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    The truth was in front of us from the beginning

    The image clearly shows surface area of the observation deck of the Twin Towers yet we can't see building 7's roof.
    Posted 11 Aug 2017 at 19:41 PM by Sl250 Sl250 is offline
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    Miscellaneous (1986 - 2016)

    Yesterday, I searched for my 16 December 2014 post about my bike being smashed up by a car of G4S on a Dutch language forum: [url]http://rechtenforum.nl/forum/thread/title/geldtransport+medewerkers+en+vuurwapens/t/42334/[/url]

    On 31 October 2014, I parked my bike against a pole on the pavement (in my home town Amsterdam this is not unusual). A few minutes later the front wheel of my bike was demolished by a car of G4S driving on the pavement (this is usual behaviour for the money transport cars of G4S).

    The car was parked some 30 meters away at the local Albert Heijn supermarket (for some money transport business).
    I walked over there carrying my bike. I shouted at the driver that he had ruined my bike and had driven away. The driver responded by the intercom that he had destroyed my bike, because it was not in the bicycle rack and refused to speak further because I wasn’t “calm”.

    Fifteen minutes later, I filed charges with the police, who refused to record this. Not very surprising, because the cops protect the big criminals…

    On November 6, I wrote a letter to G4S, asking for compensation for my losses. Not very surprising, they didn’t even respond.
    Theoretically I could start a court case to get some money, but the courts (like the cops) protect the big criminals. Even if I win, this would be a maximum compensation of something like 40 Euro to replace by wheel.

    I thought that this is a very innocuous post.
    I did a search with Google.nl, Yahoo.com, Duckduckgo.com, and Bing.com with the following key words: “[I]G4S fiets paal stoep Albert Heijn bestuurder aangifte politie aangetekende brief aansprakelijk onrechtmatige daad[/I]”.
    Google finds my thread, but the others don’t.
    See the screenprint of no results with Yahoo.
    Posted 2 Aug 2017 at 10:09 AM by St Jimmy St Jimmy is offline
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    Miscellaneous (1986 - 2016)

    Since I bought my new rear wheel on 20 Januari 2017, my sabotaged saddle on 22 January, and the blow out of my rear tire on 9 March, I’ve didn’t have big problems with my bike (that’s almost 4 whole months without bike troubles worth mentioning…).

    Then on 4 July, a spoke in my rear wheel broke off; on 7 July I had it fixed.
    On 7 July (that’s the same day), another spoke broke; on 8 July got it fixed.
    On 11 July (3 days later), another spoke broke; on 14 July it was fixed.
    On 17 July (3 days later) another spoke broke, and on 18 July a second one.
    Posted 18 Jul 2017 at 11:47 AM by St Jimmy St Jimmy is offline

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