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Be cool - it's 'normal'

Posted 12 Oct 2009 at 18:27 PM by consulting

What we are experiencing is totally normal.
Since mankind is existing the human beings are divided in "above" snd "below". There are wolves (also wolves in sheep's clothing) and packs. Also wolves above wolves - and wolves above the above-wolves. Finally it ends in a little pride of super-wolves who dominate the central institutions that dominate the world.

The world did not function in another way since Adam and Eve.

Your personal way out may be based on "SINK POSITIVE!". Be honest by thinking and acting in a livable distance to the "evil". A problem may arise if you have to decide to be a "good" or a "bad" human for that way of survival that you dream of.

What those guys is driving who dominate the world and can't get enough is the greed for endless power. They are realizing a destructive power of mens' greed. They need that like eating bread or beef. They are insane. So - from their point of view - all human beings are only "material" (or - SIC! - soldiers for "missions"). If not needed or usable for increasing profits they are only a needless biomass. "Profit" may also be "more gain in power".

All tools are allowed. It's all a part of an ongoing evolution. Does the nature know any kind of morals or ethics? It's dog eat dog, eat or be eaten.

So long.
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