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David Long

Posted 16 Sep 2010 at 01:59 AM by clive

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  1. Old Comment
    Hey Clive (& everybody),
    I've just watched this video. (Thanx for posting it Clive).

    Here's what I notice:
    1) at 1:29-1:32 (about a minute and a half into the video) you can see a flying object coming from the right (the North) and then disappearing behind WTC#1 (the North Twin Tower). It seems to be too fast and smooth to be a helicopter; but if it is NOT a helicopter than what is it? If it's a plane, it would seem to be TOO SOON; because

    2) at 1:54 of the video (we can not see WTC #2 (South Tower)) can be heard what sounds like a loud and approaching airplane. Then there is at least one guy who perhaps sees the plane right before it hits WTC #2. Then we see the explosion as the camera pans outwards and we can see both towers and then mostly the South Tower.

    3) At 7:25, the South Tower collapses/blows up.

    My main questions:
    A) What is the flying/approaching object at the 1:29-1:32 mark? Is it a helicopter (though it doesn't seem like one)?

    B) If it's a plane, what's it doing so close to the Twins and/or if it is supposedly the plane that hits TWC #2, isn't it way too early/close (it takes 22 more seconds before we hear what sounds like an approaching plane and then see the WTC #2 fireball)?
    Posted 6 Aug 2014 at 15:22 PM by pablonovi pablonovi is offline

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