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    the pentagon - what really really happened

    in a nutshell: plane approaches in a hard right bank, begins to bank left, as it does lightpoles (rigged at bases) fall simultaneous to the banking, though the poles are NOT hit by the wings. some sort of grey smoke also goes off (witnessed and mentioned by at least morin and probst but maybe others). explosions begin as plane is in the act of banking left. this move is described as a "cartwheel" by some, while to others it appears the plane (wings not fuselage) scraped the ground. like i said, these are fooled witnesses, tricked by a literal illusion. so they dont need to be debunked as much as deconstructed.. so the plane exits over south parking, banking left. mimicking an outbound dca flight, it ascends north by nw, using the typical commercial outbound upriver path. it is not n64aa though. that plane disappeared over wv/ky/oh border. this plane, has aa livery and is silver (reflects surfaces hence the varying colors attributed to it). as long as it is not caught at the scene and followed until unboarded, it is basically home free. but as a fail safe contingency if intercepted, this plane has a different tail number and likely zero passengers - just a crooked air america flight crew (seems like AA is crawling with them - usaf guys from nam). ironically, the fact is they were intercepted, chased by a helicopter (the one that usually sits parked at the penta-helipad) but it obviously could not keep up. there are some hints in an interview which allude to it, BUT radar stamps for the chopper, PROVE IT! more later...
    Posted 23 Mar 2019 at 06:10 AM by 22205 22205 is offline

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