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Demolition How were the buildings destroyed?

Jim Duensing: First Articles About Demolition Physics

Posted 24 Jul 2020 at 14:03 PM by misom


We Must Honor the Victims

Quote: "How did each tower implode?

Demolition experts will tell you that towers are the most difficult buildings to bring down in a controlled manner. A tower tends to fall like a tree, unless the direction of its fall is controlled by directional charges.

Each Trade Center tower was perfectly "smokestacked" - its fall was completely contained by the boundaries of its foundation. This could...
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Jim McMichael: First Articles About Demolition Physics

Posted 24 Jul 2020 at 13:00 PM by misom

Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics!
Two parts, originally published on October 21, 2001 on the Newsgroup: soc.culture.usa (PDF available) and American Patriot Friends Network apfn.org, later saved on serendipity.li (PDF part 1 and part 2) http://911review.com/articles/jm/mslp_1.htm

WTC: Proponents of Planted Bombs Still Going & Going
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