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Here is how Government Corruption Works in Nova Scotia

Posted 24 Sep 2010 at 17:46 PM by danieltowsey

Here is how Government Corruption Works in Nova Scotia
(September 21 2010 My Attempted Murder Update)
Written by Daniel J Towsey, A Truth Soldier

I am writing this to update my on-line readers as to my situation pertaining to the recent serious attempt on my life. Where they deliberately drove a car over me while I was riding my bicycle.

I know for sure that I get over a million readers a year that have been reading my many articles of truth I have written and published on-line over the past eleven years.

If you have been able to read my articles pertaining to my personal life you would be will aware as to what government corruption I and many others have been victims of.

As you may know, there was another attempt on my life November 22nd 2009. Where at least four conspirators staged a vehicle accident to look like I was run over while walking across a crosswalk.

Unfortunately for them I survived. So I felt it absolutely necessary to publish the details of this event on-line.

You can read my article entitled "How to assassinate as cyclist" to get the details of the accident.

You may also read "My promise to God" to get an understanding of the depth of my thinking and some of the events I have been a victim of at the hands of those in authority.

Then I encourage you to read my lastest article entitled "Halifax Nova Scotias Connection to 911"

Previously I wrote two other related articles entitled. "Cyclist Danger Zone Sign Proposal " And "We theundersigned letter of understanding petition"

Before this latest attempt on my life. I had been reduced from being self employed and having a house, a car, A business, a Cubevan, a trailer, and a mountain bike. I had several businesses , such as "Towsey's Welding and Auto Repairs" where the police were involved in the second break in and robbery of my business. Where I lost up to 180,000 in tools and equipment when they drove a cube van in my shop and cleared it. While witnesses were calling the police and the police would not respond to the emergency call. Instead they stayed parked near by and intercepted the radio police calls telling the dispatcher everything was all right. I know this because I had several neighbour tell what had happened.

If you read my articles about my participation in a Federal Election back in 1984 in North York Toronto. Where Bob Caplan the then Solicitor General of Canada. Created Canadas secret police C.S.I.S.six months into the election campaign, And that he issued a contract on my life"

These were his words. "We will destroy you, we will make you so destitute that you will have to resort to crime to survive and when you do, we will put you in jail where we will have our fun with you"

You will get a very good idea after you read my "Corrupt Canadian Elections" article as to what has been going on and why I took the only option I had left to me and that was to go on-line and start researching, writing and publishing about these events.

Over the years I have done allot of research and published allot of articles about who these conspirators are and why they were rigging our elections.

The research I have done has opened up a whole world of corruption and I have learned exactly who, what ,where, when and how this has come to be what is termed as the New World Order and their plans to control the world through their ability to create money out of thin air.

As they have said if they control the manufacture of the peoples money over time they will be able to achieve their insane plans of controlling the world as the money controls everything.

You can read my article "Creation of the first corporation" (Worst crime in human history) to see how this has been made possible, and learn about their one hundred year plan that comes to an end at the end of on dec 21 2012. The fed was penned in 1912 not 1913

Then I recommend you read my very controversial article about what these secret society controllers have been responsible for.. Read "Are you ready for the truth?"

One more thing. I have written many articles as to the situation in Canada and what this country was about before the conspirators started rigging our Canadian elections and what we have become.

I recommend you read "Beware of the Corporate Mind" first then read "The Last Democracy""The Last Democracy is DEAD""Once upon a time there was a Canada" "The House of Commons" and "MyVisits to Ottawas Parliament"

I assure you that after you read all these you will definitely know and see what the web of deceit has woven in to the very fabric of society. I pray that you will wake up and realize that we all have to bring Truth back to the forefront of society or we will never again have Justice or Liberty.

That is what my fight for survival has been all about. It has been about the survival of this planet and all of us. I pray that everyone soon wakes up and realize that we are all going to be doomed if our future is not guided by truth.

The money masters are completely insane for they seek no truth and speak no truth.

Now I will update my readers as to my dreadful situation and what condition my health is in as a result of the recent attempted murder of me.

It will take some time for me to write this as articulately and accurately simple as I can.

My only hope in writing this is that somewhere someone will realize that if I perish, that so will the truths that I have so carefully researched and written about.

So you had better stop assuming that I am delusional...You had better do some thinking for your selves and read my articles of truth in full..

Stop using psychiatric terms to explain things..First of all psychiatry is not a science..it is just an art of deception and destruction. If you read my article "Psychiatry an Industry of Death" and then :"Who is delusional now" you will be smarter then any quack you ever meet.

I have written all my articles in very simple English and most of my articles have numerous links to articles that you can check out to verify my truth soldier writings..

So again I plead with you my readers to join me in this revolution of truth and become "A Truth Soldier"now. A truth soldier is only armed with the knowledge of the forbidden truths as I wrote in my recent article entitled "The huge learning curve to the forbidden truths"

"When the seeds of truth are sown.
The grassroots truth revolution will
blossom from the enlightenment"
Sorry for getting off topic about my situation and the government corruption here.

I will soon be uploading all my medical records and any other confidential records I have. Because I am fighting for my survival.
To this site

I need you to see all my medical records as they need to be made public because the government here is not based on truth justice and liberty. Instead it has a history of covert Freemason corruption to serve only those that are secret members.

I live in a relatively small community in Dartmouth Nova Scotia next to the city of Halifax.

Eighty percent of the people in this province of Nova Scotia with an estimated population of eight hundred thousand, derive their income from the government. This has created a very spoiled society that has no reason to care for or fight for truth. They have all been bought off. I would love them proving me wrong.

Nova Scotia receives what are called transfer payments (Handouts) from the federal government at the cost of the more productive peoples of other provinces.

That is the main reason why the French Province of Quebec has repeatedly tried to separate from Canada.

If you read my "Corrupt Canadian Elections" article you might understand why Quebecers believe the votes were rigged. And that the people of Quebec have successfully voted to separate.

I am doing all this extra off topic writing to give you my readers a good understanding as to why the local authorities are doing everything they can to silence me and have tried repeatedly to kill me.

Since my accident..I have been left with numerous serious injuries. I can barely walk with a walker. I walk very slowly. I have no social life. I spend my days imprisoned in my home.

The doctors have refused to give me any aid of any kind. That is very easy to happen as this place has a public health care system run and controlled by a very few shadowy figures.

Government officials here and in this country really believe that they are Gods and that they can do anything they want to anyone at anytime.

Will part of that is very true as the common people here have been completely enslaved to the corporations. Once you understand that since NAFTA and free trade. All our governments are now Corporations that are staffed with people with a Corporate mind. Please read my "Beware of the Corporate MInd"

All this take over of our societies has been achieved through social engineering and the corporate medias.

Since I have been deliberately injured I have repeatedly tried to see doctors about my broken back. I have done physiotherapy at Maritime Physiotherapy twice a week for the past ten months. I now have a very good understanding as to my injuries and my disabilities.

I have so many skeletal and internal injuries that I can not write all that here and now. I have two injuries to my spine at my lower neck. I also have a completely severed T8 fracture. The T8 fracture is dislocated and not in line. I discovered this when I had a massage therapist do an exploratory on me. I also have many atrophied (dead) muscles around my torso. In particular to my right shoulder area. As my right arm from the elbow up and right shoulder were crushed. My right upper arm now has a plastic prosthesis (Bone) and joint. My right shoulder blade is so damaged that the prosthesis can not sit in the socket of my shoulder blade. Leaving me with next to no use of my right upper arm.

I also lost my large intestine leaving me with serious digestion and nutritional difficulties. I have great difficulties in getting sleep. I have a hospital bed and I very often can not sleep due to pain and intestinal difficulties.

I am writing just a few of the details of some of my injuries so you the reader will understand that my injuries are very real.

My broken back makes walking very painful and difficult. I can only walk very short distances and very slowly. I walk without my walker in my carpeted apartment as the soft floor absorbs the bounce and impact that my broken back and internal injuries can not bare if I walk outside.

I need my walker to stop and sit frequently. I can not risk walking around other people as I can not maneuver around people and my condition is too delicate for me to take the chance.

Also the injuries to my torso and both my shoulders and neck makes it very difficult for me to push a four wheel walker.

I can not travel on public transit. I have tried and it is to dangerous and painful. I can not hold on to hand rails.

There is only one seat I can sit in if in a low floor bus. That is the first seat on the left as you enter as that seat has a wheel well with a small railing on the cover so that I can hold my walker in front of me with my left hand (Which by the way had four fingers cut by a table saw when I was 20 leaving me with very limited use of it) And I can barely lift my right arm on to that to hold on to that railing. I can not control my right arm so I can not let it hang down while the bus is moving. Also I can not lean back on to the seat as my fifteen broken ribs, and broken spine prevent me from leaning back on the seat.

I am writing these details here for you the reader to be witness as to the validity that I am indeed crippled and I need a mobility scooter or specially designed wheelchair to get around.

I am putting my personal lift in the public eye as I have been a public figure all through my life, from all the public businesses I have owned and operated, my political activities, The repeated times I have been in the news due to repeated acts of criminality against me by professionals.

My only recourse and defence has been to write and hope that the public eyes will afford me some justice.

As you may or may not know that any published articles are admissible in any court of law.

So you see all my writings are to provide a paper trail of evidence as to what is being done to me because I refuse to break my promise to god. And for that they now want to say that all my injuries are not real and that I need psychiatric help.

Many months ago I went to See Mark Burley of the Occupational therapy (Public as in government paid for) clinic. Where he determined that I do indeed need a mobility scooter. So all medical referals for the scooter and the confirmed documentation that I need a scooter has been provided to Economical Insurance. Mark Burley sent out requests for cost estimates for the four wheel specialized scooter I need. Mark told me that I should have the scooter by the begining of June. So I had to move to an accessible building and leave my previous apartment that was within walking distance to stores. Now I live to far from anything to go to do any shopping. Now I do not even get minimal walking exercise as there is no where for me to walk to. There is no sidewalk on my street and there are allot of hills. Plus I can not carry anything that I can not put into my walker.

As a result of my lack of physical activity I am now deteriorating at a accelerated pace.

Also we have public transit here for the physically challenged and only people with disabilities and the proper forms filled out with a medical doctor will give you a pass to use it. It is called access-a-bus

So I got my pass months ago for access-a-bus in anticipation of getting my scooter. Which I never got.
I very recently discovered that the scooter I am supposed to get does not fit on the ramp to the access-a-bus and also I just found out that I can not possibly sit on the seat in those buses as they do not offer back support and they do not any arm rests for my right arm or seatbelts.
I was led to believe that I would be able to ride my scooter on board, it would be tied down and I would be able to stay sitting in it. Just like they do for people in wheelchairs. Then I was told that the scooter would need to be out fitted with tie down q-strengths.

So now winter is coming and I have no mobility scooter..So I then advised Mark Burley that I will now need a wheel chair instead of a scooter and he advised me that he would put out the necessary requests for estimates for a motorized wheel chair.

Also I mentioned to Mark That I could still use a scooter for going out and that I am not sure if with my injuries that I would be able to actually ride the scooter. I asked Mark if there was anyway for me to get one for a few days to test out.

He said he would do everything he can to make that possible. That was only a couple of weeks ago.

Also I have for the past five months had the help of an orthopaedic company that makes braces. They have made two custom knee braces for me and one for my lower back and abdomen.

The Economical Insurance that my claim for injuries is against. Is now ignoring all reports and findings from the physiotherapists and they claim that I have no doctors willing to confirm that I need these braces or that I need a mobility scooter.

At present I can only travel by taxis which cost sixty dollars an hour. The insurance company has had to pay for my taxis for medical appointments only.

They refuse to provide me with taxis for anything else. Here in Nova Scotia we have dual automobile insurance. Their is the insurance everyone buys and with that there is the mandatory section B no fault insurance that is supposed to pay for anything that is medically necessary that the public health care does not provide, for up to four years and not to exceed 25,000 thousand dollars.

I presently live on public assistance on disability. After paying my bills I only have about one hundred dollars for everything else. I also have to pay for taxis to go out and shop. I never have enough food, I spend about $900 a year on food and even the governments own nutritionist says that a single man needs to spend $248 a month to eat healthy. So that adds up to $2975. So as you can see I am not only crippled, imprisoned but I am also being deliberately starved.

Now are you getting the idea as to why I am writing this out publicly?

The only thing extra I pay for that I can not go without is my Internet connection. I need my Internet as I am trapped in my house. Without the Internet I would give up. I have no relatives here and I only have an elderly uncle in Quebec and a brother in Toronto 1500 miles away. So as you see I have no one to help me with anything.

I have not been able to do my laundry due to both physical and financial limitations. My laundry has only been washed twice in the past ten months.

Very soon I will be in serious trouble as the snow and ice season comes. I will not be able to safely walk outside. The danger of falling could leave me paralized or dead. I could not even reach out with my arms to stop or cushion my fall.

I need a surgeon to pin my spine before it is to late and the local doctors will not even see me. If you are a doctor and think you maybe able to render me some help..it would be appreciated.

I can be contacted at thevisionary@rocketmail.com

I decided to write this update today because of an email I received from my lawyer Ronan Holland of Weldon McInnis Barristers and Solicitors. Where Economical Liability insurance company is completely dismissing all evidence as to the facts of my health situation and needs and is refusing to pay for anything.

Recently I went out to see a pain management doctor that gave me Lyrica as a trial medication. She did not advise me as to the possible very serious complications that could develop from the use of this new drug.

I went to the manufactures web-site and was totally shocked at what the doctor gave me. I was also shocked that the doctor never advised me or asked out of respect whether or not I wanted to take these risks.

So I returned to the doctor two weeks later and told her I never took these medications and that I went to the manufactures web-site to learn about it.

She made me very aware that she had never read the warnings and cared not to. I think it should be law that all doctors be forced to let the patients know about the risks (Possible side effects) and especially when the medication is not the only choice.

So I walked out and told her that there is one thing missing from the public health care system. And that is the care. She was really upset by this and told me that was uncalled for. I assured her that it was very called for.

She then called my family doctor who told me that she wanted an apology from me before she would let me return.

I told my family Doctor Dr.To that I had already told the pain doctor I would not return. I told my family doctor that I felt it was very wrong for any doctor to give out drugs and show no respect for the patient by not providing the patient with the information with which I could give informed consent. The warning information that comes with the medication.

So my family doctor gave me a really sick look and he to thinks that I am not intelligent enough to think for myself. The doctors around here all think they are gods.

I now find my self seeking for another family doctor..and around here there is almost no doctors taking new patients.

It matters not how kind and polite I am..I get treated like shit and it is all orchestrated to be deliberate.

That is why I wrote the article "No more free health care in Canada"

So this letter I have just written is being forwarded to my lawyer as a public letter.

I have repeatedly requested of my lawyer for some meetings to deal with my case and he has never responded to my requests and has never seen me since the first day that I saw him when I signed the agreement with him that he agreed to be my lawyer in this law suit against this supposed old lady.

Oh another note..The laws here are written by corporate crooks on behalf of other corporations. So it has been hinted at me that if this old lady that I have never seen dies. That my claim for damages dies to. That is another fraud. She had a fully covered vehicle at the time and I did put a claim against her insurer. So whether or not she is alive does not change the fact that the insurance was valid and paid for.

I recently asked my lawyer about the charge laid on the woman and whether she plead guilty or not. My lawyer said that he does not care about that and did not want to look into it or even talk about it.

Does that not show that my lawyer has no intention of looking out for my best interests? That means you Ronan Holland.

I told my lawyer in my last telephone conversation with him that my previous lawyer and the insurance company are very aware but are not acknowledging my telling them that the accident was a deliberate and professionally orchestrated attempt on my life.

I also told my lawyer that I wrote the article "How to assassinate a cyclist" and published it on line.

I said to him that I am shocked that some people are allowed to assassinate people in broad day light on a public street and in front of many witnesses. I asked him what has happened to our country and what has happened to our democracy that is supposed to be about Truth Justice and Liberty. He never answered me.

You may also search any of my articles title with Daniel J Towsey in the search and you will find it at many places on line. I recommend the only private search engine www.ixquick.com

A Truth Soldier Copyright Notice
You are free to republish Truth Soldier and or Daniel J Towsey articles in whole form only.
You may take quotes from it as long as you provide a link back
to the original article and you give attribution to the writer being a Truth Soldier
You are also free to print or email it in whole only acception being corporations not allowed

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