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    Posted 20 Mar 2017 at 17:49 PM by griff griff is offline
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    Truthissweet's Avatar

    For Truthissweet

    Thanks for copying the article, Clive.

    What I find interesting is Raytheon didn't lose any employees in WTC 2, while Alvear says he believed 25 died. You would think after 10 years he would know no one died. The stink-meter on this person is at a very high level.

    Raytheon deaths on 9/11:
    Posted 5 May 2016 at 10:15 AM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline
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    David Long

    Hey Clive (& everybody),
    I've just watched this video. (Thanx for posting it Clive).

    Here's what I notice:
    1) at 1:29-1:32 (about a minute and a half into the video) you can see a flying object coming from the right (the North) and then disappearing behind WTC#1 (the North Twin Tower). It seems to be too fast and smooth to be a helicopter; but if it is NOT a helicopter than what is it? If it's a plane, it would seem to be TOO SOON; because

    2) at 1:54 of the video (we can not see WTC #2 (South Tower)) can be heard what sounds like a loud and approaching airplane. Then there is at least one guy who perhaps sees the plane right before it hits WTC #2. Then we see the explosion as the camera pans outwards and we can see both towers and then mostly the South Tower.

    3) At 7:25, the South Tower collapses/blows up.

    My main questions:
    A) What is the flying/approaching object at the 1:29-1:32 mark? Is it a helicopter (though it doesn't seem like one)?

    B) If it's a plane, what's it doing so close to the Twins and/or if it is supposedly the plane that hits TWC #2, isn't it way too early/close (it takes 22 more seconds before we hear what sounds like an approaching plane and then see the WTC #2 fireball)?
    Posted 6 Aug 2014 at 15:22 PM by pablonovi pablonovi is offline
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    Phil Jayhan's Avatar


    Great post clive. Spent hours at this link! You always post the "finest."

    Posted 22 Jul 2012 at 02:56 AM by Phil Jayhan Phil Jayhan is offline
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    Posted 6 Dec 2011 at 23:31 PM by clive clive is offline
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    Phil Jayhan's Avatar

    A new look at the beginning and ending of the Twin Towers

    Very interesting article. Guy Tazzoli. Full of crap is he. <<said like Yoda>>

    Posted 26 Jul 2011 at 22:57 PM by Phil Jayhan Phil Jayhan is offline
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    yankee451's Avatar

    MORE ON 911

    Nice link there. Boy if that doesn't make a guy's blood run cold, nothing will.
    Posted 21 Apr 2011 at 13:00 PM by yankee451 yankee451 is offline
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    spanner's Avatar


    Hey, thanks for the pics, they were great, good photos, you should do a before/after, if you haven't already, thanks again.
    Posted 11 Nov 2010 at 13:24 PM by spanner spanner is offline

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