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A Simple Mathematical Proof of Missing Floors at the World Trade Center

Posted 15 Oct 2011 at 11:51 AM by CB1111

Originally Posted by do2read View Post
Since you mention it, almost everyone I show them to sees them. Everyone I have shown them to sees them when pointed out. Everyone. They all can see both the fire sticks and the smoke pipes and smoke.

Few of the people who claim to be "9/11 investigators" can see them, and those who can see them say things like "I can't help you with that", or admit seeing them then never again answer a phone call.

These things have been going on since the beginning of our discoveries.

The question is, if regular people see it right away 100%, and "9/11 investigators" never see it, what does that tell you?

I know what it tells me.

You will continue in the denial/ignore trolling
mode as long as you are allowed, regardless of what evidence is presented. Like the Occupancy FOIA, you'll just miss that crucial piece of evidence and your arguments will be out of context. None of it by accident.

You cite optical effects, but don't source that such an effect even exists, source it, or explain
how it could work, to trash my thread. Never addressing the mathematics involved.

So, is the math correct?


At the risk of being misunderstood, I have been following this discussion. So first I will qualify that the hollow towers is the most convincing evidence. I was a skeptic and suggest any one in the same position read ALL the related hollow tower material. You look at the pictures -all of them. It's pointless to speak before you do because some things these guys say is easy to see, takes me work. But if you want truth, research more photos of the area and go yourself
To YouTube if you need clearer pics.

Do you want truth or to argue?

And we do not see with our eyes. We see with our minds. So you have to realize why the original footage of events disappeared and we were programmed with continuing photoshopped images playing continuously. You have to fight to break through all pre conceptions and look at the photos fresh. Once the aha moment comes, the programming is broken. You will see the images your mind rejects now.

Best way is go back and look at a lot of images, videos of live shots vs later in day images of the same supposed footage.

So to those who think it obvious to 100%, it's not. Honest people can literally be programmed to ignore inconsistencies. The media flood of images was deliberate in achieving this.

Have you ever stared at a scene and been the only one not to see "it" ? Everyone else sees it but you. Then suddenly you see it and can't not see it. If that has happened to you, then you
know what I mean.

Your facts, like the interview,may not make
sense yet with the hollow towers. Just follow the facts with each bit of new data and then truth will come.
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