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Reward offered for Tony Blair's arrest

Posted 27 Jan 2010 at 13:51 PM by Mr X

Website Offers Reward For Tony Blair's Arrest

5 hours 55 mins ago
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A website offering a reward to people who try to arrest former Prime Minister Tony Blair for alleged "crimes against peace" has raised over £9,000 in just two days. Skip related content
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The website, called Arrest Blair, was launched on January 25 - just four days before he was due to give evidence to the Chilcott inquiry into the Iraq war.
It was created by writer George Monbiot, an environmental and political activist who has a weekly column in The Guardian newspaper.
Launching the website, he wrote: "We must show that we have not, as Blair requested, 'moved on' from Iraq, that we are not prepared to allow his crime to remain unpunished."
The website stipulates the citizen's arrest must be peaceful and that anyone attempting it will be paid a quarter of the money donated - currently just over £9,200.
It also states there must be no injuries to Mr Blair or those around him and that the incident must be reported in "at least one mainstream media outlet in a bulletin, programme or article".
Anyone claiming the reward must also prove they are the person featured in the report and come forward within 28 days of the attempt.
For people who have not carried out a citizens arrest in the past, the website offers advice on how to go about it, including handling police.
They are recommended to approach Mr Blair "calmly", and "in a gentle fashion to lay a hand on his shoulder or elbow, in such a way that he cannot have any cause to complain of being hurt".
They are urged to loudly announce: "Mr Blair, this is a citizens' arrest for a crime against peace, namely your decision to launch an unprovoked war against Iraq.
"I am inviting you to accompany me to a police station to answer the charge."
Mr Monbiot, 47, said although any arrests would be "largely symbolic" they would nonetheless have "great political resonance".
He added: "There must be no hiding place for those who have committed crimes against peace. No civilised country can allow mass murderers to move on."
:: There will be minute-by-minute coverage of Mr Blair's long-awaited appearance before the Chilcott inquiry on Friday here on Sky News Online.
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  1. Old Comment
    George Monbiot is a 9/11 gatekeeper with perfect liberal Guardian credentals.


    There is a virus sweeping the world. It infects opponents of the Bush government, sucks their brains out through their eyes and turns them into gibbering idiots. First cultivated in a laboratory in the United States, the strain reached these shores a few months ago. In the past fortnight it has become an epidemic. Scarcely a day now passes without someone possessed by this sickness, eyes rolling, lips flecked with foam, trying to infect me.
    The disease is called Loose Change......

    Even if you have seen or read no other accounts of 9/11, and your brain has not yet been liquidised, a few problems must occur to you. The first is the complete absence of scientific advice. At one point the presenter asks “So what brought down the Twin Towers? Let’s ask the experts.” But they don’t ask the experts....

    The failure of the Twin Towers has been exhaustively documented by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Far from being impossible, the collapse turns out to have been inevitable. The planes cut some of the support columns and ignited fires sufficient to weaken (but not melt) the remaining steel structures. As the perimeter columns buckled, the weight of the collapsing top stories generated a momentum the rest of the building could not arrest. Puffs of smoke were blown out of the structure by compression as the building fell......

    The film’s greatest flaw is this: the men who made it are still alive. If the US government is running an all-knowing, all-encompassing conspiracy, why did it not snuff them out long ago? There is only one possible explanation. They are in fact agents of the Bush regime, employed to distract people from its real abuses of power. This, if you are inclined to believe such stories, is surely a more plausible theory than the one proposed in Loose Change....
    Many of those who posted responses on Comment is Free contend that Loose Change (which was neatly demolished in the BBC’s film The Conspiracy Files on Sunday night) is a poor representation of the conspiracists’ case. They urge us instead to visit websites like 911truth.org, physics911.net and 911scholars.org, and to read articles by the theology professor David Ray Griffin and the physicist Steven E. Jones. Concerned that I might have missed something, I have now done all those things, and have come across exactly the same concatenation of ill-attested nonsense as I saw in Loose Change. In all these cases you will find wild supposition raised to the status of incontrovertible fact; rumour and confusion transformed into evidence; selective editing; the citation of fake experts; the dismissal of real ones. Doubtless I will now be told that these are not the true believers: I will need to dive into another vat of tripe to get to the heart of the conspiracy.
    first published in the Guardian February 6 2007

    as if that wasn't enough
    February 20 2007
    Having spent years building up my left-wing credibility on behalf of my paymasters in MI5, I’ve blown it. I overplayed my hand, and have been exposed, like Bush and Cheney, by a bunch of kids with laptops. My handlers are furious...

    Why do I bother with these morons? Because they are destroying the movements which some of us have spent a long time trying to build........

    the 709 ripostes to Moonbat's original batty piece which so stung him [else he didn't need to defend himself] are here
    Posted 4 Nov 2014 at 08:52 AM by felixfelix felixfelix is offline

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