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Oombada - Master of the House

Posted 28 Feb 2010 at 23:18 PM by spanner

Master of the House

Remembering is what I do , how could I forget?
Debts had encompassed me and consumed my financial wherewithal. I had no where else to go or turn unto, and believe me I tried. I had heard for years about this man, plan or institution - I still remain in it's mystery, that is, the identification of the "system" itself. Was the system, the government? I don't know, but what he (for a lack of a better identity) does or did I can attest unto. They had titles, you know, and before I understood, so too did I. I knocked on the door, and asked the Appearance, if I might but speak to the one in charge. As we walked, I was brought to notice what a huge place - not exactly a house - but how huge it was and so magnificent. He wasn't a big man nor small, just average, strong, but yet meek, as though he realized the potential of his own power and authority and yet he remained very courteous and humble.

"I am so thankful you came, you honor me with your presence, and I see you are the designee?"

The Appearance nudged me and stated very lowly "You are the designee."

Yes, I the Designee, have come before you to ask of you a tremendous favor, for I have this great debt which even now seems too much for even a Designee, such as myself to bear, I would also ask if I may, what Sir, might I call your name?

"I am the Master of the House, you may but, simply call me House, for I perceive you too have come a very long way and it is yet a short distance you seek."

It seems a long way still, Mr. House, though you know better than I on such matters.

"Designee you may call me, but "House" and not Mister, as it bestows much too much honor, and I think we are to be friends, are we not?"

Yes, yes, it is truly a friend I need.

"Tell me designee, what is it you wish or desire of myself; how might I serve you?"

O but, House, it is I that would serve you, for I have acquired much debt and owe much to my fellows that I cannot pay.

"Designee you have come to the right place, for it is with much pleasure for us to eliminate all debts of the seeker such as yourself."

House, I know all the debt is my fault and I intend to never have another debt charged unto me, and I will assume full responsibility to not do so much as one farthing to my person.

"Designee, I take, that you say - as a promise - your intent is to never to have incurred another single debt for the rest of your life?"

Yes, House, that is my intent.

"Is this a kind of promise you are making to yourself, or to the Master of the House?"

Well, I suppose, as it would be to my benefit, Sir, to incur or not incur debt would only benefit myself, but a promise - that I am not sure.

"Well stated, designee, for I am aware you have an illness beyond your control, so a promise, irregardless of your best intent, would perhaps, end as a lie. As a matter of concern, even your statement that you would not incur more debt, would that too be for your personal benefit and might your illness also prevent your words to be the truth?"

Yes, I can see now House that you are not new to this endeavor and pretense, is but folly for myself.

"Your words, designee show much for wisdom, so I would ask of your statement of intent not to incur debt, do you wish to withdraw the statement?"

Yes, House, I do, for I realize it was my pride that spoke in haste perhaps House I might re-state my intent?

"Say on, designee, how might I serve you?"

House, I cannot afford much, I am but a designee of meager means, but perhaps, a percentage, a down payment if you will, might it be in order between two good friends?

"Designee, I have many friends, all of whom are broke, if you will, with nothing they came to the Master of the House and I will tell you they have gained much"

House would a payment to begin, suffice for a gain, also as they?

"I would ask of you designee, for you have traveled far and again as much, would the Master of the House benefit from such a meager down payment as you purpose - look around you designee, was this place built by such a paltry amount or perhaps, designee, would this not be a form of relief, of guilt or conscience on your part, and an attempt to place the Master of the house into your debt and make Him indebted unto you for further collections?"

O no, House please forgive me my contempt, I did not travel this long of a journey to purchase the indebtness unto myself, that of the Master of the House, how foolish my words and how erroneous my desire, what then do you purpose, what then shall I do, for I the Designee have much debt?

"Designee your debt has stolen your conversation, and I hope not your heart or soul, you have yet to ask me of this great house or make inquiry as to the identity of the Master of the House, and what He can do, and indeed does perform, you seem consumed by your debt and I do know and realize how great a debt you have incurred, we embarked upon this conversation as I would serve you, your reply, however, was to serve me, how might I ask Designee, how would or could you serve me?"

I was haste, House, as I find myself to quick to speak of "serve" and it would be me, that my servitude would apply, it was this debt that had blinded me so and fumbled my words across my tongue and parted my lips in foolish gestures at best. You were so kind House to offer to serve one as boldly arrogant as myself, what then I would ask, House, what is my question and more importantly what is my course of action? Seems I stand before you House a Designee most empty, what is my course of action?

"The question, Designee, you fully know, the course of your action is again an error of one's self. My friends came unto me with nothing - nothing to offer and nothing to gain, but they stand at this very moment wealthy, beyond measure. Designee you have much debt and you have traveled very, very far, and it remains but a short distance for you to go - I hope your destination you find, for it is but a short distance."

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