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War on Terrorism - A sad reality

Posted 18 Oct 2011 at 20:58 PM by Jango

I understand why people are mad about the war(s) in the Middle East. War sucks. Civilians *are* killed (murdered) because of their proximity (i.e. they originate in the country that's had war declared on it). Wars fought over things barring humanitarian causes are unjustified wars.

I remember watching the invasion of Baghdad on live television though. American artillery units were shooting a barrage of high-explosive rounds into Iraq's capitol - the thing to think about is this: its no different than a foreign country firing artillery shells into Washington D.C. The military and police would not be the only group of people encountering casualties or devastation, let alone, the group(s) with the highest concentrated mortality.

I talked about this last night with my father. I gave him an example of Mexico declaring war on the United States. I asked him if he'd flee to another country, which would be Canada (closeness). He responded, "No, why would I? I'm an American citizen, and my home is here, in Michigan." After he said that though, he realized why I had posed that particular question - autochthonic populations (largely) do not leave their country of 1) origin, 2) loyalty & 3) living arrangements simply because war has been declared on them.

Besides those natural barriers of basic human psychology, let alone, historical confines, complications arise from the mass exodus of people. And as I pointed out to my father, if he were to cross into Canada (fearing for his safety because of waged war in his home country) he'd walk into whatever restrictions the government of Canada imposes upon legally immigrating citizens, such as, the removal and confiscation of any and all firearms that he owns/owned, which to him, as an American, was unfathomable. I also made the point that by default (him being an American), his capability for exodus would be much higher than the largely impoverished and 3rd world like denizens of both Iraq and Afghanistan, who, like most people, wouldn't attempt to flee until war was knocking on their back doors, which in the context of the War on Terrorism, artillery pieces were about twenty miles outside of Baghdad when they opened up, alpha strike style (fire at will).

The sad realization is that the initial bombings caught the civilian population off-guard as one-hundred + pound bombs detonated wherever they landed. So instead of a more peaceful migration, people were immediately flung into a more barbaric sense of frenzied exodus. Nevertheless, the ones that stayed behind, and generally out of a reasonable psychological response, picked up weapons and joined the ranks of their country's military. History has shown that trend civilian populations transitioning into military populations.

So in effect, the people that were once civilians become armed aggressors (having a *reasonable* excuse is irrelevant), who became enemies, which ultimately become statistics (death) when facing off against a trained military, let alone, the strongest military force in history.
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