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"Make Him Quit Calling Me Big Ears"

Posted 4 Oct 2010 at 22:21 PM by spanner
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"Andy, Make Him Quit Calling Me Big Ears"

Youth, has it's way, and at one time I was a member of such thuggery and delight, the world was new to me, and I imagine I was around 9 years old at the time. There was this girl that others made fun of simply because she was poor, and like any young person at that time, I wanted to be a part of the mockery and be accepted also, but the truth was, I was from a poor family also, and probably just as poor as she was. I would like to use her name as an apology of sorts, but she, I feel, had suffered enough at my own lack of discretionary attitude and the lack thereof. Many times I have remembered her and prayed for her, as someday I would like to see her also in heaven.

Andy, could not stop Slim from calling the, "goob" big ears as Andy must have known, since he happened to be the sheriff, that freedom of speech is for all the people, all the time, and unfortunately, there are those who use it wrongfully, like that of Slim and myself. I don't carry that shame of those younger years, and before you judge me to harshly, perhaps, you would do me the honor to bear with me but a moment, to explain why, but you certainly do not have to, but I sure do wish you would. We all are in a thing called the "human race", and I too am a member of this community, but this young girl, whom I had the great honor of attending my younger years of school and learning, gave unto me a wealth of knowledge. It wasn't so much that this girl was poor, not so much, for most of those I attended school with in those years, were mostly poor, but they did not let the others know or realize just how poor, but this young lady was "unashamed" of her family, and her bravery brought her much criticism and mockery, and a lot from my unkept lips and tongue.

As years past, as they seem to, I would be reminded of how much this young lady was unashamed of her family, and bore the mockery upon such tiny shoulders, now I am not trying to make her a saint, although I do hope she is, only, I am trying to make myself a "human" contaminated by sin. We all desire and want to live in a world free of mockery and class distinction, and that is an admirable goal to seek, but as we seek we must remember, there were others in that same class who kept quiet, and they had every right to do so, and there were a couple in that class that befriended those tiny shoulders. That is what I desire to do today, is be a comforter and a help while realizing how very small my shoulders become from day in and out. Like the "goob" I too, do not desire mockery, but like Andy, I realize it is every man/woman's right to adhere to such defamation of character, but I will stand upon the side of that little girl/boy man/woman that are downtrodden and looking for a friend for hope and comfort.

It seems like such a long way from Mayberry, and yet I find it a comfort each time I find it on my television and find myself "plastered" (in a good way) to the tube. People today have taken their prodigy of hate to a global scale and attack, if for no other reason, the person on the other side of the screen, as they are lonely and distraught, but the only way to get attention to their loneliness is to attack and argue. "Can we all just get along", sadly, no, the world is in division and one of the posters brought it to our attention not long ago with this little diddy:

1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God's chosen people.
2. Jews do not recognize Christ as the Messiah.
3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian world.
4. Baptists do not recognize each other at Hooters or the Liquor Store.

While it is true, that we cannot get along, we can however, choose to be courteous and respectful of the other persons view and how they attained that view, we do not have to join their cause, but we do not have to attack it either. Religions, are not hate, even though they have been portrayed as such, they are no different than those you meet day by day, and those you hug and repeat the words, I love you. If I know something will offend you, I will do my best not to allow that to occur, but like that of the tiny shoulders in my grade school, do not ask of me something you also cannot do, and that is to be "ashamed" of my family. She taught me not to be ashamed of who I am or what I believe, and I hope you have similar values in what you believe. She taught me one of the most important lessons in life, and that is, that she is a human, just like I am, she has to have food, water, air and all the necessities of life including and not excluding the opportunity to gain in life, not only her needs, but her desires, and I will not be jealous or envious, I will most gladly be happy for her, I want her to succeed and become the richest woman ever, I want the very best for her, health, prosperity, education, jobs, and the most important - her belief in whatever she desires to believe in or whom. I believe in Jesus Christ, as He has placed that love in my heart that I did not have before, for this young girl, and all the young, old, girls, boys, men, women, black, white, yellow, red, rich, poor, etc.., and you. Somehow, youth brings with it, the ignorance of love for others, but it also brings with it, an education that cannot be matched by the instructions of parents or teachers. We sometimes forget that those among us that are rich or poor, are somehow less human, and they too have all the rights and respect, God has afforded unto us. May you find those "tiny shoulders" and allow yourself to gain respect for them, and mostly, for yourself. Perhaps, we should choose not to call the, "goob" - big ears.

"Allow others to make mistakes, to spell wrong, to have incorrect language usage in a sentence, and perhaps when you do the same as they, yours also will be ignored" Nancy Gribble, spanish 101, 1990-00'ish

"Someone should arrange a new war between Spain and Portugal and this time the loser gets New Orleans" Mason, from the series, Daniel Boone Circa 1960=70's'ish

"Cry when you peel an onion, Laugh when you drink the wine, but, according to the good book, all things in moderation" Peter Falk

"I stared into the darkness, and I could feel my own fear, it forced me to know, to realize, time awaits no man, and no man can afford to wait on time." p.Faulk

"I didn't promise, but you have the right to think I did" to Woman, by Peter Falk, Alfred Hitchcock

"Micheal, you wouldn't have gone to the Black book, if you hadn't gone to the other book first" Weezie, moving on up from the eastside, conversation about history books - The Jeffersons 1970'ish

"She'd be happy wit' a Hindu anda goat" Archie Bunker show 1970-80'ish speaking about Gloria

"I wouldn't buy a house riddled with termites" Archie Bunker to new neighbor 1970-80'ish

"What in the heck does that mean, he drives half way to work, and then walks" on the subject of semi-retirement, Archie Bunker, 1970-80'ish

"You read my mind" stated Archie Bunker, "That's not the hardest thing to do" Female guest - 1970-80'ish

O'Donnel could be correct, perhaps if we went bankrupt, the Anti-Christ could stepin and save the day - A. Flappi
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