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I see what Alex Jones is doing

Posted 24 Sep 2010 at 16:41 PM by danieltowsey

I see what Alex Jones is doing
By A Truth Soldier
I felt it is time that I write this and tell you all what Alex Jones is really doing.

He is telling us about the evils of this world and the Corporate New World order that has be created as a result of the worst crime in human history.

That being the creation of the first corporation, the privately owned, operated by secret societies Federal Reserve system.

Please read my article " Creation of the first Corporation " to get the whole story.

Alex is scaring the hell out of the sheeple with the truth.

I have said that you should never fear discovering the truth of the evil doers doings. Because if you do fear truth, you will never know a peaceful and free existence.

Many are accusing Alex of being many evil things, such as working for the NWo etc etc.

That being because many who go to Alex think that all his rantings are all about making everyone feel that the situation is hopeless and that you should just accept it and that you have no power and should just give up.

The danger I see is that, that is exactly what people will do, because too many, it appears that Alex is not offering you any of the actions and solutions to resolve the situation we are all in.

That again is not fair to Alex.

Alex is a good caring and couragous human being who is doing his best to report to you what he can.

He surely knows allot more than he can report to you for the sake of the safety of him and his people.

Can you blame him?

Over the years Alex has done an excellent job of bring out all the evils at work in our world.

Alex can not give you directions like, go out and do this or do that. Instead you should take him as an example.

If alex told you what to do, he did he could be held legally responsible for ensighting the reaction.

You should go out seek the truth and then do as Alex is doing and speak the truth.

Alex is only human like some of us..

He fully understands what danger he and the rest of us who believe in "Truth Justice and Liberty" are in.

Alex knows full will what is going on. Unlke most of you.

The danger is apathy.. The danger comes from the good people doing nothing to expose and fight the evil that is running this world.

It absolutely amazes me that I never read anything on the net that is in support of the truth soldier named Alex Jones.

He is doing an amazing job of reporting the facts...

He has put out numerous free documentary videos for you to see and pas out. Have you seen them? Have you then tried to be as brave as Alex and gone out and tried to wake others up?

Alex has made that chore extremely easy.. He has armed you with the truth. You do not to even have to try and do any research.. Alex has done it for you.

But the fact is that the Sheeple would rather eat that corporate media newspaper then the end the product of the seeds of truth that Alex is sowing.

The sheeple would rather just go BAHHHH at the plants of information that are growing from the sowing of the seeds of truth.

Alex is only asking that you wake up and start caring for the old fashioned values of Truth Justice and Liberty that the once greatest democracy was founded on.

That being the once very united, states of America that only trusted in one thing.. Do you remember these words... "In GOd we trust"

So you see the problem is not with Alex Jones, the problem is with the sheeple not knowing God or anything else that is based on the pure and wholesome truth..

Those seeds of truth once grew the best apple pies you could ever taste.. It was that good old American apple pie that was not made from genetically horrified seeds of the NWO.

So now the NWO banskters have taken away that taste of freedom from you..

Have you ever tasted the American apple pie of justice and liberty?

The insane corporate NWO media has done an excellent job of destroying the apple pie.

The media has been socially engineering a society of completely selfish and self centered consumers that care nothing about truth..

Truth has been vilified to the point that on that seeks and speaks the truth is now called a village idiot..

Please read my ' The Village Idiot " article..

There is a war on for your mind and the sheeple have been disarmed. Your mind can not grow without feeding it the products from the seeds of truth.

People today are apathetic because they know no truth.

We heres a truth for the sheeple..

Do not ever make the mistake that you can go on living and care not about democracy.

Democracy can only exist if you actively participate in it and not think that you can just live in it.

There is no democracy if the people are not that democracy and are not caring about what the insane NWO secret societies are doing.

Secret societies should be made illegal in any free and open society..for secrecy only breeds evil.

So you think you can just exist and do nothing..

Wrong because the NWO has written it in stone that they want the useless eaters dead.

Yes they have.. Go read the message on The Georgia Guidestones. The NWO has already erected humanities tombstone.

Please read my article. " They want you dead is written in stone "

If this were not true then those stones would of been taken down long ago.

Heres my message for you..It is time for all our military, Police, Doctors, Lawyers, Police and the sheeple to TAKE DOWN THE CORPORATE NWO.

Take back your democracy and eat some wholesome American Apple Pie..

The NWO does not want to share and will not let you have a piece of the pie..

After-all the NWO has said you are all just useless eaters..

It is up to you.. Go out and fill yourself with some wholesome apple pie and then take that strength you got from the pie and go out and defeat the insane NWO.

It is time for you to join the truth army in the truth revolution. Because.

"When the seeds of truth are sown the grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenmet'

Please read my article "A Truth Soldier"

David N Cooley Jr.
I dont agree ( respectfully) if you look alex up you will see he dont exist before his career... starting in call-in format cable access television program. In 1996, he does scare the hell out of not just the sheeple..everyone who listens t...o the way that show is laid out...dramatic music (or background noise)

He is simply a Fed. if I could prove it I would but Feds are not that hard to pick out. He is a gate keeper and should be regarded as such, lok up not only what he claims is the truth but each place date and time ...it rarely adds up. I am not going to continue to knock him ...if you want to believe him ... go ahead...bill didnt ... because bill knew ... either way bill relayed the truth, and I dont believe Jones has anyone but his egos intrest at heart ..."What happens when you broadcast the truth is you piss everyone off!"
Daniel J Towsey interesting comment..but i think alex does more for waking people up then anyone else..

I realize that he tends to leave people very lost as to what they can do..

Thats I why I wrote this..I tell the peole what they need to do..
David N Cooley Jr. I suggest ...look everything up he exaggerates, commits and flat out lies. other than that he is entertaining.
Daniel J Towsey Okay here is a chore for you..Please find one of his lies tell what that is..provide me a link to his lie and then send me a link to the proof of his lie..

I am interested to see what you can provide..I am all ears..
Comment from magus_18
Alex is a gatekeeper to keep everyone from seeing who really is running everything. Knowing that you have an enemy isn't the same as knowing who that enemy is.
He will intentionally lie to point you away from the real culprits. Therefore your efforts to go after your enemy become futile. You are then just pissing in the wind. Which is what most people in this politically correct so-called movement do.
I have heard one lie after another from him to the point that I & others who know the lies see him from what he really does.
Time for folks like you to get a clue. Stop pissing in the wind.
My response to magus_18
Your funny.. I see you did not understand my cleaver article..If you had read the article that I suggested for the readers to read you would of understood the perpose of my article..
I provide the answers in the suggested articles to the problems we face and how we arrived at this point..
You see that Alex does seem to leave people lost..but does he really?
He expects his lislenrs to do the same thing I asked for people to go out and do some reading and research for them selves..
Which it seems you did not do.
If you had you would of taken a look at my articles of suggestion..
ALex is doing alot more good then bad..
He is in an up front location and has to be very careful as to how much he says..
He is not miss guiding anyone..
He may make mistakes and even exagerate at times but you do have to admit that he is under huge pressures and he is doing a live show that will show his errors..
Thats not to say that his errors are deliberate to deceive..
He is not a gate keeper..
He is a hero for truth justice and liberty
Oh an if I piised in the wind..I would always make sure that it blew away from me..
I actually like pissing in the wind..
It is so refreshing to have it out in the frsh cuntry air..
Reply by Stan Hart
Alex Jones is this Info Warriors commanding officer....he has shown me so much, both where to look and how to do it. I catch his show on youtube most every day and circulate his DVDs to anyone who will take one.
Many accuse him of fearmongering....that is because most equate awareness of danger with fear. Alex makes us aware of the danger. It is us who chose to fear. We must admit the situation is very bleak. I would almost say hopeless, but so long as we breath there is hope. We are not winning this by any means, but we are still far from beaten. We can be aware of the dangers and NOT fear...in fact we must do this...fear is their tool of control.
Stan you comment gets 5 ups..great comment ..be sure tor ead my new post. "The huge learning curve to the forbiden truth'
Reply by Glenn Canady
Great post Daniel. Alex Jones has woken up more people than anybody on the Planet. So anybody that attacks him is suspect. Either they have been brainwashed by some new world order hit peace or they know exactly what they are doing and are working for the dark new world order directly. We know there are tens of thousands of bloggers paid by the new world order to spread lies about Alex Jones, 911, chemtrails and anything else they want.
Yes Glen and those paid agents are called Trolls.....they are easy to spot they speak no truth and never respond to the truth that is revealed except by attacking the messengers of truth...
Wendi Taylor I laugh at the idiots who pretend that AJ didn't exist "before 1996" because it suits their own ignorant purposes to slander him in this way.
blosshan# 18. September 2010, 04:53
To David... having followed AJ for quite some time I have seen a fair amount of AJ bashing/knocking, and often enough it goes back to his presentations in the mid nineties to about 2000, what he did and didn't do.
Many seem to forget that, in 1996, Alex was barely 21-22 years of age (he is 36 now). Think back to when you were that age. He knows an awful lot and it has taken time for a lot of issues he was dealing with to be voiced in a more mature way, fitting within the broad spectrum. He has matured in this way (even though I often enough have difficulty listening to him because of his habit of interrupting his guests in a rather overbearing way. That part of his presentation I find hard to handle but still stick up for him any time because of his relentless pursuing of the truth and sharing the truth with whomever is willing to listen. Considering the spot he has put him and his family in, I admire his courage, and have no trouble being lenient in any judgment re his overzealous approach in the earlier years, the same as I did with my own kids.
If it scares people, well, that to me means the listener has a way to go. The listener can't blame AJ for feeling fearful, that's a listener's own responsibility. Many listen and do not do any further research but take his word for it. Everyone can do further searches as Alex gives plenty of pointers and references. Read, learn, gain knowledge which one day might turn into wisdom.

We need many more AJ's who reach the far corners of the planet.

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