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The Un Blog and its Make "Sinse" Mirrored Acceptance For Value

Posted 29 Nov 2009 at 17:35 PM by John Clearwater

This Is only A Test of the John Clearwater Broadcasting System

Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp in the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth - locally grown, processed and manufactured
into products locally consumed (and exported/imported where in order) - becomes a realistic response
among others to "Peak Oil" and the inevitable depletion of extractable petroleum. Any product made
from petroleum (
including high octane gasoline and plastics) can be made from industrial hemp.
the DEMOCRATHON process ("people power" utilizing the Initiative and Referendum),
significantly increased worldwide production of industrial hemp (re-introduction in the USA) is integral
to the basics of evolutionary panaltruism: (a) a healthful, sustainable environment for every
planetary citizen, (b) universal health care, publicly supported, (c) education for all based upon
individual capability, (d) creative/productive employment for every planetary citizen, (e)
post-retirement security. The Compassionate Global Society, needful of replacing petroleum and
other fossil fuels with renewable resources, is heavily dependent upon industrial hemp. A uniquely
versatile plant requiring no genetic modification, industrial hemp can supply energy, food, clothing,
paper and in fact all of the construction materials presently obtained from trees. Almost without
exception in studies dealing with global warming the role o
f trees and forests is underscored time and
again. Every tree, beyond its intrinsic and natural beauty, becomes significant as a sponge for carbon
dioxide, a purifier of air, a dependable standby for erosion control, a helper in sustaining water table
levels, and more. Industrial hemp can (1) reverse the conversion of forests to pastures, (2) arrest the
utilization of forests for papermaking, (3) provide an alternative to the use of trees for building
materials, (4) assist in the
restoration of water table levels. "Since 1937 about half the forests in the
world have been cut down to make paper. If hemp had not been outlawed, most would still be standing,
oxygenating the planet."
This observation, made editorially in a conservative California newspaper in
1988, is also relevant to forests cleared for grazing purposes
(hemp seeds can produce bread,
hempburgers, cheese, milk and ice cream)
, as well as to building materials (hemp fiberboard has been
demonstrated to be twice the strength of wood fiberboard).
"Hempcrete" blocks, "lighter, stronger,
and easier to work with than masonry concrete,"
have been manufactured from industrial hemp at the
Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota (start-up costs were under $10,000.00).

At first sight even the most minimal government intervention - when touching on legally and deeply
entrenched property rights of landowners - would appear to be formidable. A plausible solution to this
problem lies with the existence of cultivable federal and state-owned lands. Proactive legislative
approaches might include (1) land exchange programs (private for federal and/or state), (2) the
cultivation of industrial hemp on federal and state-owned lands (with profits used to promote and
subsidize the conversion of privately-owned pastured-lands to lands primarily devoted to industrial
hemp and/or fruit and nut production - the subsidies continuing until acceptable levels of income are
reached, (3) depending on land suitability, direct government assistance (federal and state) for the
conversion of privately-owned pastured-lands to lands used for growing both industrial hemp and
trees (food-producing and non-food producing). Such legislation would take into account the property
rights of landowners while encouraging positive environmentalism and the needs of the community
as a whole.
"From Petrol to Agro: Seeds of a New Economy," by Dr. Robert E. Armstrong, Center
for Technology and National Security Policy, National Defense University, discusses the transition to
renewable resources. Current information concerning industrial hemp is available from
The North
American Industrial Hemp Council.
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