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Earliest Memories

Posted 5 Dec 2009 at 18:27 PM by livelywoodsprite

Most of my memories from about 5 on are sequential and run like a movie in my head, only with sensational aspects like smell-o-vision [IMG]http://sc.webmessenger.msn.com/10.1.0323.0/session/images/emoticons/smile_regular.gif[/IMG]

However (and nobody ever believes me on this one) I have extremely clear memories well before the age of 5 - they are simply non-linear and not at all time-associated or language-based ------- instead they are much more intensely tactile and visual. I have several early memories that I would share with you - but I could not tell you which one is oldest.

1.) My left hand is feeling my father's scruffy face (which means it was a Sunday) while my right hand was tucked under me against his chest. My arms and legs are exposed to the air (implying warm weather). I smell clean clothes and something sweet and flowery. I recognize the living room - we are facing away from the front door. I am sucking on a small glass bottle from a rubber nipple. I am very happy in his arms, and although my tummy is happy and full of milk, being in his arms is more important than the milk in the bottle.

2.) My knees feel scratchy from crawling on carpet. My upper thighs are being hugged too tightly by the elastic on the rubber-pants. My diaper is wet. I am getting tired and I know this because my eyes feel heavy. My lips are dry. I pull myself up on the wooden step at the base of the staircase. I look behind toward the door - the white sheers in the windows are billowing. I hear footsteps and movement from the kitchen - my mother has noticed I have begun the forbidden ascent and is coming to prevent me from going further.

3.) It is just getting light in my room. There is a light cotton woven blanket with a silky border over me in the crib. I am laying on my back. I see my right hand curled. I swing my left leg over and roll. Now I am on my belly and I can reach the wooden bars if I scoot forward. I push myself forward with my feet to touch the bars.
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