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reductio absurdum

Posted 5 Dec 2009 at 08:59 AM by livelywoodsprite


Yeah, it's me again. You heard me -- its all the rage today - - - reductio absurdum!

Force the reasoning by smaller and smaller malformed pieces of "logic" to fit a ridiculously fallacious assumption in the guise of "expressing oneself" . . .

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Poems (from my LAST LINE postings in Secrets of the Round Table)

Posted 1 Dec 2009 at 09:49 AM by John Clearwater

A living man I am that I am
not a spin doctor loose on green eggs and ham
a vessel at sea on an inland ocean
its not the size of yur mast but yur wave running motion
four sheets to the wind is how some people steer it
my mind is all mush from this worldly evil spirit
selling the dream and all that happy horse shit
the mighty Casey struck out and shattered the air with it
sometimes my mind wanders and that's in "asKing"
a vessel at dock...
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Posted 30 Nov 2009 at 04:00 AM by Phil Jayhan (The Last American)

Originally Posted by Phil Jayhan View Post
The more and more I share this material with people, the more I recognize that cognitive dissonance people are under. As once people see the material and read through it, they at once see that they have been deceived in one way or another about Rome, and the Vaticans history. This story below is but another example. 3 Presidents. 2 assassinated, 1 almost assassinated and survived. All attempts by Rome to subvert this nation with their insidious central bank and 'international banking.'
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The Un Blog and its Make "Sinse" Mirrored Acceptance For Value

Posted 29 Nov 2009 at 17:35 PM by John Clearwater

This Is only A Test of the John Clearwater Broadcasting System

Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp in the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth - locally grown, processed and manufactured
into products locally consumed (and exported/imported where in order) - becomes a realistic response
among others to "Peak Oil" and the inevitable depletion of extractable petroleum. Any product made
from petroleum (
including high octane gasoline and plastics) can...
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A Conspiracy of One

Posted 29 Nov 2009 at 13:53 PM by livelywoodsprite

Power drives us all. The struggle to balance a sense of self with one's environment can be observed according to multiple perspectives, analyzed and reduced to patterns we recognize, and used to frame our understanding of the world.

It is the structure of information we use every day. Marketing, politics, traffic, and even simple personal negotiations like what shoes go with which dress are all information based power dynamics based on needs and resources. We need the structure and...
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