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Unifying theory: RC of CAPOV and FMS

Posted 19 Jun 2011 at 19:55 PM by TruthMakesPeace

The 9/11 Truth Movement has been unnecessarily divided on the Pentagon issue. A simple explanation unifies both sides, so everyone can get back on the same page and team.

A plane can pass on the North Side of Citgo (NoC), and still hit the Pentagon at a near 90o angle. (There is no evidence for a fly over.) Yet the light poles could have been staged, and explosives could have been planted during the reconstruction. In addition to the plane's damage to the E Ring outer wall, pre-planted explosives could account for the additional 45o directional damage through to the C Ring. This new explanation acknowledges the 2 Pentagon Police officers and others who saw a NoC plane, as well as the many witnesses who saw the plane hit the Pentagon.

Boeing 757/767s have a sophisticated Flight Management System (FMS) and autopilot. Remote Control (RC) of the FMS, enhanced by a complicit ground crew, air intake valves, and the Cabin Air Pressure Outflow Valve (CAPOV) provides a way that 9/11 could have been pulled off. It satisfies both sides, by explaining the most plane crash evidence and eye witness statements, without unduly discounting any.

After the hijacking and phone calls to establish the official story, RC of cabin air intake could be blocked as CAPOVs let the air escape at high altitude, suffocating and freezing the crew, passengers, and duped hijackers who presumed they were doing a standard hijacking to demand some benefit in exchange for hostages, such as closing US military bases in Arabia. Then enhanced RC of the FMS could take over the planes and crash them into buildings on autopilot, with more speed, accuracy, and determination than any human.

Explosives could have been planted in the luggage section of the planes. If they went off just after impacting the WTCs, that ensured a huge fireball. If they went off just before impacting the Pentagon, that explains the fireball in the DoD released photo frame, the smaller-than-expected hole in the outer E Ring wall, and the plane debris scattered on the Pentagon lawn outside the hole.

Pre-planted explosives in the WTC explain the complete collapse of the towers at near free fall speed. Pre-planted explosives in the Pentagon explain the larger-than-expected C Ring hole. This provides a similar scenario that explains the evidence and witness for both the WTCs and the Pentagon.

As for Shanksville, Flight 93 may have been intended for WTC 7. It had the most phone calls, about 20, compared to a few from the other planes. The RC of the CAPOV may have malfunctioned. Or it was not activated, since the other 3 planes hit their targets by 9:38 and were considered sufficient. The occupants were not suffocated and evidently stormed the cockpit. So it may have been forced by RC into a nose dive.

9/11 in a nutshell: Remote Control to let the air out of the planes through the CAPOV and crash them into buildings via RC of the FMS.

Photos from www.911Pentagon.org
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