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Do The So-Called “JOOS” Control Everything; Did “They” Do 9/11?

Posted 1 Oct 2016 at 22:07 PM by pablonovi
Updated 29 Nov 2016 at 12:34 PM by pablonovi (To fix typos and make a tiny number of minor stylistic changes.)

N.B. This version is about twice as long as the earlier version. But it didn't seem correct to just replace that one with this one - because: people have already responded to THAT one; and the changes in this one may merit additional or different responses.
20160926 Do The So-Called “JOOS” Control Everything; Did “They” Do 9/11?

(REVISED: with a new Preface added; while I’ve made significant changes, for clarification purposes, to the wording; I have changed NONE of the basic points.)

PREFACE: From the moment this article first appeared(early Sept. 2016) a firestorm of discussion has swirled around it - in either defense of it or in opposition to it. Within that discussion a number of mis-interpretations of MY meanings have been raised (some with innocent intent, others with malicious intent). Without any doubt, the #1 mis-interpretation is about my use of the “word”: “JOOS”. This preface is an attempt to help nip a number of these mis-interpretations (especially the honest ones) in the bud.

MY BACKGROUND: For FIFTY YEARS I’ve been a heavy-duty activist FOR the Palestinians & AGAINST the Zionists (and their racist apologists) & therefore AGAINST the STATE of Israel (which is 100% illegitimate; & barbaric to not only the Palestinians but, to a far lesser degree, to the non-European Jews there, and therefore I call it “IsraHell”).During this same half-century I’ve studied continuously a broad range of information & opinions on this subject. If I am not an expert (in the opinion of some); there can be few on the planet who combine more pro-Palestinian dedicated activism WITH more dedicated study.

There are, in practice, imo, THREE MAIN groups of people who harm the Palestinians’ struggle for liberation:

GROUP 1: In PRACTICE, obviously:
a) the opponents of the good-guys, the Palestinians; and/or
b) the supporters of the bad-guys, the Zionists / IsraHell;

GROUP 2: In PRACTICE, not-as-obviously:
a) the ultra-extremist “supporters” of the Palestinians(who focus primarily on attacking the truly innocent “on the other side”); and/or
b) those who refuse to ally themselves with the Palestinian armed-resistance (as if to say, “ONLY peaceful means can work”.

GROUP 3: In THEORY, and not always so obviously, those who EXAGGERATE things are either side of the question:
a) Supposedly, “The Palestinians are ‘pure good’ ”; and/or
b) Supposedly, “The opponents of the Palestinians are ‘pure evil’ or‘all-powerful’ ”.

This article is a PART of my half-century of struggle on this question; but in this case, my focus is on “GROUP 3; ‘b’”; those who, imo, go TOO FAR by EITHER:

overstating the case AGAINST the Zionists (Jewish or not) (claiming they are much more powerful than they really are); supposedly because: “The ZIONISTS Control Everything; and / or Did 9/11 (i.e., were the ONLY or MAIN PERPS of 9/11)”; or

attempting to blame most or all of the Jews (Zionist or not) for some or all of the world’s problems / evil; supposedly because: “The JEWS Control Everything; & Did 9/11”.

According to this “camp” there are many versions of “who”t he “real enemy” supposedly is:
i) All / Most Jews (Zionist or not) in general; and/or
ii) Some particular sub-set of Jews, the Khazarian or Ashkenazi Jews; and/or
iii) All Zionists (Jewish or not; Dual-Citizen Americans or not); and/or
iv) Particular families / organizations such as the Rothschilds, “City Of London”, etc.

This list of “enemy” forces is clearly quite long and complicated. In my following analysis, each time I wish to refer to this list, I’m faced with either repeating the WHOLE list verbatim (including all the “and/ors”), OR choosing some term that “approximates” the whole list of BLAMEES. For this reason, I have chosen to use the term “JOOS” (IN QUOTES). I am fully aware that there appears to be no official acceptance of this as a word; AND that the term JOOS (without the quotes) is often used by this very camp as a perjorative term.

THESE then are the two reasons I have chosen to use “JOOS” (IN QUOTES): to use a very-short-term instead of a hugely long LIST of terms; AND to emphasize my OPPOSITION to these EXAGGERATORS.

[end: Preface]

Do The So-Called “JOOS” Control Everything; Did “They” Do 9/11?

Those who claim that the “ ‘JOOS’ Control Everything &/or Did 9/11” try to make THREE MAIN POINTS:

1) Israel (100%) Runs The World (and thus THEY are the cause of most / all evil);
2) Israel (100%) Runs the US (and thus THEY Did 9/11);
3) Israel (100%) Ran The Bolsheviks (and thus THEY ran the USSR). (I'm not making this up - as utterly bizarre as it sounds to many of us).

1) DOES ISRAhELL RUN THE WORLD (or even 100% run IsraHell itself)?:

This claim bases itself on the claim that the Rothschilds have been the world's richest and most powerful family for centuries. YET, how come after CENTURIES of supposedly dominating ALL the other humans on the planet; it took them until circa 1950 (to use a close-enough round numbered year) to set up the STATE OF ISRAEL? How come they didn't do it years, or decades or even centuries earlier if they were "all-powerful"?

Given the absoluteness of the "JOOS CONTROL THE WORLD" claim - just this one paragraph above is enough to destroy the claim; but there's many more proofs against the claim still to come.

How come in the 65+ years since 1950, has IsraHell not become GREATER ISRAhELL? (This is supposed to be THE masterplan of the Zionists). What's taking these "all-powerful monsters" so long? How come IsraHell is still surrounded by "enemy" Arab states? How come IsraHell still contains millions of Palestinians - what, this "all-powerful force" that dominates the whole planet; can't force the almost-defenseless Palestinians out?

In other words, the “JOOS” don't run the world; they don't even run the Middle East; they don't even 100% run (i.e. decide EVERYTHING) in TINY ISRAhELL itself.
2) DOES ISRAhELL CONTROL THE US (and thus Did THEY Do 9/11)?:

Supposedly this take over of the US took place circa 1915 (1913 rounded off) with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank (supposedly a Rothschild's organization).

YET, how come NOT A SINGLE AMERICAN ULTRA-MILLIONAIRE protested this usurptation of THEIR control of the US by foreigners? Did every last US super-millionaire benefit from some other super-rich people taking over the country so much so that they didn't even put out a single leaflet to try to show the "dirty laundry of the Rothschilds" to get the American people whipped up enough to stop it?

YET, during the entire 90 years since then, the US Gov has been selling MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ARMAMENTS to the very "enemies" of IsraHell, the Arab Countries; some of which arms have actually been used against IsraHell.

In terms of 9/11 (the planning, the act, (with the military stand-down), and the accompanying Anthrax attack / Patriot Act, and the cover-up of all that), it was NOT the “JOOS” who had: Means, Opportunity & Motive; only the 545 US Billionaires (collectively thru either commission or acquiesence & $-gain) did. Were some NON-US Billionaire group to pull off such a deal AND it be against US-Billionaire interests, THAT country would have been bombed back into the stone ages.

Thus, IsraHell (or Saudi Arabia, etc, for that matter) did not do 9/11. And, of course, NONE of the countries which are being destroyed by the US Gov had anything to do with 9/11 / Anthrax; except being falsely accused of it.

In other words, the “JOOS” don't control the US; (imo, it is controlled by the 545 US Billionaires almost all of whom are non-Jews. It can NOT be a coincidence that the super-rich in America, including before the supposed take-over by the "JOOS", have gotten richer every year for ALL 240 years of its existence (a HUGE sample size)).

N.B. The reader does NOT have to agree with MY position about who REALLY controls America; this article is NOT about that; it IS about the control by the “JOOS”.

REMEMBER: The “JOOS” are claimed to be a UNIFIED BLOC. If we can show that they clearly were not UNIFIED; then this “ ‘JOOS’ CONTROLLED THE BOLSHEVIKS “ meme falls on its face, from the get-go. Further, if we can show that, within the USSR, the results of Soviet policy did NOT CLEARLY & DOMINANTLY favor the “JOOS”; then the meme is completely exposed as nonsense.

The Jews INSIDE the Russian Social-Democratic Party, (the majority wing of which became the Bolshevik Party), from the get-go, were never even united amongst themselves.

Let’s focus on perhaps the four most important people who were inside the Bolshevik Party who were born Jews: Lenin, Trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev.

Lenin KICKED THE JEWISH BUND OUT of the Bolshevik Party.
Lenin and Trotsky never actively practiced Judaism; or even spoke in favor of it.
Lenin and Trotsky fought each other tooth and nail for 15 years (1902-1917). There's at least one entire massive volume of the articles they wrote attacking each other!

Then, after Lenin's death, Stalin (a non-Jew) came along and somehow "was allowed by the JOOS" to take over the leadership of the Bolshevik Party; while removing the 3 LEADING REMAINING Jews: Trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev.

Then the non-Jew Stalin "was allowed by the ‘JOOS’ " to remain in command of that Party & Country for 30 whole years. Lenin died just about when the Civil War in that country ended (circa 1922). So it was really under Stalin, that the USSR was set up.

This was a Union of 17 Soviet Socialist Republics - each and all set up by the Bolsheviks (supposedly run 100% by the “JOOS”); yet not one of those 17 was Jewish!; much less a Jewish one DOMINATING the entire vast country. In fact, the Jews only got a tiny autonomous area (and there were dozens of them set up - all but one for NON-Jews).

The "JOO-dominated” USSR did not stop the extermination of millions of Jews by Germany - they would SURELY have done atl east that - to protect their "brethren" and fellow world-dominators, right?

In other words, the “JOOS” DID NOT RUN THE BOLSHEVIKS (or thru them, run the USSR).
So we have shown CONCLUSIVELY that the so-called “JOOS” were / are NOT:
all-powerful even in the Middle-East or even in ISRAhELL itself; much less ...
all-powerful in the US; much less ...
all-powerful over the Bolsheviks & in the USSR.

In sum, the so -called “JOOS” ARE NOT ALL-POWERFUL; but something FAR, FAR LESS: “their” country, IsraHell, being just one of dozens of JUNIOR-PARTNERS of the US SUPER-POWER (like the UK, Saudi Arabia, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Iran under the Shah, Japan since WWII, India (often but not always), and the list goes on and on and on).

How much you wanna bet that if / when the 545 US Billionaires run into a situation in which it is more profitable to back Arab countries OVER IsraHell; that they throw IsraHell to the wolves as they've done with every other Junior-Partner they've had in the past? Of course they will.

Why?: because of the:

And for the last 70-100 years or so, it's been the US super-rich who have (collectively) had the most "gold" (wealth).
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  1. Old Comment

    Ashke-Nazis are Anti-Semites

    This whole story is a mixed up confused mess. Zionism is connected to Freemasonry and has nothing to do with Judaism.
    Furthermore when you don't know the facts about WW II, it's impossible to know about Israel. Here's some info about the financiers of Hitler and that Israel is in fact completely Anti-Semitic. If you want to know more about the origins of how Zionists intend to destroy Jews, search for Theodor Herzl.

    Just about everything we learned at the lessons history falsification was lies.
    Adolf Hitler’s purpose was not to make the German race the most powerful in the world (he didn’t even look like the Arian blond super race), but to destroy Germany and found Israel.

    The following companies were financing or working together with the Nazi regime (in between brackets some of the connected families) - Netherlands: Royal Dutch Shell (Queen Wilhelmina, Rothschild, Henri Deterding), Mendelsohn, Rotterdamsche Bankvereniging, Carl Duisberg, Werkspoor; Europe: Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff, Kuhn Loeb, J.H. Schröder Bank; USA: W.A. Harriman, Chase National Bank (Rockefeller), Guaranty Trust (J.P. Morgan), Kennedy, John Foster Dulles, General Motors (J.P. Morgan, DuPont), ITT (J.P. Morgan), General Electric, Goldman Sachs, IBM (Rothschild).
    The Interessen Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie Aktien Gesellschaft (IG Farben) was the most important Nazi company, it exploitated the biggest concentration camp Auschwitz and produced Zyklon-B. IG Farben was financed by Rothschild agent Max Warburg. IG Farben and Standard Oil founded Standard Oil American IG with these board members: Walter Teagle (Standard Oil), Paul Walburg (Kuhn Loeb), Edsel Ford, Charles Mitchell (National City Bank, Rockefeller), Herman Metz (Metz Company). Already in 1922 the New York Times published an article that Henry Ford financed Hitler and in 1928 the German part of the Ford company merged with IG Farben.
    Fritz Thyssen was one of the first German supporters of Adolf Hitler; Thyssen was financed with millions of dollars from Standard Oil, Ford, General Electric, DuPont, ITT (sent by Dillon Read & Co). The money profits were laundered by the Dutch BHS/Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart (Queen Wilhelmina, Prince Bernhard), Brownbrothers & Harriman and UBC/Union Banking Corporation (Prescott Bush).

    According to Gertrude Elias companies in the USA made profits of some 175 billion dollar from financing and collaborating with the Nazis. The financiers of Hitler included Ashke-Nazi “Jewish” bankers. Not a lot of people know that “Nazi” was short for Ashkenazi.
    The financiers of Hitler were the American and European elite from other European countries and the USA; see Anthony C. Sutton’s “Wall Street and the rise of Hitler” (1976): [url]http://www.voltairenet.org/IMG/pdf/Sutton_Wall_Street_and_Hitler-4.pdf[/url]

    Arguably Hitler succeeded in destroying Germany. After Europe was “liberated” by the allied forces, some concentration camps were used to lock up German soldiers, 4.16 million POWs were forced to slave labour, without respecting the Geneva convention (just like the “unlawful combatants” in Afghanistan and Iraq since 9/11), of which around 1.4 million died.
    From 1945 till 1950 Germany was effectively starved by the allies, an estimated 9 million Germans died including many children. The American General George Patton thought that the Germans were treated unfairly, he died in a suspicious “accident”: [url]http://www.mujahidkamran.com/articles.php?id=33[/url]

    The descendants of the financiers of the Nazis are still engaged in financing wars and making earth a living hell.
    Israel is ruled by anti-Semitic Ashkenazis that are still trying to wipe the earth clean of (Sephardic) Jews (the descendants from the tribe that lived in Israel 2000 years ago). Starting in the 1950s a large amount of Yemenite “Sephardic” Jewish children “disappeared” (Sephardic has been invented by the Ashkenazis as a name for “real” Jews). Research showed that at least 4500 children are missing: [url]http://stop-abuse.net/ym1.htm[/url]
    Ami Hovev found out that these children were examined on (in experiments like that of Joseph Mengele) and dumped in lime pits:
    “[I]hundreds, perhaps thousands" of children from immigrant Yemenite Jewish families were "taken away" by the authorities. Their parents never saw them again. (...) a substantial number of them were secretly consigned for "unmerciful" medical experiments and then buried in lime pits. I know that they [Israeli physicians in state hospitals] conducted experiments on living [Sephardic] children, extracting phosphorus and bone marrow from the spinal cord[/I]”. See: [url]http://vaticproject.blogspot.nl/2014/01/early-and-ancient-history-of-khazars.html[/url]
    According to Barry Chamish in the Ringworm Holocaust as many as one hundred thousand Jewish children, mainly Moroccans, were radiated: [url]http://rense.com/general67/radd.htm[/url]
    It is also known that Ethiopian Jewish women were sterilised by the Israeli government: [url]https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/feb/28/ethiopian-women-given-contraceptives-israel[/url]
    Posted 23 Nov 2016 at 12:58 PM by St Jimmy St Jimmy is offline

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