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Are you ready for the truth

Posted 24 Sep 2010 at 17:41 PM by danieltowsey
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Are you ready for the truth?
Updated version April 15, 2007
by Daniel Towsey

Here are some pieces of the puzzle. Put it together and you will see the very scary image.
All the pieces are available all over the net.
CAUTION; This document will upset those that have been deceived. If you are emotionally or psychologically unstable, I highly recommend you do not read this document.
WTC7is clearly a controlled building demolition. Even Silverstein said so. All indications are that very incriminating government documents. Many pertaining to very revealing court actions were deliberately brought to and stored at WTC7. So that they could be destroyed. It also appears that the command center to control the 911show was in that building. The huge pools of red hot molten steel that was found at the base of all three buildings to be still thousands of degrees three months later at all three buildings basements. Proves that thermite was used for the demolitions.

I can say this, there is a wealth of information coming from thousands of different people on the net. If you know how to research and have taken the years I have taken to understand the grand plan for that show they put on, on 911...you would just begin to understand that it is part of a much larger plan that has been in the works for will over a hundred years....I could write for years and most still would never understand. No matter what I say...if you come to my Yahoo group "TheTruthSoldiersClub"(2)you can start reading many files that I have posted there, and if you take the time to read everything I have there you would begin to understand that how we are all being deceived by the Zionist bankersthat are actually the masterminds behind everything...You need to understand that, they control all the money, and with that over time they have been able to (control) corrupt civilization....

911was staged to further terrorize the simple common people into further believing that there really is terrorists trying to destroy your freedoms....what your not understanding is that those who are telling you these stories about terrorists are the terrorists... If you were even slightly knowledgeable about the situation you would understand that. The USAis now controlled by them. The Patriot Actsone and two and the Military commissions(Torture)act, homeland laws and more than 900 presidential orders and more that have now become law in the US since 911is the proof. The Constitution and Bill of Rights now, really have no power in the US. You have already lost your freedoms. The people are being deceived by evil master minds. It is time for you to wake up, and take action now. We need a "TRUTH REVOLUTION"...that is done by people sharing the truth with everyone you know. It’s almost too late now...
You can not defeat evil without using truth as your weapon...
Before I go on. I need to tell you a little story. Many years ago around 1983. When I lived in a Jewish neighbourhood in North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This old lady showed me her numbered tattoo from the time she spent as a prisoner in the Auschwitz prison camp. The first thing she told me was that she was ashamed. I did not understand what she meant. So I asked her. She then told me that she was ashamed at all the lies that are being told about the Holocaust. She made me understand that the story being told is a lie and distortion of reality. Ever since that day I have had my mind open to learning the truth. In those years a German Artist by the name of Ernst Zundelwas being prosecuted in Canadian courts for an articled that he being a publisher was distributing all over the world. The name of the article was “Did six million really die?” So as it turned out the holocaust was put on trial. Ernst Zundel won both his trials. He effectively proved that the stories being told are not valid. When he was in court before he originally left Canada for the USA. He was told by the judge that "Truth is not a defence” and it will not be allowed in his court. That’s why he moved to the US. He was continually being vilified by the Zionist controlled media. He had his life destroyed. His home was set a fire. He received a very powerful bomb in the mail sent from Vancouver. Which CSIS, Canada’s secret police was aware of and effectively let happen. They may have actually been the instigators of that act. Then after many years of being attacked he moved to Tennessee in the US and Married Ingrid Rimland. The owner and operator of Zundelsite. (3)

So the Zionists illegally Kidnapped Ernst Zundel(4)from the US, banned him from returning for twenty years handed him to Canadian authorities. He was imprisoned illegally in Canada for a couple of years in solitary confinement, without being charged with anything... They have since shipped him to Germany which is also controlled by Zionists....The Zionists are imprisoning all famous revisionists, likeDavid Irving, (6) Germar Rudolf, (7)(you may have to try to open that page several times) [or you can check out the “Institute for Historical Revisionism(8)because they have all been telling you the truth...If you understood the meaning of what the revisionists have been telling you. You would understand how the Zionists have been deceiving the world...The Zionist bankers have been the cause, financers and controllers of all the wars for the last hundreds years. Which were responsible for over 200 million deaths.

Democracy is now a complete illusion. The elections have been very easily controlled with the use of computers. Please read my article “Corrupt Canadian Elections(9)posted all over the net. I recommend you watch the Blackboxvoting HBO movie called Hacking Democracy(10)if you want more proof.

We are being controlled by every means at their disposal (when you have all the money you can do anything)...
The information I am telling you here, I am sure will not stay available on this site for long.....I will probably get banned from this site for telling you this....or much worse....you need to be just as brave as me and don't let what I am telling you be for nothing.....Prove that the United States of America really is The land of the Brave and the Free....bring your Constitution back to its original intent...Reinforce your Constitution with action...You don't know this but I have told the truth all my life, and I have paid a huge price for that...if the information that I am sharing with you is used wisely, then it will have been worth it......

The Federal Reserve needs to be shut down now.
“This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately, but the day of reckoning is only s few years removed..... The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill.”
“This is the strangest, most dangerous advantage ever placed in the hands of special privilege class by any Government that ever existed. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people's money.
--Rep. Charles Lindbergh (R-MN)

“A super-state controlled by international bankers and international
Industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure”
Rep. Louis McFadden (D-PA)

“In the United States today we have in effect two governments… We have the duly constituted Government….. Then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution”
--Rep. Wright Palman (D-TX)

‘If our nation can issue a Dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good, also. The difference between the bond and the bill is the bond lets money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%, where as the currency pays nobody but those who contribute directly in some useful way. It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30 million in bonds and not $30 million in currency. Both are promises to pay, but one promise fattens the usurers and the other helps the people”
-- Thomas Edison

“ We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled governments in the civilized world – no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by … a vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in the condemnation of it”
In 1924 just before his death he said “I have unwittingly ruined my government”
--President Woodrow Wilson

“Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and mind of men… The money changers have fled from their seats in the temple of our civilization.”
---Franklin D, Roosevelt, March 4, 1933 Inauguration speech

Here’s something I hope you will understand....In a democracy the people are supposed to own and create the money. In that way a democratic government never needs to borrow money from privately owned banks at interest....for if the people own and create their own money. They never need to borrow it at interest. You would just create what you need...The interest being charged and the federal tax is the worse corrupt scam ever pulled on the American people and civilization.(check out President Lincoln(11)and the green backs, he knew this).If you knew and understood your constitution you would realize two very important things. First the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and so is the Federal income tax. Therefore they are illegal. TheFederal Reserve(12)is a privately owned corporation. You also need to know that there is no law that has ever been passed in the US that says you have to pay Federal income taxes because it’s unconstitutional. You also need to know that all your income tax is only going to the interest. You are being controlled through the power of money. The debt can never be paid back. If you understood the whole thing you would realize just how big and corrupt the Zionist Federal Reserve is and the IRSis. The main owner of the Federal Reserve is theRothchildsout of London England. Just so you know, there is no gold left at FortKnox...you see they created money out of thin air and have used that to take the gold and shipped all the gold to London, England. (They have robbed the American people). This is not a democratic institution. Do you now understand what New World Order means?. I recommend you watch Aaron Russo’sAmerica freedom to fascism(13)or another very good documentary called The money masters(14) You can check out the three hours 1995 documentary called the "The Money Masters" if you want to fully understand the corrupt Federal Reserve at this site. It also has allot more very good information..

Through the ability to create money out of thin air or just some number in a computer. They have over time taken over and now own almost all money making enterprises. Not just including all major medias. Therefore they have altered written history and are controlling your perceptions of reality. With their propaganda.

The Great Depressionof the 30’s was created by the bankers. In August of 1929 they began to remove 40% of the money out of circulation. This caused people to sell their homes and businesses at a great loss. Where the bankers stepped in and took possession. Because they can create money out of nothing. Then they were in a position to start the system of lending money to everyone which is what ended the great depression. And has indebted everyone ever since. If you study the structure of the World Bank(15)and the International Monetary Fund. (16)You will understand that they are just a much larger version of the Federal Reserve System. Money should not be loaned through these systems. Money should only be loaned at no interest from true democratic countries that own and control their own currency.

With the ability to produce money out of thin air the US became the most powerful and evil empire to ever exist. They have spoiled the public with a false standard of living. Resulting, in everyone being happy and complaining about nothing. And with the money they control the media which is used to control people’s minds. The Zionists have spread their corrupt banking system to just about every corner of the world. Why do you think that 5% of the world’s population is able to consume 40% of the worlds resources? But now they no longer need the US. They are eventually going to produce a world currency. I am afraid that this fragile planet can not survive this insane situation. You must remember they are using the US. They use anyone anytime they want. They will even kill their own. There is never loyalty amongst the criminally insane.

So if you are really trying to understand all this remember. It is due to insanity. So how does one understand that?

Now here’s away for you to look at it. If you were at the top. You would have absolutely no concerns about anything that makes us human. No worries about, food, laundry, bills, or anything else. So what is left. Only one singular thing. Guess what that is. If you do not need to worry about controlling your own life, You control everyone else’s. It’s all about insane control…..That’s it.
No human should have that kind of control. But guess who does. The Evil Rothschild Empire out of the city of London. So I tell you now. This is not about Jews. It’s about an insane and evil situation that is out of control. The Jews have just been very welling to participate in the wealth and power as has everyone else who knows the truth and just keeps quiet. You see money really does corrupt everyone, if it’s not kept in the control of the masses (Public) and not in the hands of a very few.

It should be understood also that the US government has no money, no bank account. That means the public is enslaved to the credit system that has been created. So once you realize the government has no money than it’s easy to understand who really controls things.

The USA needs to bring the constitution back to its original intended power. And we need to clean this mess up before the world is destroyed through out of control corruption. It means that you all have to wake up and start caring about this planet and all creatures on it…

One other thing. The corporation system has to be disempowered. And the power has to be given back to the people. Then small businesses will thrive again. And people will start having heart again.

One day, if civilization survives this situation. Historians will understand that the "The protocols of the learned elders of Zion"(17)was real and was the best warning free people could of ever been given...unfortunately people are very simple and can not understand the reality of this evil document... and they are being deceived into believing that they are not real or at minimum, that anyone who believes it, is anti-Semitic. Again this is a ploy by Zionists to keep most people from ever even looking at them.

This all comes down to very simple things...people need to start caring about more than just themselves. We are all equals and wealth should be used for the good of all humans not just the few. That’s what happens in a true democracy....read your constitution and you will realize that it is already written there. Now understand that a republic is a democracy.

Sorry to give you all this doom and gloom but its time to see the light and get out of the dark...or we'll soon be in the dark ages again. I hope you are beginning to understand how bad and truly scary the situation is. For you see evil does exist and always has. But things need to stay in balance, and that is only done if GOOD people counter act evil. That especially includes; peace officers, military officers and court officers...remember the oath you swore to, to protect the constitution.....It’s now time you lived up to your oath. I now ask that all decent people rise up and make a difference. Do not blindly follow orders. Their plan for world control can never be realized without your co-operation. And those that are informed with the truth will not be fooled.

That’s what all those officers who mysteriously died in that plane crash many years ago in Gander Newfoundland Canada, were planning on doing....the government knew that the officers were making plans to fix the problem and their plane mysteriously crashed and they all died.

One day you might also discover where the street drug LSD, came from, and that it was created in a government lab, and who controls the manufacture and distribution of such...on day you might know what the purpose of the secret CIA MKULTRA(18)program that was run in Montreal Canada and the US, in the late 50's to early 60's.. Where they experimented on orphans and the homeless to create this drug. And possibly many other street drugs.They used these individuals because no one would know. LSD was then distributed to the young “Flower Power” people of the sixties. This was the beginning of the street drug problem. It destroyed a whole generation. LSD has been used by covert agents to destroy many unsuspecting people. I was a victim of one such incident. Even thatanthraxafter 911 was traced back toFort Detrick..(Biological Warfare Lab).. you would be shocked to find out that the aids viruswas created at the same American military lab....The government put out adds in the main newspapers in NY and California for healthy young gay men to participate in a drug experiment where they would be unknowingly injected with something. I think it was hepatitis vaccines that they were given. One year later in both places the Aids virus was discovered. The same thing happened in Africa. They went there and gave out 20 million free shots to black people and one year later the Aids virus was full blown...it just continues and continues.... Don’t believe the bird flu stuff. It has been shown that it does not excist. It’s just a set up so that if another virus is introduced no one will know.

Check out what investigative reporter Gary Webb(19)Wrote about the CIA and the introduction of cocaine to LA streets. Which lead to the Irancontrascandal. He was completely destroyed by the major media and then they say he killed himself by blowing the lower part of his face and jaw off. Then he miraculously stayed conscious and shot himself in the head. This happened when he was sitting in his home and was expecting the movers to walk in. After his wife and kids had left him.

Want to hear about Hurricane Katrina? Are you sure you can take anymore...well the hurricane never hit New Orleansit went in 80 miles to the east. The hurricane did its wind damage in Mississippi. There are witnesses that heard bombs go off at two am, before the levies fell over. I read an article on the net from a man who was suspicious and he dived down to the footing of one of those breeches and recovered a piece of broken concrete. He had it analyzed at a government lab and they discovered military explosive residue. You see there was a hole blown out under the footings which caused water to rush through, this undermined the footings When the water rushed through it washed the soil out...then the levies fell over...it just continues...this terrorism is being unknowingly inflicted on people all over the world. It is all part of the New World Order that no one wants. This story Very Painful Questions About Hurricane Katrina”(20)indicates that the levees failed long after the storm surge had passed. Chick

I'll give you another thought. There was a witness at the 7/7 London bombingthat said that when he was walking past the train in the tunnel in London. He looked into one of the trains that had been blown up. He saw that the metal floor was pushed up. Indicating that the bomb was placed under the train, it's the same thing with the Madridtrain bombings. It has been proven that the bombs were military ones and that the secret government intelligence agents admitted to planting them.

How about the Port Arthur massacre in Australia(21)? An eye witness said that a man dressed in black swat like clothing walked into a quaint tavern in a small crimeless tourist town. He sat down at a table near the door and put the fully automatic assault riffle on his hip and began shooting people that were dancing. The witness said that he had to be one of the best shooters on earth because he shot and killed 50 people between the eyes. He then got up went outside and there was a car approaching. He shot the engine to stop the car and then shot the passenger and driver, that could have later identified him. He then walked away and disappeared....the government later blamed the crime on a retarded man with an IQ of 60..they tried him and put him to death...This event was staged to make it easy for the government to pass an antigun law. That law says that no Australian is now allowed to own a gun. This information is what I got off the net.

Oklahoma Citybombing.
There were two or more bombs(22)found attached to the base of the pillars that were still standing that did not go off. That’s why the whole building did not fall. This information was reported by every local media that was in Oklahoma that day. Like every other terrorist incident. Videos also show that the debri was blown out onto the street from the explosion. The truth usually gets out in the very first reports. But is immediately covered up or altered.

Oh about 911. have you seen the video “Loose Change 911? (23)It’s a very good movie. But it has been produced to under mind the truth. They include a story about some kind of flash before impact. That is put into the story to discredit the impact of the truth that is being revealed in the video. And just like the “Pod” story. These things are being said because they don’t want you to actually have your attention on the plane itself. For, if you look at the plane you will see that it is a gray windowless military aircraft. That can be seen in every video. There are some videos that were taken with profession cameras that have a zoomed in super clear view showing that very clearly. There are many eyewitnesses from that day that have said exactly that. Some eyewitness were videoed that day live. That said that the plane had a big military looking decal in the front. A couple more important points. Cell phones do not work outside of cities. They only work in towns were there are cell towers. That plane flew over uninhabited terrain when they claim the calls were made. When have you ever seen any relatives from the passengers. I maybe wrong, but the only grieving relatives I ever saw or heard about were from the World Trade Buildings occupants, police and firefighters etc. Oh one more thing. Jet fuel is kerosene. It burns at a low temperature. If it was responsible for melting and weaking the steel. Then why do the steel and aluminium engines not self destruct?

The Pentagonwas hit by a cruise missile. Many witnesses testified to that on live video. Witnesses have said that there was a large passenger like airplane that did fly over the pentagon. It appears that this plane is why everyone is confused and believes it crashed in the Pentagon. This plane was used to launch the missile. So that after it flew past everyone saw smoke thinking it was the plane they saw that crashed. This also explains why no one saw a missile fly over the city into the Pentagon. There were no body parts, seats, luggage, landing gear, engines, wings, fuselage or any other part of a commercial aircraft found or seen in any of the pictures taken at the Pentagon. The videos and still pictures taken of the Pentagon before it collapsed from the fire clearly shows that. All you see is a small hole level with the ground. And no broken windows. Don’t believe those lies told about bomb proof windows. Remember when the second plane went through the WTC building? It cut through the exterior steel superstructure like it was butter. Do you really believe that those windows would of survived a 500 mile per hour impact from a huge aircraft and not break the windows. Plus we are supposed to believe that the hole (size of a doorway) that is flush with the ground is from the airplane. The nose of the plane is more than twelve feet above the ground because of the twelve foot high engines that are hanging under the wings. So the hole would have been at least twelve feet high. There would of also been two huge holes where the extremely powerful engines would of gone through the wall. Heres another thought for you. Those lamp poles they showed knocked down on the highway. Take notice that the solid thick heavy bases are still attached. That is not possible. The aluminium poles would have broken off and left the bases attached to the bolts.

About flight 93.The so called cell phone calls. It's very simple. They were impossible to make as flight 93 was flying over uninhabited areas which contained no cell towers. Eye witnesses claim that were the government says that flight 93 crashed they saw a low flying white military jet with no markings then as it flew over the tree tops many heard a huge explosion. At the so called impact site. There was an independent video crew there. They reported that there was absolutely no aircraft debris recognisable. No bodies, wings, engines, landing gears, luggage, seats, nothing. This in all recorded history of airplane crashes has never happened before where there is no visible debris.. It is considered impossible. It was also reported by media in Cleveland(24)that flight 93 actually landed there with a bomb scare on board and the plane was taken to a government hangar and all passengers were secretly removed from the plane.

We all know now that we have completely been lied to about every aspect of the Iraqinvasion. I will share with you a couple of reports out of Iraq about all those mysterious bombings. In one incident, where an individual was hired by the military to be a spotter. He was given a car that is filled with explosives. Without the driver knowing this. The driver is told to go to a predetermined location and to report back by cell phone when he arrives. The reason this story was revealed is because. The drivers cell phone did not work. So he went to a payphone and reported that he has arrived at the location. Immediately his car bomb went off and many civilians were killed. This method has been used many times.

Another incident happened early one morning when a farmer was stopped at a military check point. The driver (when asked) indicated it would take him 30 minutes to get to the market. He was then allowed to leave. A little ways down the road his young son who was a passenger. Told his father that the officer put something in the back of the truck. The father found a bomb and put it in the ditch. When he returned later that day he saw that the bomb had gone off and that many sheep were killed and the sheep herder was injured.
I would just like to add that the reason the US attacked Iraq is because Saddam Hussein started selling his oil only in Euro dollars. Now Iran has started an Iranian Oil Bourse (Which is an oil exchange center) Iran has put notice to all countries that it will be stopping the use of American currency and switching to the Euro.(25) This is the real reason the US is looking to create an excuse to attack a country that in its 5000 year history, has never been known to attack any nation. Except in self defense.

Now here’s another one. The Bombing in Bali. (26)People say that a mini-nuke went off in the middle of the street. In a downtown neighborhood full of taverns.

All these so called terrorist acts and the war on terror are all deceptions. They are done to scare and terrorize you into believing you need the government to take complete control of your lives. For your security. That is a huge lie too. They are eliminating all your civil and human rights. Its all part of their NWO plans. That have so far gone on unhindered by any truth getting in the way. For they control all the medias and all the school books and curriculum.

All indications point to John F Kennedybeing killed because he began dismantling the CIA and was in the process of shutting down the Federal Reserve. June 4th 1963 he passed a Presidential Decree, Executive order 11110(31)allowing him to create American dollars backed by silver. The law is still on the books....He had already started making the currency. If you ever see the JFK Zapruder film. Ask yourself, Why would they remove the secret agents from the back of the car. Look at the handles on the trunk that the agents held on to. There are pads attached for them to stand on. A video released on the net showed the agents being ordered off the back of the car as it drove away from the airport after picking up JFK. The agents looked absolutely surprised and questioned why. Ever wonder why there were so few spectators at the shooting location? It’s because the route was changed at the last minute. So that the car could enter slowly and into a triangulation setup.

[Please Note, This is my second updated edition. The information below I got from watching an old video of a US General being interviewed, where he clearly stated that a message was delivered to US president six months before the atom bombs were dropped. I had also got and read another article that said exactly the same thing. My experience has been that all information that is publicly released is propaganda and usually never reflects the truth. The internet is under attack. Sources of true information are disappearing off the internet. Due to covert opperations. Search engines are being filtered. I have had my computer continually hacked. I have lost all my original research articles as a result. So the information below I can not back up with proof, But, it is out there. So I have chosen to leave this information in. But I am adding this article (Hiroshima: Was it necessary?) (26)this sheds a different point of view.]

Even the nuclear bombing of Japanwas not necessary. It has been revealed that Japan had surrendered to six countries, six months earlier and that the US refused their surrender.

We have been continuously deceived, lied to and manipulated.

It has been proven that we have been lied to about Pearl Harbour, Vietnam, Iraq, USS Liberty, the holocaust, Yugoslavia,Afghanistan, TWAFlight 800, where hundreds of people saw a missile strike the plane,and more. Or how about Swiss Air Flight 111that went down off Nova Scotia Canada after it made it to the Halifax Airport and was refused landing after it declared an emergency on board. It was said that the plane was on fire. Then it turned back to the ocean where it crashed. Some say it was a huge insurance fraud. There was supposed to of been a 100 million cargo on board. They say it was never found.

These Zionists bankers are responsible for over 200 million deaths in the past hundred years. They have been destroying religions, and governments all over the world. It’s all about control of the money. Once you control the money, you can and will control everything. Then everything becomes nothing but deceptions and lies.

The US engaged in an act of war against Japan by placing a blockade around Japan and cutting off the shipping trade routes. Japan considered this an act of war and retaliated by attacking Pearl Harbour. The US knew what Japans plans were all along. The US was intercepting a Japanese spies communications with Japan. The US cleared the path in the ocean. The US deliberately made it happen. All the new second world war ships were taken will out of harms way, and all military were put on leave, so that there would be maximum deaths. This situation was created to influence public opinion so they would want the US to enter the second world war.

It is now known that the Bay of Tonkin incident pretext for going to war never happened. Korea never attacked the US ships. The US did not have any ships there at the time. The invasion and destruction of Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos was done for control of the money systems.

The Zionists have been attacking and destroying all powerful public institutions. Be they government or religious ones. Remember also that Russian communism was a creation of Zionist bankers out of New York and London

I could continue for a long time with examples. The governments and media are continuously calling anyone that is providing you with evidence as conspiracy nuts. They do this to deliberately deceive the public into believing that. So that the masses will never pay any attention to what these brave people are revealing..

Lets not forget Waco(27)where they killed all those innocent men, women, and many children. In a video. You can even see a sniper perched down in front of the building shooting anyone who was trying to get out of the burning buildings, The government started the fires. and the video also shows that the officers that entered the second floor window. Were shot by the officer that stayed on the roof and shot them through the window after they entered into the window. These deaths were needed to justify the governments actions and to keep the survivors in jail. So they could not tell their story. It seems that what was behind this is that the Waco people had a unique way of life and they lived by the full intent of the constitution. Which clearly states that the Federal US Government can not collect taxes on labour. These Waco members were doing just that. Not paying taxes. After they discovered that there has never been a law passed that stated they had to pay this tax. The Government is doing everything it can to keep this secret.

There is also The Massacre atRuby Ridge(28), and Columbine(29),

Then I could go into all the amazing inspiring famous individuals that were killed or destroyed. Like Marilyn Monroe, The Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, NikolaTesla, O’Jay Simpson, Princess Diana, and many lesser known people.

Did you know that Hitlerwas created by Zionist bankers out of New York City and London. Then they loaned him billions to rebuild Germany and the military. One of the financers was Prescot Bush. George Bushesgreat grand father. Hitler was created to do exactly what he did. He invaded all those countries so that they would fall under the control of the Zionists after the war. Hitlers final solution was to ship Jews to Israel, it was never to kill them. Did you know that there were only two political parties in Germanyduring the war. The other one was the Zionist party. Have you ever wondered how the population of Jews in Palestine went from approximately 50,000 before the war to approximately six million right after the war? The holocaust story was fabricated to use it for justification to take over Palestine. Zionist Israelwas placed in the heart of Arab countries and heavily armed on purpose. Its all part of the NWO master plan.

“The Federal Reserve Board…. Has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany that they dare not name the total.”—Rep. Louis McFadden (D-PA)

I will give you a couple more things to think about. The Catholic German people were victims. Their democracy was turned into a dictatorship against their will. The propaganda machine was very effective at getting the people to believe in and support the dictator. You also need to realize that just like in the US. The people had to fight in the military. They had no choice.
Germanywas defeated because sixty eight cities (Civilians) were fire bombed by England and the USA. For more than a year. Millions of civilians were killed. When Hitler had no more use for his powerful army he sent it to die in the middle of the coldest part of winter in Russia.

The Allied forces waited for three months to get to the prison camps. They knew that many would starve to death. That is the reason for all those infamous images of dead bodies. It was all part of the creation of the holocaust hoax.

I also read a story from a witness to the situation about the one and a half million German prisoners of war. They were corralled in fenced enclosures in winter. They were not provided with anything. No food, winter clothes, accommodation, or anything else. They were hosed down with high powered water hoses. They all eventually died. They were buried in pits and had lie spread on their bodies so no remains could be dug up later. I have never ever heard of any German prisoners ever being freed.

If you want to read about fire bombings for German cities. You can download a free e-book by David Irving. The book is“Destruction of Dresden. (30). And many other amazing WWII free pdf books.

At this time it would take way to much time to tell you the rest. Now lets just assume for the moment that you don’t believe what I have written. Which most likely is the case. Since you have been exposed to so much false information all your life. I understand just how hard it would be for you to believe what I have just told you.

My impression of events in the US at this time is that with the Patriot Act One, and Two, The Military Commissions (torture law) Act, and the more than 1000 presidential orders. The American Constitution and Bill of rights are now void….The US has been taken over. The people just don’t realize it. It is the same thing they did to Germany.

Remember that truth is always the first victim.
The bearer of truth is always ridiculed, attacked and then accepted.”

Telling the truth in times deceit is a revolutionary act”

Please feel free to copy, post, print, e-mail or distribute this article [only in its entirety]


“Power from any source tends to create an appetite for additional power… It was almost inevitable that the super-rich would one day aspire to control not only their own wealth, but the wealth of the whole world. To achieve this they were perfectly willing to feed the ambitions of the power-hungry political conspirators who were committed to the over throw of all existing governments and the establishments of a central world-wide dictatorship”-----W. Cleon Skousen 1970

“The course of Russian history has, indeed, been greatly affected by the operations of international bankers…. The Soviet Government has been given United States Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve Board… acting through the Chase Bank. England has drawn from us through the Federal Reserve banks and has re-lent it at high rates of interest to the Soviet Government… The Dnieperstory Dam was built with funds unlawfully taken from the United States Treasury by the corrupt and dishonest Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks.”—Rep. Loius T. McFadden (D-PA)

“These International bankers and Rockerfeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and columns of theses papers to club into submission or drive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government”---Theodore Roosevelt

“The warning of Theodore Roosevelt has much timeliness today, for real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state, and nation…. It seizes in its long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection. To depart from mere generalizations, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockerfellers-Standard Oil interest and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their selfish purposes. They practically control both parties, write political platforms, make catpaws of party leaders, use the leading men of private organisations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amendable to the dictates of corrupt big business. These international bankers and Rockerfeller-standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and magazines in this country.—John Hylan, Mayor of New York. New York Times, March 26, 1922

Daniel Towsey

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(5)Flight 93 Lands at Cleveland
(6)David Irving
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(30)David Irving http://www.stormfront.org/solargener...oks/index.html
(31)JFK vs. Federal Reserve
Watch this VIDEO presentation about Creation and Cure for Aids Created by USA government
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Here it is..this is it, the Patent for HIV AIds owned and created by the USA

Fifty-two years ago today, the Allies decided to make of the city of Dresden a moonscape.

This document was written with the free openoffice.orgoffice suite. You can also use the free Abiword office suite. And I highly recommend you start using Linux. The Ubuntu version is the easiest one to start with. Get it herefree for download or get the cd shipped for free to you. Its what they call a live cd. You just put it in your rom drive and boot up. It runs right off the disk without installing.
Make sure that this document does not disappear off the net. Send it to everyone. You may have to make it into a zip file and change the name of it. As the filtering computers will block it.


Copyright (c) 1997 - Ingrid A. Rimland

February 13, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Fifty-two years ago today, the Allies decided to make of the city of Dresden a moonscape.

The holocaust unleashed on Dresden had no strategic or tactical advantage at all for the Americans or the British. Dresden was one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, dubbed the "Florence of the Elbe" because of its world-renowned collection of Baroque architecture. It was known as a showplace of culture. It had no military bases, no major communication centers or heavy industry. It had no air defense. In the last months of the war, it was known as "Die Lazarettstadt" - it had been declared a hospital town. It was also known as the "Fluechtlingsstadt" - the City of the Refugees.

Norman Stone, Professor of Modern History at Oxford, wrote in the Daily Mail:

"Already, by 1944, it should have been clear to most people in the government that we would have to deal with . . . Germans once victory had been won . . .

(W)e went on bombing German cities months and months after it had been clear that we would win, and that Stalin would be as potentially deadly an enemy. Some of the bombing was just pointless. In the last days of the war, we struck at the old gingerbread towns south of Wuerzburg, where there was no military target at all . . . just refugees, women and children.

Of these acts of gratuitous sadism, the worst was the bombing of Dresden."

In the early weeks of 1945, the coldest winter in a century, Dresden was swollen with refugees fleeing the advance of the Soviet army. By then, the Soviets stood on German soil, and Ilja Ehrenburg, Stalin's Jewish propaganda demon - that monster master journalist of hate! - had for years hammered away in broadcast after broadcast aimed at the Red Army and repeated in millions and millions of leaflets: "Kill. Kill. Kill. Nobody is innocent. Neither the living, nor the yet unborn. . . " or ". . . if you have not killed a German a day, you have not done your duty to the Soviet motherland."

Now the Red Army was approaching - and by mid-February stood only 60 miles away from Dresden. Each new refugee train, each new river of wagons, trucks and cars brought fearful accounts of horrendous Soviet atrocities - murder, torture and brutal mass rapes. Hundreds of thousands of refugees flooded into the city of Dresden. The inhabitants moved closer together and took them all in, but even so, there was no room for all. Most of the refugees lived in the city's main park and in what was known as Die Altstadt - the Old Town. Weeping children lay on the cold and wet ground huddled against shivering dogs.

By then, the Allies knew the war was lost for Germany. No one in a decision-making capacity - civilian or military - believed that the German Reich could survive, much less rise to be a threat to the Allied military juggernaut.

In what can only be described as a premeditated institutional act of terror and deliberately planned mass murder, the decision was made by the British and US air force commanders at the prodding of the sadistic Churchill-Roosevelt-Morgenthau trio to exterminate these hapless people trapped utterly defenseless in Dresden.

In January of 1945, it was decided that several large cities in Eastern Germany that had escaped heavy bombing should now be subjected to "area bombing" to "wreak havoc" on German morale so as to pressure Germany to surrender sooner. Churchill himself wanted more than two cities a month razed - until none was left.

So, on Februar 13 and 14, 1945 nearly 1200 British and American bombers, followed by waves of bullet-spitting fighter bombers, conducted a triple air raid on Dresden - an aerial holocaust. The code word for this act of terrorism was "Clarion."

The first wave of bombs struck at 10 PM on February 13, 1945, dropping high explosive bombs on the Old Town to blast the roofs off buildings in preparation for incendiary devices. It knocked out the air raid warning system and caused massive destruction and death. It also destroyed the fire halls and water mains.

The next wave brought the fire. It turned the Altstadt into a howling ocean of fire - 3 miles long and 2 miles wide. Air temperatures rose to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winds up to 100 mph sucked all oxygen into the center of the storm. Hundreds of thousands of people were burned alive or otherwise fell victim to this second carpet bombing, followed quickly by a third.

Thousands suffocated in cellars as the oxygen was sucked out of the bunkers and pulled toward the blaze to feed the flames. Thousands more were hurled into the air like rag dogs and sucked by the ferocious winds right into the inferno. The air suction of the fire was so strong that it uprooted trees and lifted roofs from houses miles away.

Utter panic struck the people. Horses reared and ran into the crowds. Wild animals such as lions and tigers escaped from the broken enclosures of the zoo and ran into the terrified crowds. Huge snakes slithered between the feet of the fleeing. Hospital trains, still filled with wounded soldiers from the front, were burning and tried to pull out, in the process severing limps from young children who had sought cover from the bombs underneath. Those few who managed to escape the air attack were hounded later from the air by diving planes to kill off any fleeing survivors.

This was described in one account of the bombing aftermath as

". . . scores of Mustang fighters diving low over the bodies, huddled on the banks of the Elbe, as well as on the larger lawns of the Grosse Garden, in order to shoot them up."

When all was said and done, the column of smoke could be seen 50 miles away and stood 15,000 feet high. More than three-fifths of Dresden was destroyed by bombing raids lasting more than 14 hours. This Allied air raid left 24,866 homes destroyed, eleven square miles of prime real estate and irreplaceable cultural treasures devastated, 35,000 recognizable corpses available to be identified, and hundreds of thousands of unrecognizable ones.

How many? Nobody knows for sure. Most honest estimates range from 350,000 to 500,000 dead - many of whom were liquefied into a yellied mass that melted into the asphalt of the roads or were left in piles of ashes amid a city almost totally in ashes and ruins.

One newspaper account published in a German paper, Eidgenosse, (1-3-86) lists 480,000 dead. That count looks like this:

37,000 babies and toddlers
46,000 school age children
55,000 wounded and sick in the hospitals, including their doctors, nurses and other personnel
12,000 rescue personnel
330,000 dead simply described as "men and women."

Just think of Hiroshima. That city's atom casualties were 71,879.

During the entire war, England suffered less than 50,000 casualties from bombings.

380 persons died in bombing raids on the British munitions and aircraft producing town of Coventry, England - a raid which was declared a "German war crime".

The clean-up crews flowing in after the Allied murderers were gone could not bury all of the dead. So they took railroad ties, made an emergency grid, piled the dead on top of each other and burned them in the open air - soldiers, young and old women, boys in short pants, girls with long braids, Red Cross nurses. Babies. While all of Germany shivered for lack of fuel, these pyres burned day and night. Even concentration camp inmates helped in this macabre ritual for weeks.

The documentation of this war crime committed by the Allies, commissioned by the Hitler government in the aftermath of the Dresden holocaust, fell into Allied hands. These mountains of dead captured in the filmed footage were later edited and spliced into Allied propaganda films about "concentration camp atrocities" and were shown to the world at large as "evidence".

Next time you see one of those pictures, think hard about the source. Remember also that those who planned and ordered these raids - and, yes, the crews who carried out these raids - were and are war criminals by anyone's definition!

Many still walk the streets of England, Canada and the United States with impunity. They have boasted about their deeds for fifty years in your press and in their "Veterans for Foreign Wars" get-togethers.

While the governments and the successors of these war-time governments are still combing the geriatric wards of the Allied countries for German soldiers and their comrades-in-arms who might or might not have shot some Jewish Marxist saboteur fleeing a concentration camp, or returning fire against those who attacked them from behind bushes, rocks and bridge embankments wearing civilian clothes, think about the crime of Dresden.

Those innocents who lost their lives in Dresden were killed - not because of something they had done, but because of an accident of birth. Those who died in the Dresden Holocaust on February 13-14, 1945 were Germans.


In The Bomber Command War Diaries the basic facts of the February 13-14 Dresden raids were recounted: "796 Lancasters and 9 Mosquitoes were dispatched in two separate raids and dropped 1,478 tons of high explosives and 1,182 tons of incendiary bombs... 311 American B-17s dropped 771 tons of bombs on Dresden the next day, with the railway yards as their aiming point. Part of the American Mustang (P-51) fighter escort was ordered to strafe traffic on the roads around Dresden to increase the chaos. The Americans bombed Dresden again on the 15th and on March 2 but it was generally accepted that it was the RAF night raid which caused the most serious damage." Of the American strafing Irving noted: "British prisoners who had been released from their burning camps were among those to suffer the discomfort of machine gun attacks... Wherever columns of tramping people were marching in or out of the city they were pounced on by the fighters, and machine-gunned or raked with cannon fire."

Thought for the Day:

"Even now, it would cost nothing to say "sorry" for gratuitous sadism."

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    Thanks for this post--Most I knew, but some new information.
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    Food, supplies, water, water filter, propane cooker, oil lamps..and 4 guns.
    I don't have alternative heat and can't afford it at this time.
    If this country will kill its own for profit, they'll kill to de-populate which is being carried out now..water contamination, chemtrails, H1N1, and other ways.
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    Yes ..They want you dead is written in stone
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