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Dispensational Survey of the Bible (Brief) Matthew through Philemon (Part 1)

Posted 16 Oct 2009 at 02:08 AM by Phil Jayhan (The Last American)

Originally Posted by Phil Jayhan View Post
The "New Testament" survey is so good, and so concise, I thought I would put it up, so people will read it through. It is about 4 minutes of reading. And this 4 minutes can undo 50 years of bad doctrine, learned over a lifetime. I highly suggest this website for new believers, and older believers who have been taught creeds and false doctrine their entire lives. To some of you, these truths will be precious, and still by others despised, because they are the truth. All I can say is I would
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Be cool - it's 'normal'

Posted 12 Oct 2009 at 18:27 PM by consulting

What we are experiencing is totally normal.
Since mankind is existing the human beings are divided in "above" snd "below". There are wolves (also wolves in sheep's clothing) and packs. Also wolves above wolves - and wolves above the above-wolves. Finally it ends in a little pride of super-wolves who dominate the central institutions that dominate the world.

The world did not function in another way since Adam and Eve.

Your personal way out...
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then there were three

Posted 11 Oct 2009 at 12:44 PM by 2brnot2b

here's a pictoral of my journey to "Life in a Northern Town" Oct 7-10, 2009

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uncommon sense thus becomes common.

Posted 11 Oct 2009 at 08:31 AM by 2brnot2b

Looking back at the moments preceding this moment I get a sense of unreality as life becomes as uncommon as the moon setting and the sun rising. These things we know to be true, the rest not so much.
What shall we call this episode of the "Twilight Zone?"

To be continued...
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My blog is live

Posted 11 Oct 2009 at 01:28 AM by firetown

I will be posting more in the next few weeks. I am also posting on http://www.firetown.com

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