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    NSA and FBI Corruption In Dade County FL,


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    Posted 10 May 2013 at 14:59 PM by pawweild pawweild is offline
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    NSA and FBI Corruption In Dade County FL,

    Dear Personnel of government I have direct knowledge of crimes committed by NSA..FBI officers out of Dade County FL, against citizens and United States now how long is it going to take in growing BALL's and face responsibilities in doing your Job in correcting the Illegal political issues of Human Rights atrocities happening right here in the United States of non-consensual government Experimentation is one of the most important issues that we as society are facing today. These programs being conducted through the electromagnetic spectrum and by Intel organizations like the NSA which is able to target any American Citizen by way of their Brain's own Unique bio-electronic resonance As the result of a covert national brain Fingerprinting program which Utilizes the NSA's signals Intelligence EMF scanning Network. A secret which thanks to NSA John St, Clair Akwei the NSA is no longer able to keep from the American People. due to the issues of Illegal classified electronic warfare technology a grate deal of your NSA an FBI officers have become dangerously corrupt they are taking advantage of this software for the gain of wealth and power and with this wealth and power their dark side has come out not only are they running a drug smuggling ring but are also Murdering Rapping and sodomizing of men and women and Improperly Incarcerating Victims and at the same time given protection to the local Kingpins for gain of wealth. This will come out sooner or later and then the United Stats Government can't afford to aloud these particular group of officers that became dangerously corrupt to keep committing atrocities against society and United States by silencing the media the media and law-abiding government personnel is waiting for the right opportunity to Expose the crimes of these particular group of soulless officers to Incarcerated and Prosecute to the full Extension of the Law. As you know the times have changed from local law-enforcement corruption to FBI and NSA corruption's all of these crimes is mainly because of the classified electronic warfare technology and the reinsurance of the (Patriots Act) leaving them with the impressions that they can't be Investigated due to the illegal political issues surrounding the (Classified Electronic Warfare Technology) in Washington DC,. They are operating well outside the constitutional rule of law and continue to provoke the types of civil rebellion's which have historically been fomented by these citizens who would no longer tolerate a ROTHSCHILD CONTROLLED TYRANNY. Personnel of government I feel that certain facts, including the following have up to now been omitted downplayed glossed over and mischaracterized in a effort to avoid or minimize personal and institutional embarrassment on the part of the (FBI) and for improper political reasons..The fact is that (FBI HQ) personnel whose job is to assist and coordinate with field division agents continued to throw up roadblocks and undermining the ATROCITIES THAT ARE BEING COMMITIED BY FEDERAL OFFICERS WITH THE MISUSAGE of the classified electronic warfare technology. Now Director Mueller will not acknowledge the existence or use of their Invasive practices and technology which are designed to avoid detection or blame for the offending parties and to mislead you to what is true. The elements of power control and money have come together to make these Instruments some of the most (DIABOLICAL) that man has ever created, This classified star war technology is destroying the lives and livelihoods of many thousands of law Abiding American citizens, and Its victims so far have had nowhere to turn for help,.Washington DC, is over due in (GROWING BALL's) in correcting the Illegal improper political Issues of major human rights (ATROCITIES) happening right here in the USA, of non-consensual Government Experimentation, Is one of the most important issues that we as a society face today and in Washington DC, we are seeing an alarming increase in the usage of (ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS MICROWAVE AUDITORY EFFECT) silent sound spectrum EEG cloning which has taken the lab out of the laboratory and in to the home's. The existence of these weapons and their Devastating effect is well documented in government and scientific literature. Congress led an in depth investigation of the intelligence agencies which revealed the existence of the Secret mind control program, The Accounts of thousands of victims indicate the illegal (NON-CONSENSUAL) research continued unabated..The committee reports showed widespread inhumane privacy rights abuses in the actions of the (FBI,NSA,CIA) which ultimately were not adequately addressed for the closure of the classified electronic warfare technology which has gone unheeded,.This classified technology and its capability is beyond any civilians imaginations within is power. It could Via-satellite literally make a poppet of a person and in most cases the person doesn't realize it that He or She is being control Via Satellite. Now what purposes does it servers to aloud these particular group of officers to keep committing these monstrosity of crimes. The Human being is at imminently at risk. Now the administration of President Barrack H, Obama is concern with the misusage of Bioethical warfare technology and has called for a Executive Order and Establishing the Presidential Commission for the study of Bioethical Issues. Beside numerous congressmen and senators an local and federal law enforcement officers that are apposes to these electronic and electromagnetic (EM) devices assaults by the use of (EXOTIC)EM weapons,this star war supercomputer has brought out their true agenda which is being used by this particular group of officer from Dade County FL, to commit atrocities against any American Civilian who could Expose there crime wave as murderers Child-Molesters and as leaders of a drug ring besides victimizing civilians(VIA) Torturing. Also Your Investigation will Proof that this particular group and my self go as far back As May 1996 and arranged for me and other civilians truck drivers to pass the check point's while they were monitoring us with the classified electronic surveillance software of to days government. They are taking advantage of the opportunity of the software to make ten's of millions of dollars and protecting there smuggling drug ring operation from Exposure. Now they are famously known to mislead Washington DC, of their true agenda. your Investigation will proof that I was a Ex-Member of this particular corrupt group of officers who I was their truck driver for the sole purpose of the transportation of the drugs of these NSA,,FBI Officers I will give you all the evidence of there drug ring operations and event's. They had me arrested because I refuses to keep smuggling there drugs and first hand found out that they had people killed and Rapped. I never was and ain't and experiment of the military nor of the (CIA) But Instead was a Member of (R, Sanchez) corrupt group of (NSA--FBI). Thank God that there is a small group of officers that are keeping me alive and will come forward to Expose Sanchez and his Colleagues of (NSA,FBI) As Child-molesters murderers..rapists.. Kingpin of the drug World..Now I have been approach numerous time to take a Five Million Dollars Bribery your Investigation will Proof all of this and allot more. your Investigation will also proof that I got Numerous Implants all over my body and I will tell you this what I seen and Experiences First Hand their is No Money In the World that could make me look the other way against the crimes committed by Sanchez an the gang of (NSA..FBI) Officers. I'm telling you this just In case if I'm Kill Sanchez has Two Family members that work at (FDC..MIA..FL) as US-Marshall who happen to be a Mother an Daughter team. And incase the once's that are protecting me can not Stop Sanchez and his Colleagues in time. Also if the once's that are protecting me can't come forward because of the Improper political Issues surrounding classified electronic warfare technology that's going On In (FBI..HQ) They will come forward when FBI Director Robert Mueller leaves Office because director Mueller will not Acknowledge the Existence or use of their Invasive practices and technologies which are designed to avoid detection or blame for the offending parties and to mislead you to what is not true. Now when Washington DC, Acknowledge the illegal miss-usage of the Classified Electronic Warfare Technology they will come forward. Take in consideration that I'm being put in a (Thought-Less Mind Frame) with the classified software that's why I can't express my self correctly they have a vast amount of software options that they can use and assemble and create naturally within the brain's owe unique Bio-Electronic Resonance to mislead you of any threat of exposure of their Crimes. Also your Investigation will poor That R, Sanchez and Little Ricky Have a Reputation as Child-Molesters along with numerous other NSA-FBI officers and I will also tell you that their are more then two Sanchez in the same group that are not related but are of the same last name let me point out who they are. Now they have become Masters As Prevaricator to reinsure them self not to be Expose In Washington DC, From Rene Del Toro At 802 Bradley Rd Joppa,Maryland 21085) Phone)443-465-8964
    Posted 3 Jan 2012 at 05:39 AM by Rene Del Toro Rene Del Toro is offline

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