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Another 9/11 Passenger Found? Could this be a passenger from Flight 11?

Posted 22 Mar 2010 at 01:13 AM by Phil Jayhan
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Originally Posted by Phil Jayhan View Post
Whats in a "Carefully Prepared Alias?" Is Mike Rivero, John Wenckus from Flight 11?
by; Phil Jayhan

Mike Rivero worked for NASA for 25 years as a photo analyst. The passengers from the 4 flights on 9/11 disappeared while in custody of NASA & the FAA, not where we were told they died on 9/11. See here for the documentation of this; Mike Rivero has attacked the evidence of flight 175 since I came into 9/11 with ad hominem attacks, and never once offered a professional analysis of the pod on 175, or any of the many other things obviously wrong with 175, when he could easily have done so. Rather Rivero attacked it and letsroll website mercilessly with ad hominem attacks. Mike Rivero also placed my home phone number and address on the front of his website saying I was a FEMA agent here to destroy 9/11 truth. Him and his best friend and pal, Alex Jones, both did this together. Why would they use such tactics? What were Mike Rivero & Alex Jones afraid of?

Mike Rivero also believes, and attacks all others who don't believe as he does;

1. Rivero believes a commercial plane with passengers hit the pentagon
2. Rivero believes commercial airliners with passengers & hijackers hit the WTC

Obviously anyone who is part of 9/11 and is so wrong on the issue of a passenger plane hitting the Pentagon as well as being wrong about commercial planes hitting the WTC, simply cannot be trusted. However, there appears to be some more compelling reasons on why not to believe anything Mike Rivero says;
I do not know if this is Mike Rivero. But it sure as hell looks like him with a little more weight and glasses. No other pictures of John Wenckus are available and John Wenckus appears to be nobody, with no apparent history or anything prior to 9/11. After your done checking this material out, please see what many people believe is Barbara Olson, back from the grave of 9/11. Click here for the Barbara Olson - Dead or Alive thread;

So is this Mike Rivero and did he play the part of one of the passengers on 9/11? The picture with the glasses is the picture of John Wenckus. I have to point this out because most people see no difference in the photos.

The guy with the glasses & tie is JOHN WENCKUS, alleged passenger of Flight 11. The "only picture" available of this man. All others are of Mike Rivero.

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