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One insult that really peeves me to no end.

Posted 5 Dec 2009 at 17:59 PM by livelywoodsprite
Updated 6 Dec 2009 at 23:55 PM by livelywoodsprite

[LIST][*] [B][URL="http://livelywoodsprite.xanga.com/714318785/one-insult-that-really-peeves-me-to-no-end/"]One insult that really peeves me to no end.[/URL][/B]

I have a rather modest life. I keep to myself. In fact, I am geeky and a loner. [ I like my computer because it is always predictable and honest,and even when it tries to deceive me out of some misguided viral infection, I can redeem it rather efficiently. ] People are tricky.

One thing really peeves me, and has been a big issue with me lately since I went on a "find old friends, relatives and classmates" thing, and dinged a few relationships in the process of weeding and culling the chaff. Many times when I re-connect with someone online, or meet someone new, regardless of the circumstances - in some form I am usually asked by males 1. if I am single, 2. to reveal my breasts on cam, 3. to have sex with them. [B][I][U]Ridiculous![/U][/I][/B]

What is this stupidity that leads ANYONE to think that someone [basically a stranger] is going to jump into bed with someone for sport? That I would betray my relationship for a meaningless physical momentary indulgence, even on cam . . . for anyone . . . I mean, where is the sense of integrity here? Seriously, if I tell them I am engaged, it is like waving a red flag challenging them to try even harder to get what they think they want. I DO NOT DO THIS, nor do I do anything that would lead anyone to believe I am "into" internet relationships of this kind.

I kind of find it insulting if people ask to see a photo of me before they know anything about me. I think that who people are is way more important than what they look like. I know the rest of the world operates differently, but it really is reactions like this that re-enforce my reclusive behavior.

A special note to those of you who somehow feel that this statement is a secret wish to have an illicit fling with a stranger - it will just get you blocked if you even ask, so do not bother. I have a real life, and I am very satisfied with the state of my very real sex life. And if I really wanted a specious sexual encounter of the 5th kind, I certainly know how to get what I want without having to show nipple on cam.[/LIST]
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