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    Posted 26 Apr 2011 at 09:33 AM by danieltowsey danieltowsey is offline
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    My Sleeper Muscle Car

    Yes as the song says..Those were the days my friend

    Thanks for your great comment..I loved it..wow what a ride you had..

    Now all there is is full sized dinkie cars..
    Posted 26 Apr 2011 at 09:29 AM by danieltowsey danieltowsey is offline
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    2getherwestand's Avatar

    My Sleeper Muscle Car

    The good ol' days.Oh ya,i remember them.In 78 when i graduated HS i bought a 70 Chevelle.Nothing fancy.307 V8,2bbl carb,2 speed automatic,bench seat,stock exhaust.When i traded it in,it had a 396 big block,Holley 650 double pumper carb,Edelbrock aluminum high rise intake,3 speed automatic with a floor shift,bucket seats and,rear air shocks,2 1/2" headers,thrush hush mufflers that rumbled right under the front seats,18" wide rear tires,slightly over stock racing cam,the guy that built it was a genius at big block Chevies.

    It was fast,quarter mile,and the rpm's would never top out full throttle.It would actually bury the speedometer past 120 and on around back to 0.By then the front end would start floating and it was scary.I loved that car.But as what comes with the territory,after i got my first speeding ticket,(60 through a 35 zone),the cop gave me a break because i was out of the car and waiting with license in hand before he even caught up to me.

    He told me i was actually going up to 70 in some places.Up a steep grade with lots of very sharp turns.

    It would have been wreckless driving if he wrote me up for that top speed.of 70.I used to love going cruising downtown Reno Nv. and race the POS late 70's Camaros.They didn't stand a chance.Yup,fast cars,hot chicks,rock and roll,good parties.The younger generation has no idea,and they think they are cool,living in cool times.
    Posted 25 Apr 2011 at 06:19 AM by 2getherwestand 2getherwestand is offline
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    Are you ready for the truth

    Thanks for this post--Most I knew, but some new information.
    I have no faith in this country or its leaders; my faith is in God.
    I do store essentials for what's coming...don't know how much it will help.
    Food, supplies, water, water filter, propane cooker, oil lamps..and 4 guns.
    I don't have alternative heat and can't afford it at this time.
    If this country will kill its own for profit, they'll kill to de-populate which is being carried out now..water contamination, chemtrails, H1N1, and other ways.
    Posted 15 Oct 2010 at 20:44 PM by judy hulsey judy hulsey is offline

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