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Rosalee Grable - First Articles About Film Manipulation

Posted 2 Aug 2020 at 10:21 AM by misom
Updated 2 Aug 2020 at 11:10 AM by misom (cat)

Rosalee Grable launches her web business titled "Webfairy" which offers webdesign and similar services

Rosalee Grable publishes on home.earthlink.net the article WTC 7 demolition

Rosalee Grable publishes on home.earthlink.net the article Ghostplane

Rosalee Grable publishes on home.earthlink.net the article Webfairy: First Hit Mug Book

Rosalee Grable publishes on thewebfairy.com the article Whatzit Revealed

Why does Rosalee Grable publish her article with which she introduces the term Whatzit in regards to the alleged "plane that hit" the North Tower of the WTC on her own website only in December 2003? Why are previous articles of hers not on this website?

Ray Ubinger starts the website 911foreknowledge.com. Rosalee Grable and Jim Scott are featured as co-editors of the website.

Rosalee Grable discusses the alleged Second plane with Stallion4, ewing2001 (aka Nico Haupt) and others on the forum The Next Level by Irish Journalist Fintan Dunne, owner of breakfornews.com

The Next Level :: View topic - CGI / Hologram / No Planes http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewto...ostdays=0&post...

2007-05-07 and 2007-05-08
Rosalee Grable is guest on the Genesis Communication Network - GCN - show The Dynamic Duo by Jim Fetzer (this audios are not available in my archive)

Rosalee Grable joins the forum 911movement.org which had been launched on 2007-05-30 by Killtown (alias Dylan Avery). This forum was dedicated to the so called "TV Fakery movement". The TV Fakery movement was focusing on the aspect that the Live Broadcast of the media on 911 was in fact not live, and that the media were the main perpetrators of the “911 Hoax”. Famous publication of this "movement" was the film September Clues", which contained the video research of many other players in that part of the "truth movement".

Rosalee Grable - who cooperates already with Paula Gloria Tsaconas and her TV Show Farther Down The Rabbit Hole on Public Access TV Manhattan Neighbourghood Network (MNN), operated by Time Warner - calls into the show, hosted by Paula Gloria, and discusses with Truthsleuth (aka Markus Allen Goldstein, unverfied) if the images (video and photograhy) of the alleged jumpers of the burning WTC depict reality or not. Truthsleuth argues that the images are manipulated through layering techniques and that images of people jumping are added to the footage and photographs, while Rosalee Grable argues that the images depict real people jumping from the building. She also has doubt about the photoshop skills of Markus Allen. (The videofile is available / 00:59:00

Paula Gloria, Rosalee Grable and Alan Steinfeld (New Age TV Host of NEW REALITIES, also on the MNN Network) discuss TV Fakery on 911 and the debate between Markus Allen and Webfairy of the day before. (The videofile is available / 00:59:16)

Rosalee Grable is guest on The Real Deal by Jim Fetzer - Rosalee Grable
"The Webfairy" on 9/11 research (audiofile available)

Description: http://radiofetzer.blogspot.com/2009...ee-grable.html

Rosalee Grable is again guest on The Real Deal by Jim Fetzer

(My notes)
Rosalee Grable talks about her webdesign business that went down in the wake of the 911 research she promoted. Two days after 911 she started questioning the events, later she read Thierry Meyssan and watched the videos of the “first hit” finding out that there was no plane in it. Fetzer asks when did she start to investigate 911. Rosalee Grable says the same night. After six months she read Thierry Meyssan and tried to "find the Boeing".

In the Naudet footage there is no plane in none of the frames, she says. After discovering that, she investigated the “second plane” too and found out it was inserted into the footage. The first person to pay attention to her work was Gerard Holmgren.

Rosalee’s nephew tried to "strangle" her because of her 911 "dillusions". While Rosalee Grable was locked up, Gerard Holmgren found the BTS Database (flights) and saw that the alleged hijacked planes were not scheduled, she says. The flights had been cancelled at least 10 days ahead. Fetzer says he had also contact with Holmgren in the time when he wanted to create the Scholars For 911 Truth with Steven Jones. Holmgren was attacking Steven Jones in emails.

Grable says she has a friend who witnessed the demolition of wtc7 and who got injuries from that for two years.

Grable believes there were many "Hutchinson effects" in the demolitions.

She believes that the Verizon building was hit by debris from WTC7. The they discuss about Judy Wood and Hutchinson. Grable agrees with Fetzer that the videos of Hutchinson are fake. Nonetheless she believes that on 911 there were "Hutchinson effects". Grable also believes that Judy Wood is right. Fetzer finds this anomalous. Fetzer finds that Grable believes in fringe theories. Phil Jayhan also attacked Grable violently once according to Grable.


Rosalee Grable is guest on The Real Deal by Jim Fetzer. The topic is: What "missing passengers"? - Peggy Carter joins at 01:03:00

Rosalee Grable is guest on The Real Deal by Jim Fetzer. The topic is: 9/11 video fakery / JFK photo fakery.

Paula Gloria interviews Rosalee Grable in Manhattan, on the corner Church & Murray about the events of 911 and especially the “first hit” shot by Jules Naudet and the “reaction shot” by Gedeon Naudet.
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  1. Old Comment
    Phil Jayhan's Avatar
    Nice blog post! I want to make a response to this to offer my own timeline with Rosalee Grabel AKA "The WebFairy." I think I first found her in early in 2003-2004... (God rest her Soul) to be cont'd...
    Posted 9 Aug 2020 at 06:56 AM by Phil Jayhan Phil Jayhan is offline
  2. Old Comment
    misom's Avatar

    Very helpful, thank you

    Originally Posted by Phil Jayhan View Comment
    Nice blog post! I want to make a response to this to offer my own timeline with Rosalee Grabel AKA "The WebFairy." I think I first found her in early in 2003-2004... (God rest her Soul) to be cont'd...
    for taking the time to read and comment on this blog post, Phil Jayhan.
    I appreciate it especially from yourself, as i am aware of your long history in the "truth movement".

    Yes, please provide your story about Rosalee Grable and the knowledge you have about her input in the 911 debate.

    As of today i have no complete image of the multiple narrative lines of the "opposition". My hypotheses are based only on publicly available information that has not been lost over the years.

    Concerning Rosalee Gable there are some important questions, which i would like to get an understanding of. E.g.:

    -Why did she not publish on her owned webspace which had been established 7 months before 911?

    -Why did she host the texts of Nico Haupt, Gerard Holmgren and others whom she disagreed completely with because she herself was a supporter of the "real footage at north tower" line as well as the "directed energy weapons" line?

    -How did she become a collaborator of Paula Gloria's show "Farther Down The Rabbit Hole"?

    And many others...

    Best greetings from Europe.
    Posted 19 Aug 2020 at 15:32 PM by misom misom is offline
    Updated 19 Aug 2020 at 15:34 PM by misom (formatting)

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