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Poems (from my LAST LINE postings in Secrets of the Round Table)

Posted 1 Dec 2009 at 09:49 AM by John Clearwater

A living man I am that I am
not a spin doctor loose on green eggs and ham
a vessel at sea on an inland ocean
its not the size of yur mast but yur wave running motion
four sheets to the wind is how some people steer it
my mind is all mush from this worldly evil spirit
selling the dream and all that happy horse shit
the mighty Casey struck out and shattered the air with it
sometimes my mind wanders and that's in "asKing"
a vessel at dock is a personam jurisdiction thing
the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion all sing
on the creditor highway not running people over
but yielding right of way in my counterclaim range rover
lien em hard and lien em up fast
for silence is acquiescence and so is yur past
so another day starts and revolves around life
make it the truth and limit yur strife
when you can stand on something and count it as true
even in a dungeon the sky is still blue
process and precept like a rat in a maze
just give me my cheese and please lift the chemtrail haze
they're dumbing us all down and lika pig on a platter
knife goes in guts come out in Simpson like matter
we laugh it all off and live life in a prison
of our own making and sinful self derision
and when we're convicted by God's Holy Spirit resting
the life we have led seems like a big testing
we ask and we pray for things far from The Cross
when Jesus took our place and He suffered our loss
as I get older and try to wrap my mind around it
the matters of this world only confound it
the powers that be are still held in check
and God sorts things out with his eternal time speck
we wrestle and turn and fight for our standing
and our values go up when in His love we're demanding
fighting for honor, truth, and love
the peace of it all and like the resting of a dove
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