come.

But what was it the prophet Stephen said that caused such terribly irrational behavior? Stephen informed them that they had just now, at this time, as a nation, become the enemies of God, and that ISRAEL had now become the footstool for his feet. But where? Oh, the value in knowing scripture! You never know when a hidden truth that is hiding in plain sight might pop up when you know Gods word well!! Don't feel bad. I didn't see it myself either and had need of someone pointing it out.


And the Jews stoning him, Israels leaders no doubt, knew what he was saying; for they had heard this scripture Stephen was quoting every sabbath at bible study. They just had heard it from the Psalm Stephen was quoting. And they knew this Psalm well. It is a Messianic Psalm, with prophecy about the coming Messiah. Stephen was quoting Pslam 110:1-2

A Psalm of David. The LORD said to my Lord, "Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool." The LORD shall send the rod of Your strength out of Zion. Rule in the midst of Your enemies!

There is only one single place in the bible where you see JESUS CHRIST STANDING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD. The Lord said to my Lord, SIT AT MY RIGHT HAND TILL I MAKE YOUR ENEMIES YOUR FOOTSTOOL.

"Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!"

The Jews had always been taught in their sabbath bible studies, from the time they were kids that these verses in psalm 110:1-2 were referring to the "gentile dogs." That the footstool and enemies of God being spoken of were the pagan gentiles. Never in their wildest imagination could they understand that those verses in Psalm 110:1-2 were actually speaking of ISRAEL becoming the footstool for Gods feet. They were always taught and they, as a nation, believed this referred to gentile dogs.

So to hear the so called prophet of God, when he is already being stoned for what I assume is probably blasphemy, cry out in his last dying breath that he has a vision of God, and then describes this vision to them and they hear him say they see JESUS STANDING ON THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD, they know Stephen is telling them that ISRAEL "IS" that FOOTSTOOL of God and now made herself TO BECOME THE ENEMIES OF GOD BY MURDERING HIS SON, this is more then they can bear to hear. They must drown it out. Notice how they all seem to understand this together as a unit, the truths Stephen is saying; And so they all rush on his near corpsed body of death to drown out any record of his vision, stopping their own ears so they themselves will not hear these WORDS OF HIGH TREASON AND BLASPHEMY.

The significance of Jesus standing at the right hand of God was to FULFILL THE PROPHECY OF PSALM 110:1 -- The very moment Jesus stood at the right hand of God is the very moment in time ISRAEL WAS SET ASIDE! This is the only place in the entire bible where you see JESUS STANDING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD! It is here, and probably right then that the dispensation of law, the dispensation given to and administered to and through MOSES ENDED! It is here that Gods chosen people acted in such a manner as to PROVOKE HIM TO ANGER BY THE MURDER OF HIS SON, that he judged them and spoke this judgment to ISRAEL through Stephen. It is also right here that the NATION OF ISRAEL BLASPHEMES THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HATH NOT FORGIVENESS, NEITHER IN THIS AGE NOR THE AGE TO COME:

The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is something that cannot be committed today by any individuals; The verses below are the actual historical accounts of Israel blaspheming the Holy Spirit and are more then likely accounts, from a doctrinal perspective, of what happened to Israel with the stoning of Stephen.

When Christ was on earth, as covered earlier, he was fulfilling the promises made to God to the fathers; Meaning everyone from Eve down to Abraham on down to Joseph on down to Jacob, yada, yada, yada. He was a MINISTER TO THE CIRCUMCISION. The Jews. He even refused a woman a miracle once, because she was a gentile, and to top it off Christ had the gall to call her a dog.

When she first came to him, begging Christ for a miracle, he didn't even give her the dignity of a reply. Christ just ignored her. Think about this, the 12 Apostles and probably many others are all sitting around eating and asking Christ questions, when this hysterical whimpering gentile women breaks into this fun conversation and private time with the lord, and begs that he heal her daughter who is tormented day and night be being possessed by a demon. She probably can't even believe she finally tracked Christ down and was able to break through the lines so she could hopefully get a miracle FOR HER SORELY VEXED AND DEMON POSSESSED DAUGHTER! And she finally breaks through all the barriers of time, travel, money, barriers of people, disciples, others who want to talk to Christ, ask him questions, sign autographs and footballs, she breaks through the Apostles and begs the Lord for a a miracle.

Jesus ignores her, while a silence falls over the entire group of people. She was a gentile dog, and worse, a women. They weren't even by Jewish law allowed to mingle with gentile dogs. So everyone is waiting to see how the Lord will handle this and a silence falls over the entire group of people. Jesus doesn't say anything at all to her first request. The tension starts to build as each second goes by, small noises start to occur from mumblings and murmurs of the Apostles and disciples. Then the tension builds even further because Jesus stood his ground and didn't respond to her. And she must have gotten frustrated, she had heard of his love, his compassion, how he healed all who came to him. Would he heal me, a gentile dog? This must have been her thoughts as she worked her way to Christ. Will he turn me away? Oh, I hope not, my daughters sick, and insane, we have no hope and its destroying our family. Oh God please let him heal my daughter. And she finally gets through and asks, and gets nothing but silence.

And after a spell goes by and people start murmuring, she starts to cry out to the disciples and Apostles BECAUSE THEY TOO WERE WORKING MIRACLES IN CHRISTS NAME, maybe they will heal my daughter she probably thought, and her heart must have just been shattered and on the verge of hysterical weeping, when the silence broke he turns to her;

But He answered and said, "I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Matthew 15:24

Oh God she must have thought, and probably started to lose it and cry, she never expected to get treated like this; Her hopes are now shattered by his denial of her request to heal her daughter.

Then she came and worshiped Him, saying, "Lord, help me!"

You can just see the tension here come to a climax, with her probably crying out rivers of tears, wanting a miracle for her daughter but not knowing why he is treating her so cruelly, so mean. Everyone else got their miracles. He never denied anyone help before now. This must have been rushing through this poor woman's mind. And thought if she just threw herself at his feet in her tears he would show some compassion. And the Lord responded again to her request for a miracle;

But He answered and said, "It is not good to take the children's bread and throw [it] to the little dogs." Matthew 15:25

Oh, she is at her wits end. How much pain and public humiliation is going through her mind right now. the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of David, the one who worked miracles and healed ALL WHO CAME TO HIM refuses her her miracle; And on top of it all, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST CALLS HER A DOG, A GENTILE DOG. the worst humilation known then between the Jews and Gentiles. Oh how her heart must have been broken, and confusion set in. Why is he so cruel?

But this women obviously knew scripture, and was well versed in it too because she understood now why Christ wouldn't give her her miracle. It was because she was a gentile, and THE PROMISES & BLESSINGS OF GOD ARE ONLY FOR THE JEWS AS A COVENANT PEOPLE. But she also knew scripture well enough to know that even the gentiles were promised BLESSINGS THROUGH ISRAEL. So she changed her appeal with Jesus, and cried back out to him, probably with tears soaking her face and hair, the crowd all silent now and watching this eternal drama unfold, and said;

And she said, "Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters' table." Matthew 15:27

Ahhhh. Finally! the Lord Jesus must be thinking. She got it!! THANK GOD!!

Then Jesus answered and said to her, "O woman, great [is] your faith! Let it be to you as you desire." And her daughter was healed from that very hour. Matthew 15:28

Oh thank you, she must have cried out in snivelling sobs by this time. She probably just exploded here with relief, and the crowd probably amazed this gentile chick got a miracle from A PROPHET OF GOD SENT TO THE JEWS. The tensions breaks now and everyone of course gets aboard what the lord did. The Apostles probably saying, I was just going to pray and lay hands on her myself, when Christ stepped in...

But why did she get her miracle, and why did Jesus deny her at first?

The reason is because SHE ISN'T A PART OF THE COVENANT OF PROMISE BETWEEN GOD & ISRAEL. As a gentile, she was alienated from the promises and covenants and commonwealth of ISRAEL. God also elsewhere calls them strangers of the covenants of promise. God loved the gentiles as much as he loved the Jews, and wanted to bless them every bit as much as he did Israel. But it was always his intention and purpose to bless the gentiles THROUGH ISRAEL; In other words that Israel would hold forth the word of life from God to a disobedient and wicked world. And gentiles could be blessed as long as they became Jews and followers of Moses. i.e. God, through and via the Law given to Moses.

The reason Christ denied her at first, wasn't because he didn't love her or wanted to humiliate her, or because she was a gentile. He knew that she was asking for a miracle as though she were a child of promise and covenant. She was not. ISRAEL deserved the miracles as they were promised these very blessings, and only they were promised these special blessings. The gentiles could obtain these blessings as long as they recognized this distinction God himself makes and appeal to him in the proper manner described. In this case she needed to show she was asking for her miracle based upon promise, but NOT AS A COVENANT PERSON OF ISRAEL, but as a GENTILE PROMISED BLESSING THROUGH ISRAEL. The very moment this happened, she went from being denied a miracle and being called a dog, to having Christ himself proclaim how great her faith was!

Notice how she changed gears so quickly when she finally saw where the lord was leading her.

And she said, "Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters' table." Matthew 15:27

Ahh, she got it! THE DOGS EAT THE CRUMBS THAT FALL FROM THE MASTERS TABLE!!! The children of Israel are at that table and God is that Master. And she is that little dog, gentile dog who is promised ONLY the 'crumbs' from the masters table THROUGH ISRAEL!! The issue isn't about quantity or quality of blessing, but means of delivery and reason for delivery.

Had she at first come to the lord, and said; Lord, I am a gentile dog, not even worthy to speak to you, but because Gods word promises gentiles blessing ONLY through Israel, will you please heal my daughter who is possessed of a demon? The Lord no doubt would have gladly complied and healed her daughter straightway the very first request.

The Gospel of Paul:

So we see now that Israel was forgiven for her great rebellion against Christ, and even his murder. We see that Israel was under the Law of Moses during Christs ministry and after, with the disciples now preaching and fulfilling the great commission given to them after the resurrection. Which included law. We see that Israel was not set aside till the stoning of Stephen, which was the very climax of ISRAELS REBELLION AGAINST GODS CHRIST!

It is right here at the climax of ISRAELS GREAT REBELLION AGAINST CHRIST, with the stoning of stephen occurs. Israel had rejected the testimony of the Father all through the old testament, whereby God led about his people as a loving father. Israel rejected the testimony of the Son sent from heaven. And now, after Pentecost, God outpours his spirit in a way never before done, and baptizes his people with the baptism of the holy spirit. A special super natural empowerment to obey Gods law, perfectly, from the heart! And now through the prophets and apostles filled with Gods spirit, Israel NOW ONCE AGAIN REJECTS GODS TESTIMONY AND RUTHLESSLY HUNTS DOWN AND KILLS ALL OF GODS PROPHETS SENT TO HER AS AN ENTREATY OF PEACE!

Israel now blasphemed the Holy spirit. Their sin would not be forgiven, either in this age, nor the age to come. Any remnants of Israel now left could still come to God, and be saved, on an individual basis but no longer under the same program of Moses law and the gospel of the Kingdom.

The tribulation should have now occurred to Israel; As promised in Deuteronomy, God will send unto Israel a prophet from among them,and that this prophet shall instruct Israel in everything she must do; And anyone who hears not this prophet nor heeds his words shall be utterly consumed and cut off from Israel and the commonwealth of Israel.
The TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE SHOULD HAVE NOW OCCURRED HERE. God did indeed send his prophet, his own Son, born of a women, under law, to redeem those under the law. He was here to make the final purchase of Israel, his prized possession, and to take possession of it according to covenant and promise. But he was refused, and brutally murdered, and when he then forgave this wickedness, he sent his prophets and Apostles to them saying hear them; And yet they still hardened their hearts and refused Gods love.

The promised time of Jacobs trouble, or the Tribulation should have started right here, as promised. ISRAEL had done the unthinkable! They had not only not listened to this prophet that God would raise up from his own people. But they had killed him. And then killed all of his emmisarries and ambassadors of peace. They had a bad track record as a nation. All through the old testament, God sent his people prophets, to turn them from their wayward paths. Israel killed all of the prophets sent to her by God. So he sent his son. They killed and murdered him. So he then sends his Apostles and Prophets filled with his Spirit to turn Israel from her evil back to Gods law.

The Apostles must have been reasoning and thinking about how Christ was indeed cut off in the middle of Daniels last and final 7 weeks. And now with Israel at the height of her rebellion, they surely expected the tribulation to occur according to promise. It is obvious from the councils the leaders of the Jerusalem church had that there was indeed great confusion even among the Apostles as to what was happening and what to expect next. They still obeyed the law of Moses as required, met at the temple and obeyed all the dictates of the elders of Israel who SAT IN MOSES SEAT.


What they didn't know, nor could have because it was hidden from them by God, was that God would not bring the time of Jacobs Trouble or the Tribulation as we know it today immediately upon Israel for this crime. They did not know, nor could they have known that instead, God would insert a very long space of time between this brutal act of murder and apostacy and the judgment for this very crime. And they did not know, nor could they have known that God would raise up yet another Apostle. But not for the purposes of further ministry to ISRAEL, because they had now, like the world, become the enemies of God. No, God would raise up Saul of Tsarsus, his greatest enemy on earth, who led the very rebellion of Israel to the brink of being cast away by God. And upon this man would bestow one of his greatest gift and honors to any man ever alive, the commission to become THE APOSTLE OF THE GENTILES AND THE APOSTLE TO THE BODY OF CHRIST. He who had previously blasphemed and laid waste to the church of God (In Gods words) He who previously murdered and hunted down for brutal torture thousands of Jews who believed. This very man would become the MASTER BUILDER FOR GODS DISPENSATION OF GRACE, THE FULLNESS OF TIMES.

What the 12 Apostles didn't know is that God would put his prophetic time-clock concerning Israel on hold for nearly 2000 years, while God took another, completely different program to the gentiles whereby he would now offer FREE AND COMPLETE AMNESTY AND FORGIVENESS OF SINS ALONG WITH THE ADOPTION OF SONS. Where there was previously a distinction, and ISRAEL was Gods chosen most favored people, there would now BE NO DISTINCTION BETWEEN JEW OR GENTILE, SLAVE OR FREE, SCYTHIAN OR BARBARIAN.


People who want to say there is no distinction between Pauls message and Christ message simply don't know their bibles very well and haven;t taken to heart what God commands us all do with all due diligence;

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 timothy 2:15

Rightly dividing the word of truth! One of the things we are to divide is what message was to the Jews, under law, and what message is to believers who are now members of Christ body. As you can see, the message has definitely changed. It is a different gospel. It is PAULS GOSPEL AND GIVEN TO PAUL BY GOD. God & Paul call it the REVELATION OF THE MYSTERY.

The message is no longer THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM, as that program was rejected by God when Israel defaulted on her covenant with God and murdered his Son. The gospel of the Kingdom was for ISRAEL ALONE, as the story of the women with the demon possessed daughter so aptly illustrated. Now, having put on hold Israels judgment, and putting off of the TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE till another day, he wastes no time in raising up Saul and converting him on the Damascus road. Saul is the fella who was holding the coats of those who just stoned Israels last prophet so their coats wouldn't get bloody. Remember? lol

So now God sets about and saves Paul, and starts to reveal to him his hidden purpose in Christ. The Revelation of the Mystery. The message of the grace of God is so radically different then the gospel of the kingdom, that it took Christ 14 years to train Paul, where he was even ready to write his first book and then go about preaching his message. But eventually Saul emerged 14 years later, now named Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles. The year now was around 47-49 AD. And Paul is just about to pen his first book of the bible, Romans. Most scholars put this writing between 47-51 AD. It has now been 15 years since Paul led the great rebellion against Christ which caused her to be cast away. Paul WAS THE LEADER OF THAT GREAT REBELLION OF ISRAEL AGAINST GOD. Paul actually had a hand in Israel being cast away from God, and certainly, had he been saved before, could have caused it all to happen a totally different way with a totally different outcome.

But, through Gods grace, Saul became Paul became the Apostle Paul and walked faithfully in all that God entrusted to him. And what God entrusted him with was nothing less then the salvation of the world, through the revelation of the mystery.

Now the gospel would change to;

Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose from the grave. Previously the message was repent, and be baptized for the remission of sins, for the Kingdom of Heaven is AT HAND! But with the King now rejected by his people Israel, he is now sitting in silent exile in heaven; sitting at Gods right hand, until...When? My guess here is it the LAST TRUMP that Christ is waiting for, waiting to hear. I am guessing, that the LAST TRUMP is what will start the time of Jacobs Trouble, and would have been blown 2000 years ago had not God postponed his judgment of Israel. But this is one of my few speculations here in the thread. The LAST TRUMP will sound, and then those in

1 Corinthians 15:51-52

Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed-- in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

I believe that the end of this present dispensation of grace will end with the glorious rapture of Gods body on earth to meet it's head, in the sky, and that this will mark in or usher THE TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE AKA THE TRIBULATION OR APOCALYPSE.

And at that moment in time, when Christ comes back and removes his entire believing remnant from the world, the tribulation will begin then or shortly thereafter. And the moment this occurs everything else that happens during the tribulation is on an extremely tight schedule and will begin rapid paced with one sequential event occuring after the other. Until the countdown to the very last of the 1260 days of the tribulation comes to an end.

It is here, at the end of that 1260 day tribulation, that the time of Jacobs trouble comes to an end. At that point in time Christ will be starting IMMEDIATELY the SHEEP AND THE GOATS JUDGMENT of Matthew 24-25 occurs. It is this judgment that will determine who it is, that is still living on earth (Some 4 + Billion people are slaughtered during this brief period of time) that will enter into the millennial reign of Jesus Christ on earth.


This is a good edition to this section on Paul's gospel. It is written by William Newell, a turn of the century preacher and also a Professor at Moody Bible Institute. [Roughly 1909] It is ironic that I was saved under William Newell's preaching and message back in 1989, after a long 4-5 year grueling search for the truth. I finally found salvation by hearing the gospel, for the very first time. It needs to be known that after an intense 4 year search for the truth on salvation which consisted of spending an average 15 hours of bible study a day, that I had still not ever once heard the gospel of Gods grace, Paul's gospel, a single time. I was to hear my first time in the summer of 1989, in William Newell's commentary on the book of Romans, on pages 104-106. It is funny I still remember the page numbers.

Original link:

Paul's Gospel by William R. Newell

There are two great revelators, or unfolders of Divine Truth in the Bible-Moses in the Old Testament, and Paul in the New.

Someone may say, "Is not Christ the Great Teacher?" In a sense this is true; but in a real sense Christ is the Person taught about, rather than teaching, in the Gospels. The law and the prophets pointed forward to Christ; the Epistles point back to Him; and the Book of Revelation points to His second coming, and those things connected with it. The Four Gospels tell the story how He was revealed to men, and rejected by them. Christ, Himself, therefore is the theme of the Bible. Moses in the Law reveals God's holiness, and thus by means of the Law reveals human sin, and the utter hopelessness and helplessness of man. Paul in his great Epistles reveals Christ as our Righteousness, Sanctification, Redemption, and All in All.

The twelve Apostles (Matthias by Divine appointment taking the place of Judas) were to be the "witnesses" (Acts 1:22) of Christ's resurrection-that is, of the fact of it. They were not to unfold fully the doctrine of it, as Paul was. The twelve were with Jesus personally, and knew Him as a man; and when He died they saw it. When He was buried, they knew it personally, as eye-witnesses. And when He was raised, they found it out experimentally, visiting His actual tomb, and seeing that it was empty. They were also to see and handle the physical, risen body of our Lord. And it was with them that our Lord abode on earth forty days after His resurrection, "shewing Himself alive (physically, in a body) by many "infallible proofs" (Acts 1:3).

This great fact-that is, that the Person that the Jews themselves well knew they had crucified and buried, was risen from the dead and ascended to heaven-this tremendous fact the twelve Apostles witnessed to Israel at Jerusalem, and everywhere else. Thus we find the opening chapters of the Book of Acts filled with the single testimony that Jesus of Nazareth had risen from the dead; and that remission of sins was through Him.
But unto none of these twelve Apostles did God reveal the great body of doctrine for this age. Just as God chose Moses to be the revelator of Israel for the Ten Commandments, and all connected with the Law dispensation; so God chose Saul of Tarsus to be the revelator and unfolder of those mighty truths connected with our Lord's death, burial, and resurrection, and His ascended Person.

And all the "mysteries" or "secrets" revealed to God's people in this dispensation by the Holy Ghost are revealed by Paul. Finally, Paul is the unfolder of the great company of God's elect, called the Church, the Body of Christ, the individuals of which body are called members of the Body of Christ-members of Christ Himself.

No other Apostle speaks of these things. Peter himself had to learn them from Paul (2 Pet 3:15-16). When Paul finishes his thirteen great Epistles (Romans to Philemon) those which belong to the Church, God indeed permits him to give a message then to the Hebrews. This is not part of the Church's doctrine, but is simply explaining to Hebrew Christians the character, the real application, the typical meaning, of their Levitical system-that is, how it pointed forward to Christ.

James addresses his Epistle to "the twelve tribes"-that is, his Epistle has special reference to the Jewish Christians in the early days, and to such throughout the dispensation, for that matter. Peter writes to "the strangers who are sojourners of the Dispersion," that is, to the dispersed Jews who acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah.

In the second of Galatians we are distinctly told by Paul, that James, Cephas and John were to go to the circumcision, while Paul tells us that his message was to the Gentiles. Since then the testimony by the Jewish Apostles to the Jews was duly given, there is now no distinction between Jews and Gentiles; and Paul's message holds good for the world, both Jews and Gentiles. So that we find Paul finally sets the Jewish nation aside in the last chapter of the Book of Acts, and opens his great Epistle to the Galatians at the center of the world with the statement that "there is no difference" between men; for "all have sinned;" and that there is again "no difference," for "whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved;" since the same Lord is "Lord of all" (Rom 3:22-23 and Rom 10:12).

God does as He pleases, and it pleased Him to choose-first to save people in this dispensation through "the foolishness of preaching," or the "preached thing"-that is, through the message about the Cross, and what was done there (See 1 Cor 1:21). And second, it pleased Him to choose Paul to be the great proclaimer and revealer of just what the Gospel is for this dispensation.

You can judge any man's preaching or teaching by this rule-Is he Pauline? Does his doctrine start and finish according to those statements of Christian doctrine uttered by the Apostle Paul?

No matter how wonderful a man may seem in his gifts and apparent consecration- if his Gospel is not Pauline, it is not the Gospel; and we might as well get our minds settled at once as to that. Paul calls down the anathema-that is the curse of God Himself-upon anyone who preaches any other Gospel than that which he declared (Galatians 1).

Not for one moment are we to believe that James, Peter and John were at variance with Paul-not in the least. They were given certain things by the Spirit, to say to certain classes of people. They do not conflict with Paul. And their words are included in the statement that "All Scripture is profitable" (2 Tim 3:16).

But, nevertheless, Paul is the declarer and revealer of the Gospel to us. Take Romans to Philemon out of the Bible and you are bereft of Christian doctrine. For instance, if you were to take Paul's Epistles out of the Bible, you cannot find anything about the Church, the Body of Christ, for no other Apostle mentions the Body of Christ. You cannot find one of the great mysteries, such as the Rapture of the Church (1 Thessalonians 4; 1 Corinthians 15) or the mystery of the present hardening of Israel (Romans 11). No other Apostle speaks of any of those mysteries. Paul alone reveals them-the great doctrines such as Justification, Redemption, Sanctification. And what is perhaps the most tremendous fact of every real Christian's life, that of his personal union to the Lord in glory. Paul is the great divinely-chosen opener to us of truth for this age.
The great doctrines that Paul reveals may be outlined as follows-

1. The unrighteousness before God of all men.

2. The impossibility of justification by works before God-that is, of any
man's attaining a standing of righteousness before God, by anything done by him. Do what a man may, he is a condemned sinner still.

3. The fact and the scripturalness of righteousness on the free gift principle-that is, of a Divine righteousness, separate from all man's doings, conferred upon man as a free gift from God.

4. Propitiation. That satisfaction of God's Holy nature and law for man's sins rendered by Christ's blood.

5. Reconciliation. The removal, by Christ's death for man, of that obstacle to righteousness which man's sin had set up between God and man.

6. The plan of the actual conferring of the gift of righteousness upon all who believe, without any distinction. This change of a sinner's standing before God, from one of condemnation to one of righteousness, is called Justification. Negatively, it is deliverance from guilt on account of Christ's shed blood, and deliverance out of the old creation, by identification in death with Christ on the Cross. Positively, it is a new standing in the risen Christ before God.

7. Redemption. The buying back of the soul through the blood of Christ from sin; from the curse of the law-even death, involving exclusion from God, under penalty; from the "power of death," which involves the hand of the enemy; and from all iniquity.

8. Forgiveness. The going forth of Divine tenderness in remitting penalty for sin, in view of the blood of Christ trusted in; and in complacency and fellowship, to creatures who before were necessarily under Divine judgment.

9. Remission of sins. That is, the actual removing of transgressions or trespasses from the sinner, so that for all time and eternity his sins shall not again be upon him.

10. Identification (see above, Justification). The great fact that those who are in Christ were united with Him at the Cross, by God's sovereign inscrutable act; were crucified with Christ and buried with Him; so that their history is now ended before God; and when Christ was raised up as the First-born of the new creation, they also were raised up with Him, and their history began as new creatures in God's sight, in Christ, the Last Adam.

Of course, in the experience of the Christian, there comes a time when he is actually made partaker of this new life-that point of time when he is, as we say, saved, or converted, or born again, etc. Nevertheless, the life that is in every Christian came up out of the tomb, and it is in Christ Jesus that a man is created anew.

11. Incorporation. This tremendous doctrine Paul alone mentions, and he makes it practically the foundation of all his exhortations to the saints with regard to their conduct and life. By "incorporation" we mean the fact that all those who are really saved and are new creatures in Christ Jesus become members of one organism, which is more real than the very earth we tread upon, called "the Body of Christ"-Christ Himself in heaven being the Head of this Body, and every real Christian a member of it. So that believers are thus members of Christ in heaven, and also members one of another here on earth. No wonder Paul is able to exhort the saints to love one another when they are members one of another! (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4).

12. Inhabitation. The wonderful fact that the Body of Christ and each member of it individually is inhabited, indwelt, by the Holy Ghost Himself, and not only so, but that the Church is being "built together" as a great temple of God so that in the future God's actual eternal dwelling place will be this wonderful, mysterious company built into a building called "a holy habitation of God in the Spirit."

This mystery is a great and marvelous one, the fact that we are saved, are partakers now of the life of the Lord in glory, that the Holy Spirit indwells us.

13. Divine Exhibition. That is, that through the Church, in the ages to come, is to be made known that which God counts His "riches," even His Grace (Eph 2:7; 3:10).

The failure or refusal to discern the Pauline Gospel as a separate and new revelation and not a "development from Judaism," accounts for two-thirds of the confusion in many people's minds today as regards just what the Gospel is. Paul's Gospel will suffer no admixture with works on the one hand or religious pretensions and performances on the other. It is as simple and clear as the sunlight from heaven. The end of man is where God begins in Romans 3, at what might be called the opening of the Pauline Revelation. Most unsaved people today believe in their hearts that the reason they are not saved is because of something they have not yet done, some step that remains for them to take before God will accept them. But this is absolutely untrue.*** When Christ said, "It is finished," He meant that He had, then and there, paid the debt for the whole human race. "He gave Himself a ransom for all" (1 Tim 2:6).

Now Paul in his wonderful revelation declares that God has reconciled the world to Himself; that God was in Christ (at the Cross) reconciling the world to Himself; (2 Cor 5:19). Men do not know this, but they conceive that something stands between them and God, before God will accept or forgive them. If you tell a man that God is demanding no good works of him whatsoever, no religious observances or church ordinances, that God is not asking him to undertake any duties at all, but that God invites him to believe a glad message that his sins have already been dealt with at the Cross, and that God expects him to believe this good news and be exceedingly happy about it-if you tell an unsaved man such a story as this, he is astonished and overwhelmed-yet this is the Gospel!

Would that we had grace just as vigorously to defend his great message today, whether from its enemies or its real friends who do not see it clearly as yet; or who, like Peter (Galatians 2), through fear of others, are ready to compromise and tone down the Gospel of God.

Written by: William R. Newell

"This is a great tract," wrote Lewis Sperry Chafer, "a clear treatise on the truth of God for this age. The author was one of America's greatest Bible expositors. It glorifies the Savior as the author desired it to do. It should be distributed by hundreds of thousands."

1 William Reed Newell (1868-1956), once the assistant superintendent of Moody Bible Institute, was an author, Bible teacher, and evangelist. D. L. Moody appointed him as teacher of weekly Bible classes in Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, and St. Louis, where he had a tremendous impact grounding believers in the Pauline Gospel of grace.

2 Christ, when on earth, did not "start anything." He said, in Matthew 16:18: "I will build My Church;" but He had not yet built it. He was a "minister of the circumcision," (Rom 15:8; Matt 15:24); and though He taught, it was to discover to men their helplessness, and lead them to rely on Him. Finally, all failed in Gethsemane. Then came the Cross and the end of all things human. Then the resurrection, and a new beginning.
Newell's Romans Verse By Verse, a 590-page commentary (193, and Hebrews Verse By Verse (1947) are very valuable works.

I hope I answered many of your questions regarding the Two creations, Gods grace and Pauls Gospel that you had. And hope this was edifying. While there are some areas where many sincere believers have disagreement, such as the rapture, please do not let any of these lesser issues distract you from the larger body of overall truth contained in this rather lengthy, yet concise treatise.


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