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Exploring Possibilities for Constructing the Victims--How Many Types Were There?

Posted 19 Aug 2012 at 19:28 PM by abirato

This is a fantastic list.

Originally Posted by do2read View Post
Great work and thanks VonZolta and The Surgeon. I added three categories to the list, now at 11 possibilities.

Types of fake terror victims on 911

1. Complete fakes- Operation Northwoods style total fictions

2. Fake relatives of operatives- made up aliases, added to the "family" of spooks and insiders, so that the "spook relatives" can play roles conducive to backing up the lie

3. Real people, spooks reassigned- deep cover agents, put on the list to neatly end their service or specific assignment, with no trail or loose ends

4. Real people, connected, reassigned- people connected to the network, wishing to start over, disappear, for various reasons

5. Real people, in trouble, voluntarily reassigned- real people who were at risk of prosecution, who escaped by joining the victims list

6. Real people, in trouble, coerced, reassigned- real people offered a "deal" to avoid prosecution, by aiding in the victims fraud

7. Real people, connected, terminally ill- instead of just dying, why not be a 911 hero, setting up your family to use it to further you favorite cause, political or otherwise.

8. Real people, long dead- like the fake identity creators, borrow the identity of someone long dead, resurrect them to die again as a victim, with or without cooperation of family members

9. Real people, intentionally murdered- beforehand, included on the list to cover it up

10. Real people, intentionally murdered- sacrificed during the demolition

11. Real people, accidental victims- unintended collateral damage

BTW, Jack, as far as the pictures, Phil's photo research in February and March is where all of this started. Here's a good place to start with that. http://letsrollforums.com/911-distur...im-t21279.html

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