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OLD LAST LINE POST just for kicks

Posted 5 Dec 2009 at 23:44 PM by John Clearwater

Just over the border is a bull run disorder
Mexicans and their Southern neighbors
wade through rivers and swamps for dirt cheap labors
while I just sit back and eat my sprouts
washed and grown in my secret spouts
I'm thinking of all this talk of a free country plan
when I am Sovereign-I couldn't give a damn
why not focus on the land u were born
and not into feuds pulling hair that is shorn
by politicians it seems the only right way
grace subdued and merciless teaching the way
a nation created in the minds of men
has no more power than an egg laying hen
a nation born or hatched in this way
cannot have power absolute when on people sovereignty first lay
the choice must be made and the pros and cons offered
by this sovereign substitute that stays heavily coffered
who made who?
just when u first think it
the posterity clue is the bullet to sink it
u walk around blind in a political status frenzy
agreeing to things where 'proof' is so trendy
agreeing to paper when and where u were born
when u were a baby were u forlorn?
so u suckled and wept and the sociopath you are
u cried for breast milk and drank from the cow bar
u were conditioned right from the start
with a fairness doctrine that seemed pretty smart
but as u got older u knew u were suckered
and ur overweight body and fat mind puckered
u obsessed and u raced after a dream full of plenty
with a number all skewed with a worker's identity
u tried to fit in
and for awhile u did
or so u thought u were exceptionally splendid
then u woke up one morning to towers burning
the magic of Hollywood and a terrorist yearning
ur agreed to rights and unalienable thoughts
kept u drinking at the trough and work day sloth
but hey I'm uzi... not foaming but froth
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