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Miscellaneous (1986 - 2016)

Posted 10 Oct 2016 at 09:54 AM by St Jimmy

Here’s a list of some unfortunate (strange) occurrences in my life.

1986. In the Netherlands in the last year of the primary school (basisschool) all the children take the “Cito-toets”. According to the Cito-toets I am among the smartest 2.5% (the highest category). My teacher advised an intermediary level (instead of the highest) for the follow-up college (voortgezet onderwijs), limiting my choices.
1988. I repeatedly became ill (including fever) some 30 minutes after lunch. My personal doctor (huisarts) sent me to the hospital that advised me a fat-free diet (which I didn’t follow for very long), but it didn’t happen again.
1991. A friend of mine was poisoned, which was declared glandular fever. I later copied much of his strategies to prevent me from being poisoned.
1992. Government refused student grant, without which I couldn’t go to university. At 18 years old had to file my first appeal against a decision of the government (bezwaar).
December, 1992. At my first exam at university (tentamen) a tram made a sudden turn, when I had a green light. After going Knock-out because of this “accident”, woke up in the hospital.
1998. I suddenly developed skin rashes (after living on my own, since October 1997).
December 2001. After a night of heavy drinking, I took a cab home; the driver gave me 50 false guilders for change. When the next night I wanted to pay with this false money, the police locked me up, and only questioned me after 10 hours in the cell. Strangely the cop that questioned me didn’t even try to find out who gave me the false money.
September 2002. Front wheel of my bike sabotaged, blocking my front wheel when riding; I ended up at the first aid of hospital. Since 2014 my front wheel has been sabotaged repeatedly, but because I am more careful, this didn’t cause any injury.
2001. A friend of mine told me that if he suffered from diarrhoea, boiling drinking water made this better very swiftly.
September 2006. My volleyball coach (a healthy man in his early 60s) had sudden health problems. I saw him 2 week before his death in January 2007; he had lost some 45 pounds of weight because of poisoning, with the official diagnosis cancer.
2011. Tap water tasted really bad, I thought because of fluoride, since then I had to spit literally hundreds times a day.
2013. Sitting on the Dam in Amsterdam (a hotspot for tourists) 2 busses of the riot squad stopped at some 25 meters. When the doors of one of them opened and some of the cops started heading in my direction, I quickly walked away.
2013. Homeless man at some 500 meters from my home said that “we” (as in him and me) are being poisoned by the supermarkets (obviously he had seen something he shouldn’t have). A few months later he disappeared without a trace.
2013. Went to my personal doctor, with complaints about skin rashes under my hair. The doctor saw some red marks, and sent me for further investigation to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital confirmed red marks under my hair, and gave me some crème for psoriasis. The second day (after I had left the crème at home like any normal fellow) I got really ill, with a high fever, very red face and psychiatric problems similar to the effects of Risperdal. When I went to the barber a few months later he told me that my shampoo caused red marks. Problems with skin under my hair disappeared after I stopped using shampoo and hair wax (I don’t think this has improved my looks, but maybe this is more because of losing a lot of hair).
December 2013. Drinking tap water almost made me throw up. After buying some bottled water, the extreme spitting instantly stopped. I noticed that the secret police entered my apartment when I was out, to poison my food, drink and cloths. I changed the locks on my front door 3 times without success.
2014. Some 40 days diarrhoea (combined with fever) because of food poisoning in 2014 alone. I conclude that most of the some 15 weeks in my life that I was ill with “flu”, I was in fact poisoned. In December 2014 I lost some 10 pounds of weight. Since January, 2015 I don’t buy food at supermarkets anymore, since then I had some 20 days of diarrhoea in total.
January 2014. When I wanted to remove a big piece of metal (which had no function whatsoever) from my bed, saw that some of the metal parts under my bed had been glued to the rest (wood) of the bed.
2014. When I was shopping in a supermarket I saw an employee of the supermarket, talking with a woman, while looking in my direction. Then the woman in plain clothes walked on the right of me, the employee of the supermarket bumped into me from the left. When I asked the supermarket employee (in a loud voice) why he bumped me, a man in plain clothes harassed me (hitting me on my arm) claiming to be security (without the regular uniform).
January 2015. Two police men in uniform were standing outside my door to prevent me from getting my bike. said they were instructed to stand in front of my door because of a fire at a distance of some 100 meters. My bike was at a distance of 80 meters, while people were walking in the street at a distance of 15 meters (from the fire). After some 15 minutes in which I complained (in a loud voice), I finally got my bike.
2015. Refrigerator changed into a freezer. I bought a new refrigerator that I threw away after a few days, because poison gas out of it.
January 28, 2016. This day 3 cars cut me off when I was riding my bike in Amsterdam. One of these was a police car at 125 meters of my apartment.
2015. I went shopping in the village Uitgeest, where some boys asked me about all of the police cars in the street. I replied that I’m not successful at hiding (from the police).
August 2015. A man, whom I had seen with his adult son for a couple of weeks eating with the homeless, told me he had been an attorney and gave me some legal advice. I never saw him or his son again.
May 2016. Since I bought my new bike in 2008, I had to buy 5 new wheels, while I also had to replace my saddle 3 times. One of my broken wheels was because a car of the security company G4S demolished it, the police simply refused the charges I filed. In June 2016 I already had a flat tire; the inner tube had some built in defects (I never saw an inner tube like this) causing the flat.
May 2016. The side of my Ikea bed broke in 2 halves. See photograph.

August 19, 2016. I was riding my bike when some man walked in the middle of the part of the street for bikes (fietspad). After I shouted at him to get out the way he ran after me (on my bike) for some 35 meters, assaulted me and repeatedly yelled he would destroy me, at which I replied to back off. I have shouted some insults in my life in traffic, but to this undercover cop I only yelled can’t you be more careful (Kun je niet uitkijken?) This is hardly an insult. Fortunately nobody got hurt.
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  1. Old Comment
    St Jimmy's Avatar
    Last May 7, I complained at the bike shop that 2 ½ weeks before had put 5 new spokes in my rear wheel that they´ve broken again. He said that there can only be one explanation that by now 12 spokes are broken, that I rode up on off the sidewalk too wild. After I bought a new wheel shortly after, on September 25, my new wheel was again crooked because of 2 broken spokes. I didn’t tell him my explanation that it had been sabotaged.
    Yesterday – October 16 - again a spoke in my rear wheel was broken, today the bike repair shop again put a new spoke in.
    Posted 17 Oct 2016 at 12:02 PM by St Jimmy St Jimmy is offline
  2. Old Comment
    St Jimmy's Avatar
    Last December 19 again a spoke in my wheel broke, yesterday I had it fixed.
    Posted 21 Dec 2016 at 10:41 AM by St Jimmy St Jimmy is offline
  3. Old Comment
    St Jimmy's Avatar
    Yesterday, December 29, again a spoke in my wheel was broken.
    Posted 30 Dec 2016 at 10:12 AM by St Jimmy St Jimmy is offline
  4. Old Comment
    St Jimmy's Avatar
    Last January 20 - again - I bought a new rear wheel for my bike (my 6th since I bought this bike in 2008).
    Yesterday (January 22) my saddle was – again – sabotaged, which almost caused me to fall off my bike. While a broken saddle is more dangerous than a sabotaged rear wheel, it’s fortunately easier and cheaper to replace; today I got a new one.
    Posted Yesterday at 11:39 AM by St Jimmy St Jimmy is offline

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