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What Now? Seen on radar by thousands today over Australia. What is going on?

Posted 6 Mar 2010 at 04:33 AM by Phil Jayhan

Originally Posted by Phil Jayhan View Post
This is damned bizarre! A must see! I got this link from Rico in lets roll chat. And didn't want to lose this information because this is so damned bizarre! See what you guys can make of this. That large round wheel with the red star in the center is, by the way, real and showed up on radar. Whaddya all think?


What Now? Seen on radar by thousands today over Australia. What is going on?

Anonymous details received today and new images seen by thousands.
Select the image below.

January 22, 2010.
Colin Andrews

Original link:

I have received E-mails from all over Australia today reporting this rather extraordinary feature captured on the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology radar site. This follows a series of so far u-explained features seen on Australian national radars since the 15th. For a while radar from the Melbourne Airport facility was out of action ( see below). Another strange ring appeared today over the South East of the country as seen below.

Today has been very lively surrounding this debate over what some are suggesting are weather modification experiments now under way over huge country. I have received data also today that shows the HAARP facility has been ramped up (see their own monitoring data below).

One anonymous source sent me details that he claims to account for the large ring which started this article, that which appeared on the 15th. I would not normally publish material from anonymous sources but in this
occasion somehow it seemed right that I should.

Below some of the e-mails today that people who were good enough to let me know what they were seeing on the national radar in Australia.

E-mails received today
January 22, 2010.

The Melbourne Airport radar shown out of action on January 18th 2010.

Two bizarre features seen on radar over the North West and South East of Australia today ( Jan 22, 2010)

The ring over the south east appeared approximately 30 seconds before the bizarre red star over the north west.

This is Weather Modification

Hi Colin,

This is weather modification. Best source of info is:


From what I have been able to determine there is one of these scalar wave emitters in every capital city in oz, plus tocumwal, halls creek, mackay, alice springs, sth of the gulf, broome and some town or military base sth east of perth plus I'm convinced they have a portable device that is used frequently. What is more incredible and unbelievable is the view of the sky from anywhere within the range of these things when there is the visible action from the electronic manipulation and/or the aerial onslaught by aircraft. Enjoy the attachment and I'll send more info when I have more bandwidth available!

tj Interesting follow up E-mails HERE


name = Jurgen S
email =xxxx known
comments = Dear Mr Andrews,

I have some interesting images taken from the Australian Bureau of Meterology website which are very very similar to the ones in your story dated 18th January 2010 and headed "There is very strange weather happening here - please check"

The images i caputred (using microsoft snipping tool) however were taken on the 13th February 2009, still in Western Australia but much further north with the centre of the circle being i believe being the Halls Creek radar facility...or could be touch further north at the Wynham facility.

The initial story in regards to this so called weather anomaly i encountered via this website, which links back to your website and subsequent story...


You can imagine my surprise when i saw the image and recalled the images i captured nearly a year ago now.

Kind regards


Name: Known
Look and listen to this..... HAARP was ramped up for two days right before the quake in Haiti (3 images)

The HAARP Induction Magnetometer readings were provided by Prof. Kanji Hayashi of the Department of Earth and Planetary Physics, University of Tokyo. 3 minutes long...

The large ring of black radiating spokes, centered upon a 'Ruby Red Star'
feature as seen today over the north west of Australia is an odd one. Ive been an amatuar meteorologist now for 40 years and have spent countless hours looking at weather data from satelliotes and radar sceens and have never seen such a feature before. I have sent questions to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology asking for comments, a site by the way which is as good as they come on the subject. I will report back what they have to say.

Closed as of 1630 hrs US eastern time, January 22, 2010.
Colin Andrews

Is this one of the new signs of change
we could have anticipated during such
significant transition?

What is HAARP ?

Many people have written
about the phenomenon

What is HAARP ? and NEW developments select >>
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    It could provide an answer to Psalm 2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens will laugh: The Lord will have them in derision. I have heard that haarp can create mass confuscion of the minds of the people and can be used in mob control or a substitute for Martial Law. One thing is sure when Satan takes the reign for 7 years none will be able to stop his design upon mankind except Christ Himself.
    Posted 8 Mar 2010 at 21:09 PM by spanner spanner is offline
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    Satan does NOT EXIST! Forget that crap!
    Posted 28 Oct 2010 at 04:56 AM by crispy crispy is offline

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