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911 conspiracy eleven inside

Posted 30 Mar 2017 at 15:02 PM by Inside911

The 11 Most Compelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories. (2017, January 12). Retrieved January 27, 2017, from https://newsone.com/742485/the-11-mo...racy-theories/

This NewsOne article discusses eleven conspiracy theories that support the idea that
former President George W. Bush had an insight on the 9/11 events. First, “insider traders knew
about attacks before they happened”. It is explained that around that time, within the stock
market and insurance firms, there was something sketchy going on. In particular, the amount of
limits on the two airlines that were hijacked were much higher than normal. Second, “air defense
was told to stand down”. If an airplane is hijacked, the NORAD is ready with fighter jets.
However, the NORAD generals were hardly given enough time to scramble a few together on
9/11. Due to this, they were told to stand down since they were hardly present during the attacks.
Third, “planes didn’t make twin towers collapse, bombs did”. It did not make sense how the
towers fell, and it looked like a controlled demolition. Fourth, “the pentagon attack scientifically
doesn’t hold up”. It is believed that where the Pentagon was hit, the area was too small compared
to the size of a commercial American Airlines plane. Fifth, “Flight 93 was completely staged”.
Although some say the passengers fought back and the plane crashed, others say the plane landed
and another was shot out of the sky. Sixth, “Hijackers are alive. How did their passports survive
explosion?” In the aftermath, hijackers’ passports were found unharmed. It could have easily
been placed there. Seventh, “cell phone calls made from plane were faked”. Since there would be
no reception at an airplanes altitude, how were phone calls made? Eighth, “Jewish people knew
attack was going to happen, took off work on September 11th”. An unusual amount of Jewish
employees took off work on this day, and were the among the first to record the attacks on
camera. Ninth, “black boxes found by search crew kept secret”. Why weren’t all of the tapes
were not disclosed right away? Tenth, “The Bin Laden tapes are fake”. At first, he denied
everything. Soon afterward, things changed. Eleventh, “Aluminum planes can’t penetrate steel
structure of world trade center”. It wasn’t the planes, but rather explosives that made the
buildings collapse.
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