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Now all of a sudden a 9/11 stairway kid hero emerges

Posted 28 Jun 2017 at 22:00 PM by tier4
Updated 28 Jun 2017 at 22:23 PM by tier4 (correction)

Originally Posted by gl69m View Post

Hope you don't mind me asking, and I'm sure some other people here will too;

How do you come by your knowledge ("fact check") that this statement
"The "9/11 stairway kid hero" story is TRUE - and the people in the video clip were actually exactly who they presented themselves as."
is the truth? So you know that they're not crisis actors (right)?

Or another way of asking, do you know any of the people in the story (personally, or even acquaintance)? and btw, who are you?

I have been on this forum for almost a year, and had not seen this story yet, till your post tier4. So you just recently seen this story here and decided to post a brief visit because of a 10 years old hero/child story? And you probably won't tell us who you are. My name is Glen, what's your first name? Look my profile up and some of my posts, and you'll know who I am.

May ask another silly question tier4 (of which of course I don't expect any real answer ); Do you believe every story/hero of 9-11? All are true, none could be made up? Just askin'.

Yeah some parents out there are really horrible, this is true. I watched the Fox video reunion, Anthony (Deblase) claimed the mother was ahead of the boy (didn't say how far), but he claimed she looked back to see her son (then 9 year old), and Anthony assuaged her fears for the boy by gesturing to her that he was taking care of him, leading him out, holding the boy's hand. I personally would echo Paula's statement in the OP as a parent myself,

from Paula
especially leave him to the care of some man (surly a stranger) in a huge building seemingly in crisis and panic that had to be evacuated?? IMO the hero (cuz it was 9-11 for goodness sakes!!) parabol/paradigm has been invoked way too many times, feel good stories of course, just because it was 9-11; right.

Hello and thank for your reply / questions.
I noticed the dates on thread and didn't know if it would even get read but just decided to post anyway, pretty much exactly as you suggested!

And also, as you guessed - the basis for my statement is personal knowledge, from years of personal relationships with some of the folks in the news story. And i didn't think your questions were silly, especially considering that (from what I gather) much of the content of the site is around questioning these type of stories - which I think is a smart/ responsible thing to do! If we believed everything fed to us, we would be in pretty bad shape - at least I think I would.

And to answer your specific question, I don't believe all hero stories, and also know (second hand) of a couple of stories from that day that were fabricated by individuals, similar to what I am still hearing in my home state of NJ after Sandy - i.e. financially motivated tales for insurance payouts etc.

Also, regarding the doubts about the mother/son separated plausibility, I can only say that it was mass exodus - stampede of people all pouring down the stairs and may have been physically impossible to get ahead of the traffic to catch up - and for the man or the boy to wait, or stand still, they would surely get trampled. They reunited on the 2nd floor when the man and boy waited up

But just to reiterate, I only wanted to (and only feel I am in a position to) comment on this particular thread as I can confidently share what I know to be true. Anything else would just be my opinion, but I may peruse the site and offer some opinions as I do find the dialogue interesting.

Thanks again, pls know I mean no disrespect to any of the posters in addressing this thread - it's just not one of 'those' stories so I wanted to share - i know I may not have answered all of your questions but hope I clarified my reason / intention for posting.
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    Truthissweet's Avatar
    Executive Brian Clarke's Eurobrokers story is bs. I live about 2 1/2 miles from Raymond Metz' aunt. Raymond worked at Eurobrokers. Funny she won't talk about it. She lives in a rundown house. She just learned to drive a couple years ago at age 70 or so. Her daughter lives next door. She is married to a Turkish man. They live in a faded brick house built say 70 years ago. Why am I relating all this? I think Ray is alive. Ray's parents are from my area and they live in Cleveland OH area. No one wants to talk about Ray. They used a shitty black and white college picture of Ray. CNN has only a candle for his tribute instead of the shitty college picture. Nothing against you Tier, but the whole premise of your blog is bs. Show me proof of a mass exodus. Why didn't you reply in a post instead of using a blog?
    Posted 29 Jun 2017 at 16:41 PM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline
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    gl69m's Avatar
    Yeah, I echo what Truthissweet is saying here, specifically "the whole premise of your blog is bs. Show me proof of a mass exodus."

    I too was curious about why the blog response to my post, instead of in the thread. Hell, with my (sometimes) lackadaisical observation, I almost missed your blog, except for tier, you are so brand spanking new, with only one post, and then there is that shiny little blue underlined 2 there on the side profile;


    Join Date: 27 Jun 2017

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    that caught my eye, and I saw your blog, and Truthissweet's comment today (at work on my phone).

    Anyways, it never ceases to amaze me, that if 9-11, and all these stories had at least a little credibility, that "people" (like you tier) who claimed to know somebody; why scared shitless to put up even a glimmer of evidence of any "reality" of your connection to the named "heroes'; or further evidence of the claims of their stories. What you have put here, in the thread and the blog, is an anonymous op ed opinion letter, nothing more.

    Why don't the 'heroes' come here to defend themselves and their stories? What are they afraid of here, in this little ole' forum. Facing real skepticism, that is asking for real evidence? Just more of those things in life that make you go Hmm...
    Posted 29 Jun 2017 at 23:16 PM by gl69m gl69m is offline
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    Truthissweet's Avatar
    And when someone comes here like Scott Forbes to say he will answer questions, they really are checking out the remaining interest in their 9/11 story. Scott was piggybacked by Silverback. Scott, an IT guy, couldn't even figure out how to upload his images to the forum. I offered to upload his picks to my Postimage account. That was 'too difficult' for an IT guy, lol. Phil confirmed that it really was Scott Forbes. Dr. Fubar presented a video that showed power was available at WOTW on 9/9, when Scott claimed a powerdown. Scott quit replying.


    In this thread is something I saw in the 9/9 video that no one has caught so far. See if you can find two things that stand out....
    Posted 2 Jul 2017 at 10:51 AM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline
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    gl69m's Avatar
    Hey Truth, how many guesses do I get. One thing that stood out real strange to me, after watching that video on my PC instead of my phone:

    The opening (probably less than 1 second of the video, gotta be quick on the pause button to catch it!);
    The camera is pointing out the right back passenger of a car window, scenery is possibly NYC? Looks like there is glass between front and back, is it a cab or a police cruiser? I can see text on the glass (possibly reflection from dashboard police style scanner?), it's hard to make out. I see for sure though, looks like

    "BE19 COMPLAINTS", after that, not sure but I think "212 (or 912?) NYC TALK (not sure about TALK)"? 19, like 19 'highjackers' ?
    The camera date in white at right corner shows 09.09.2001 throughout the video; there is no seconds ticker.

    A few other things I'll guess, at about 00:52 thru 00:57, in the restaurant, you see a black guy (who resembles Harry John Roland's alleged nephew Timothy Ward?): and a white dude in glasses, kinda looks like Scott Forbes (well not too much), or maybe George Sleigh or Bob MclVane (or his supposed son maybe??)? I'm probably really reaching there I bet!

    There is people on top of the South Tower roof visible at about 01:00. There is a boat race going on, and at about 1:44 you start to see clouds that look like storms appearing I think in the southwest (inland). They show some choppers flying really low, probably covering the boat race with cameras (I'm guessing).

    I got more guesses, there probably not it though. Let me know how I did on the quiz, if I got at least one out of two, or none at all, or both!

    Odd little video I think, didn't show anything in the lobby or elevators either.
    Posted 4 Jul 2017 at 02:20 AM by gl69m gl69m is offline
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    Truthissweet's Avatar
    From gl69m:
    A few other things I'll guess, at about 00:52 thru 00:57, in the restaurant, you see a black guy (who resembles Harry John Roland's alleged nephew Timothy Ward?): and a white dude in glasses, kinda looks like Scott Forbes (well not too much), or maybe George Sleigh or Bob MclVane (or his supposed son maybe??)? I'm probably really reaching there I bet!
    The black waiter was one thing I saw. There are people on roof of other tower in white clothing. I contacted person who made that video. Something to post on 9/11.....
    Posted 10 Jul 2017 at 10:12 AM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline

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