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Posted 26 Mar 2010 at 10:12 AM by spanner

Ten Days

Day 1 - 3

Enter the judge: Do you know why you appear before this court today?

No, your honor, I think not.

Bailiff, what is the charge?

Judge, this man is charged with Sedition and Rebellion against the King.

How did he commit seditious acts?

Your honor, he has been talking to people about the person of Jesus Christ and therefore rebelling the law of the land and the King.

Is this true young man or do you charge this court with false accusations?

No, your honor, I make none accusations against the court, nor the King.

Have you communicated with anyone about this person you call Jesus Christ and that He was or is your God?

Yes, I have done so much, as I believe that He is God.

Bailiff, have him removed unto the cell and for three days he is not to have any communication with anyone, the servers of the foods and waters shall not speak or communicate in any way with this person, he shall appear before this court again in three days and then shall we see if the time afforded him has cleared his thoughts and reasoning.

Day 4

Enter the Judge: Young man, you have been afforded three days to think and reason within yourself, how then do you plead and what say you to this court?

Your honor, I seek not to offend this body of law, nor do I seek to rebel
any court, much less your court, but allow me my thoughts and my words, for I cannot withhold that truths which are within my soul and my heart.

According to your words it shall be accomplished, bailiff have him removed to his cell for psychological profiling of insanity or to observe that he is of his right thinking processes to be ruled in this court. Remove him to cell 2.

Day 5

She came into the divided cell with bars that separated the two of us, so that she could not get to me nor I to her. She had a notebook and pen, a gun strapped about her waist and was completely nude except for those items, no others were around and silence engulfed the room. For hours she questioned me, taunted, and tempted me knowing that I was but a man. Remaining steadfast, with my Christ and my testimony, night came and she was gone.
Day 6

He walked into the divided cell with notebook and with pen, and pistol strapped unto his waist, and other than this he too, was completely nude. He too, subjected me to the same type questioning and in the afternoon, I appeared before the Judge.

The Judge: Young man you have been found of sane mind, therefore, I will ask of you one more time before the sentence is rendered, do you still hold to the statement you made concerning your God?

Your honor I can do no less but to proclaim before this court that Jesus Christ is both LORD and Savior of all mankind, and any that will call upon His name and proclaim it even to their own demise, will be saved, but those whom accept not shall both die and be found in the Lake of Fire.

Sir, your words fall empty upon this court and I have not fear of your God or His judgment, we have a King and honor him as both god and savior. You leave me but one choice, you are to be greatly striped and then sent to the guillotine on the tenth day, perhaps you will be taught to fear our King in your death. Bailiff, remove the ingrate to his doom.

Day 7 - 9

I awoke in the end of my ninth day, I was bleeding and beaten that none could have recognized me, but thanks be to God, I held by His Holy Spirit, my faith, and now on the morrow, I shall end this pain and suffering for all time and see my LORD and my God. I thought often about Stephen and all those that had gone before me, and I was relieved that seven years would pass quickly for those that must come behind me and travel this journey of death to life. I thought about Jesus and how He was beaten and bruised and the atrocious things they did unto Him in one room, and I wept, and was thankful that He should choose one as lowly as I, to die in like manner as He did, I look forward to day ten.

Day 10

They came early in the morning, two gruff looking, bearded men, their forehead was red as though inflamed, they spat upon me and cursed me.

"I would like to kill him with my own bare hands, if it were not for the King's command, you would die now you ignorant savage." stated one of them.

I could barely stand much less walk, but it did not matter, as they drag me from the cell. When we reached the daylight, even in this early of the morning, the heat was already unbearable, and the Sun was bright and bear it's fiery heat upon my face. The crowd was gathered and yelling and rejoicing, in the midst of them stood the bright steel of the guillotine, sharp and honed for the plunge. The two kicked the back of my knees and I feel hard upon the ground, they grabbed the back of my head and pushed my neck into the platforms holding block. They secured the holding block, the crowd screamed with glee and much laughter. With but a second I cried out,

"Lay this not to their charge, O LORD, into thy hands I commend my spirit."

The bearded man stated, "Prepare to meet thy God, you heathen". The blade fell, but I felt no pain at all, I was standing and the angel took me by the hand, he gave me a hug and there was Jesus,

"Well done, my good and faithful servant", enter into my Father's Kingdom."

Was it worth it? absolutely.
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