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Why Men Cheat-Topix 37814

Posted 16 Sep 2010 at 11:56 AM by spanner
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What is the main reason men cheat?

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Morristown, TN
Does anyone have any comments on this. I know that its not just men that cheat. But men are the ones that i want to discuss. Is this because there not happy at home and want out. Or feel as if they can't leave maybe because of financial reasons or something of that nature. Or maybe their bored with what they've got at home. Or maybe its the thrill or the ego boost. Why all the risk for just a little fun. What do you guys think is the number one reason?

Durwins Pappy: Most men, as well as women, start out wanting to please the other mate, unless one or both have been married before. But just taking the basic no prior marriage, men and women do not communicate very well, and the old adage, "opposites attract" is usually correct, and being opposite the other there is a tendency to mistake what the other mates actions or words incorrectly or correctly. Men and women always retain those words stated in a "heated argument", and anyone, married or no, begin to distance themselves from the one "throwing" angry tones and words, especially words that are demeaning, such as those remarks to sexual over or undertones. Usually, there is one in a relationship that will be "walked upon" for a long period of time, without rebuttal, they merely do not want a confrontation or "more" argument. When the heated word slinging is over, and the one who was throwing the verbiage does apologize, it is late and the words once let loose are retained by the receiver, just as the one throwing the words, most of the time, have a background of having being treated the same way by parents etc.., unfortunately, we live in a "fallen" world with parents etc.., passing on the same pattern generation after generation, this occurs in both the man and the woman's background, neither of which are immune from the baggage.
What makes a man stray? The same thing that makes a woman stray, however, there is a difference between the two as a woman will seek the comfort of a close, romantic, understanding man, while the man not having this kind of nature, goes to a more physical nature, so which is worse, one is a romantic interlude while the other is a hit and move on, portraying the damage incurred upon another woman, so as to "get back" at his own spouse. Most of the time the woman who is involved in a "romantic" setting is prone to be "dumped" as her lover, being a man, is prone to hit and move own, she is left torn and more disturbed in her mind and psyche than she was previously with having a husband who strayed. If the man "happens" however, to find that one in a thousand girl, then he might be more prone to call it quits with the spouse, the same is true in the romantic stage for the spouse. This process is doomed as neither has understood what the problem was in the beginning, it could be an ignored husband or wife, with the other spouse not showing support for the other's accomplishments be they big or small, or the sacrifice's borne by one but not the other, especially in the arena of finances, as in the beginning of the marriage neither is content with their financial or income level or material gain or desire, which adds another log on the fire.
The better question might not have been, "What makes a man stray, but rather, are there any preventive measures the both of us can take to offset a problem later on in our marriage?" And in this position, there are many things that can be accomplished to give the marriage a good hope for a future, this however, depends upon how much both are willing to perform and accept to secure the best possible outcome for the marriage, and herein lies the rub. You can go through a lot of psychological counseling, but remember you are trying to fix an entire generation of problems that can run back as far as the grandparents, or you can to the most logical step, (and in this place, I would almost think you know what I am going to state) and that is to educate yourselves to what a marriage should look like and how a marriage should behave itself correctly, this psychology cannot give you, but there are organizations that can help, if you are willing to break your own barriers imposed upon your own minds which could have been placed by familial background or those you have adapted for yourself. Most people set up barriers and think themselves to go no farther than the point in their path which they have claimed they will not cross. For a good start you can go to this place, but be aware a marriage is a lifelong commitment and as equal, a lifelong study of one another's nature and mind, and the polite, kind, decent, humble attitude to not trod upon that same nature of the mate, now you must begin a learning process: http://newlife.com/
What you are beginning in a marriage is a new life with a new person, and when that occurred everything you knew prior to marriage went through a change, either for the good or the bad but all did change. Now that you have been married you are located problem areas about each other, now it requires the both of you to change, if the marriage is going to work, or if the marriage has already ended, then you would not want to go through the same with a future mate, or if you are depressed because of the failure or whatever the causative agent, you need change, and the one thing you cannot change is your own heart, if you will, or the person you desire to be but cannot become. Perhaps, this is a good time to tell you about Andy, and if you read closely and listen to that innermost part we call the heart, perhaps you will sympathize with Andy or perhaps not, herein is the story;

Andy cared not for the law, nor did he regard the punishment he would be given a deterrent to humiliate 85 + women, and cast them aside as garbage upon the streets.

Concepts are hard to change, once someone has garnered into their thought processes that God is an evil entity, that only seeks to judge the person to hell, and He is out for their destruction, it is then, that it becomes most difficult for the person to apprehend the truth of the love that God is trying to reach unto the individual for their good. Suppose you desired a young man or woman, and it was a great desire, one that you were seeking through the nature we call, "love", and you wanted this man or woman to love you like you loved them. Most of us, in fact, I can think of no one, that had a "first" love that we were "giddy" about, but they did not have the same kind of emotional feelings that we did, in fact, in every turn we took to show them just how we truly felt about them, the more it seemed to drive them in the opposite direction. From this are borne the novels of modern man/womankind, the novels of lovelorn lost and for some later captured, but not realized in the same manner as at the beginning of the novel - romance novels, Harlequin, and the like, women know these books, men go the physical route. Andy thought he had found the perfect solution to his love, (which was really a twisted lust) taking on the physical nature of the beast, he lured women by his wealth and fame and then slipped the "mickey" or date-rape drug into their drink, and in their helpless state of being, proceeded to rape them. He finally was apprehended and charged with 87 counts of rape, his name was Andrew Luster, his inherited fame and fortune was the company named Max Factor, primarily known for the lipstick they produced.
Now, why would I use this example? To show the difference between men/women, and that is, most women are drawn to men by their "romance" nature, going to the movies, lots of hugs and kisses, but not to jump into the bedroom thingee. Men however, are drawn by lust, they see the woman/girl and size up their body and note any lust for this woman/girl, and then commit to the art called attraction, so men/boys operate in the realm of what they see and desire, while women/girls operate in the realm of infatuation of dreams of the heart. This infatuation of the women/girls, dreams or thinks, what it would be like to be married to this individual, have a house, children (or not), and live a life of mutual respect and admiration. Men are thinking, how soon can I persuade her that her "dreams" are really to begin a sexual relationship with me. There does however, exist the other type which is on the woman/girls part to become sexual with this new man/boy, and there are men/boys that want more than just the bedroom scene, some are shaped by their environment, which includes schools, parental guidance, however, most are shaped by their fellow peers through dares (mostly) and through their own (that is peers) hurt by a prior man/boy-woman/girl and want others to suffer their own hurt, like that of themselves. What in the world does this have to do with God?
God had what we would term the "perfect" world, He created man and woman and they did as God had commanded them to do, there was however, a very, very, huge problem. Although the man and woman and the garden were all created perfect, which they were, and that is to state that they were without sin, but they also knew not how to love. They were created to love, that is true, but the man and the woman did not understand the concept of "love" nor how to perform a thing called "love". God, did not create man/woman to just "obey" Him, He had the angels that did those things of obedience, but they, like the man and woman, knew nor understood, anything about love. Andrew cared not about love nor did he desire to care anything about love, Andrew saw the women of his desire, and did not want to form a romantic relationship with them, his desire was purely physical to the point of wanting to humiliate and destroy the women by rape. God, in His wisdom, wanted and created the man and the woman, to not only be able to obey in a future state, but more importantly, to be able to experience a thing called "love", but in order to allow love, He also had to allow the man and the woman to be able to "choose" whom they would "love" and this involved another problem called, "lust" or desire to do that which is opposite to what God had wanted for the both of them, the good.
With the police hot in pursuit, and every day, one slip-up would lock the bars and his rage of rape and humiliation would come to a halt, so he was forced to re-locate to Mexico, and while there, he had to stay at one location, one town, and could not venture out from his area of safety, as his name and picture were posted and blasted through every home and town via the television and the airwaves. Lucifer, led his rebellion, having been afforded the ability to make a "decision" to stay with the Father or to rebel and leave, he chose the later, so God sent forth an edict and Lucifer went to the only place he was allowed to go for fear of the wrath of a just and holy legal force in hot pursuit, so Lucifer found himself once again in a place of perfection, he was, if you will, given the second opportunity, but alas, as was his nature of rape and humiliation, he used a date-rape drug called the forbidden fruit, and raped both the man and the woman. God, fully knowing that the man and the woman, had partaken of the forbidden fruit, sent them on their journey out of the Garden of Eden, that one day they would understand and know what it is to be in "love" for the first time, a most wonderful, beautiful, experience when and if they would so "choose" to do so, a thing called grace began to work.
Police surrounded the lonely, trashy, motel room, money had dried up, nowhere was there a place to run, nowhere to turn, Andrew came forth with his hands in the air, and was then shipped back to the USA, and was given jail terms for all the atrocity he had caused upon these women he had plundered, raped, and humiliated. He sits, now, in his cell calculating all that he has done, but if he so "chooses" he has that one second chance, which there are many as long as he is alive, to choose a different way of life and that beyond himself. Adam and Eve began their journey outside of the Garden of Eden, and they began to farm, many years later there came one of their descendants named Abram, and he and his family were "god" makers, that is, they made statues of what was called gods of many different types and names. Abram's occupation was interuppted as God spoke unto him in his thoughts and asked Abram to go to another land, Abram chose to say yes, and in his journey, he married his half sister and had two sons, one by his servant (or Sara, his wife's, servant, which had been sold unto them by her (Hagar) family for money) named Ishmael, whom God blessed with many nations, now called the Arab nations. The other son was by Abram's wife named Sara, and his name was called Isaac and he would become the father of one nation that would bless the entire world in due time.
Abram would become the father of many nations, including that of Israel and the Arab countries, as Ishmael, was also circumcised in the house of Abram, a sign of salvation. God, called unto Abram and commanded him to go up unto a mountain and there offer his son a sacrifice unto God. Abram obeyed God and took his only son left him, as Hagar and her son, Ishmael, had left the Abram household, to begin their journey. Abram, who had been renamed Abraham (meaning the father of many nations), listened as Isaac, his only son, stated, "Father, is there no other way?" and Abraham stated, "No, my son" however by faith, Abraham said, "My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering" Abraham pulled forth a dagger to slay his son, Isaac, who now lay upon a slab of rock, but an angel of the LORD held his hand back.
It was just a small place, a place that no one paid much attention-to this city, except and perhaps the downcast and the wanderers which would happen by now and again, just a plain, simple, little city. He walked forth and journeyed throughout the whole state, and many listened unto Him, so much so that they brought Him forth unto a hill, and there nailed Him unto the wood, and God fulfilled the words of Abraham and God provided Himself a sacrifice, which men/women today look with admiration, for the name on that wood was called, Jesus Christ, but to the gentile and english pagans, it is interpreted as the, "Second Chance", and unto all who call upon the name of, "Jesus Christ" and state these simple words, "Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins - past, present, and future, and come into my heart forever, in Christ's name I ask and pray. 25 words, a second chance.
They found themselves, throughout many cities, many states, they had been chastised, humiliated, and raped, their rapist and aggressor now in prison, they entered into psychological assistance, rape programs and many, if not all, still walk confused and torn, some were Christian, some were not, both of whom have asked, "How could God allow this to happen to me, what did I do to Him?". Such is the anger, and the cry of many people, both the Christian and those that are not, have atrocious crimes committed against them, and some are victims even from birth, some are molested throughout their childhood, some sold into sexual slavery being kidnapped or by family members, murder, rape, some condoned by parents and mothers, diseased by sex or by rape, the world lies full of much atrocity by men/women whom have chosen to do those things which are against God, however, remember now, and again that "choice" includes many more innocent victims when it is made for the evil rather than the good, it remains an introduction to something called, "Love", each one must make a choice and not choosing is a choice, there remains no way out, you are in a small place, in a small town, in a big world, and in that small place, you must make a choice, so too, do the 85 +.
As Isaac, the son of Abraham asked of his father, "Behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?" Jesus would echo a similar statement, " O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done.". Christ hereby confirming, that both He and the Father "chose"that Christ was to go to the cross, a one time event, that through no other deity, plan, human choice, was there salvation except through the death, burial, and resurrection, and in the very name of "Jesus Christ" that all that would be saved, should be saved in Christ's name and His name alone. You are not required to obey, know the Bible, do good works or deeds, do acts of repentance, nor any other human requirment, it is only by the asking and in the name of Jesus Christ that you can be saved. The reason is simple, a dead man/woman cannot repent etc.., until they are saved by Christ and Him alone, if you are not a Christian, you remain dead unto God, until you ask Christ to save you, dead men/women can produce no fruit unto salvation, as they are dead.

Uneducated Christian Trash

Posted in the Morristown Forum

Good_Luck wrote:
Why is it that the vast majority of Christians can't spell, write, punctuate or even form a sentence correctly? Also, how come when asked an educated question, they can't come up with anything original (that's educated) to add to the discussion? Furthermore, why is it that Christians seem to know A LOT less than non-Christians about the bible and it's teachings? Does anyone but me find this disturbing? Can anyone answer these questions without plagiarizing some website, or quoting a non-relevant scripture from the bible?

With the poor and uneducated there is much Grace and salvation, as they know they need a Savior, for they, of all men/women, are the downtrodden and the mocked of society, and they willingly and gladly receive Christ as their Savior. But it is not so with the educated of this world, for they think themselves above the need of salvation as they are and have become their own god of knowledge and educated geniuses, this is why the colleges and educational institutions have rejected God and Creation, and have committed unto the murder and killing of their own flesh and blood, the children or babies in the name of so-called science and educated masses. However, there is hope even for the educated status quo as,
it was very refreshing to see Dr. Stephen Hawking come out with a book exposing that there was a Creation and a Creator, it is however, sad that he cannot openly affirm Jesus Christ as that Creator with the Father, for fear of losing his job and the prestige given in the scientific community. However, he did the next best thing concerning his circumstance (wheelchair etc..,,). I have always admired his ability to reason and he has not disappointed with the latest book. It is a shame that others whom have long opposed a Creator cannot see, but if a man like Dr. Hawking can get it, then there is no reason why others cannot. The time is getting close for the rapture as the 70 years of a generation is winding down to 2018, minus 7 years for the Tribulation Period, bringing us to 2011. Maybe the folks in America will get on board before the time is late, as America is to be destroyed and not found according to Lamentations 4:17, I certainly hope so, for everyone's sake and well-being. Thank you for your kind rapport and wording to the knowledgeable insight of the Christian community, I hope to be of service for you in the near future should you decide and so need.

New Age Science

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Where is your brain

Cleveland, TN
Thursday Sep 9

"You don't know, what you don't know"
J Michael Bone, PhD

There are many topic to discuss in this field if you are not interested in the usual topics that seem to consume this forum.

New Age Science Topics

Although I do not use Topix to feed my intellectual bone, I do know that there are intelligent people here. I would love to hold some type of discussion on any topic listed in the link above with anyone willing.

Threads as these do invite much trolling and bashing in which do hinder any "sight" of intelligent life but keep in mind, these are areas of Science.

Listed below are my areas of interest as to which I may or may not have had direct knowledge or experiences.

Special abilities
Holistic health
Systems of the physical world
Extraterrestrial life

Durwins Pappy

Kingsport, TN
#37 32 min ago

It was very refreshing to see Dr. Stephen Hawking come out with a book exposing that there was a Creation and a Creator, it is however, sad that he cannot openly affirm Jesus Christ as that Creator with the Father for fear of losing his job and the prestige given in the scientific community. However, he did the next best thing concerning his circumstance (wheelchair etc..,) I have always admired his ability to reason and he has not disappointed with the latest book. It is a shame that others whom have long opposed a Creator cannot see, but if a man like Dr. Hawking can get it, then there is no reason why others cannot. The time is getting close for the rapture as the 70 years of a generation is winding down to 2018 minus 7 years for the Tribulation Period, bringing us to 2011. Maybe the folks in America will get on board before the time is late, as America is to be destroyed and not found according to Lamentations 4:17, I certainly hope so, for everyone's sake and well-being.

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