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Interracial Marriage --- What About the Kids?

Posted 5 Dec 2009 at 17:50 PM by livelywoodsprite

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[I]This has been really bugging me for some reason. [/I]

I suppose that this might be one thing that irks me because it is in principle the reiteration of an ill-formed argument made for "both" sides. Another thing is that people make a serious matter trite with their inane and disingenuous comments.


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I can't possibly go into genetics, anthropology, paleontology and the history of the world here, but this is where [B][I][U]I stand[/U][/I][/B] on the matter:

[I]There actually can't possibly [B]BE[/B] such a thing as interracial procreation. [/I]


We ARE all variations of [B]ONE RACE - [COLOR=#FF8000][I]HUMANS!!![/I][/COLOR][/B] Interracial relationships would be, say, [I]goat[/I] and human. I can't believe that nonsense still spouts from the mouths of actual sentient people. We are all one "race" - I mean, it's not like we're talking inter-species relationships. Yes, I [B]WOULD[/B] have a problem with someone wanting to marry and procreate with, say, [I]a gibbon[/I]. But another human? WTF?


I have freckles and hazel eyes. My partner has no freckles and blue eyes. Should we not marry because there is a clear difference in our recessive traits? What is the difference between that argument and the other? I mean, you can still ask the question - "what about the children?" - [I]What if she has freckles and someone teases her?[/I] Have I done her irreparable harm bringing her into the world where someone may still believe that freckles are marks of the devil? If you think that is ridiculous, examine why skin color would be any different!

Social customs come and go like tides, they ebb and flow with the politics and religious ideals and customs of the landowners to the disenfranchisement of the serf classes. The variation in color is incremental and inconsequential. Skin color - eye color - body size - I mean, are pygmy/giant relationships inherently wrong? Can deaf people marry hearies?


[B][I]Sincerely, children today have enough to deal with.[/I][/B]

Adults don't need to exacerbate already ridiculous circumstances by defying common sense!

I mean, how do you say that a dark Mediterranean Italian or Greek is and different in coloration or lineage than a northern African with light skin? They share genetic lineage separated only by politics. They shared trade routes and spouses for hundreds of years. By definition, if you really want to make that an issue, everyone south of the Rhine is Mulatto to some degree.


And if it isn't about skin color, but more about culture, then PLEASE!! We have all at one time or another been a subjugated culture at some point in history, and it is ridiculous to suppose that any part of history or genetics would make it so the SKIN COLOR of a person indicates anything about his potential as a human, let alone the politics of dead ancestors, or the products of mixed languages and customs.


Citing the well-being of the children and seeking to protect them from other malicious HATERS is marginally thoughtful, but overall more a statement which resounds deeper than bigotry and speaks to the deficiencies of culture which we suffer as a nation. When potentially maliciously labeling a child with a degrading name is of greater concern than whether he has art supplies or has to share a 30 year old history book with 2 other children, or worry about guns in his classroom or domestic violence or any of the myriad of other possible traumas that infect [B][U]OUR COLLECTIVE CULTURE WORLDWIDE[/U][/B] - [B][I]that[/I][/B] says to me that this person has somehow lost sight of the priorities of his life, and has perhaps forgotten his own universal experience that strength is earned through surviving slights and mild suffering, and serves to bolster the next generation's moral code according to the exploitations they face so that they can rise triumphantly over greater obstacles.


Yes, this man was wrong. Yes, we SHOULD cry out in indignation. But people, please, not because biracial children are "pretty" - [B]GOOD GOD![/B] Of what value is a green eyed beautiful dark-skinned child who has [I]no soul, no hope, no strength, no culture or education and can not appreciate the circumstances in which he lives?[/I] Do not justify the complexity of any marriages on the basis of the potential beauty of offspring. This is as equally misguided as the original statement, and is simply a well-camouflaged form of bigotry!


[B][I][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=7][I]We are
all one people. [/I][/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B]

The sooner we unite and stand together, the stronger we will be against the impending natural challenges facing us.
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