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Apollo - general debunking

Posted 31 Jul 2013 at 15:35 PM by Futtock
Tags apollo, debunk, hoax

Yes, but what he failed to do, what you failed to do, and any of you "enlightened" people always fail to do, is offer rebuttal to what I just posted. He instead made a lame attack on me using ad-hominems and you thanked him for it. Nice.

I took apart your claim and none of you can say anything about it. One piece of the "overwhelming" evidence taken away.

You mean a hoax film like this? Part 1of 8:-


Or maybe the Aulis site from Jack White?

Here is a short excerpt from the House Select Committee concerning supposed discrepancies with backyard photos and Oswald's rifle during a JFK hearing, this is what he said:-

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. WHITE. [B]As I said, I am not a scientist. I don't indulge in that sort of thing. [/B][...] [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. GOLDSMITH. Mr. White, I just have one question. [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. WHITE. All right. [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. GOLDSMITH. When you did this study, did you compute photogrammetrically the effect of tilt on the way that the length of an object appears in a photograph? [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. WHITE. I conducted a study by photographing a yardstick from three different- [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. GOLDSMITH. Mr. White, answer my question. Did you compute photogrammetrically---- [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. WHITE. [B]What is "photogrammetrically"? ...... [/B]Describe to me what "photogrammetrically" is. [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. GOLDSMITH. I just have one more question Mr. White. [B]Do you know what photogrammetry is?[/B] [/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000][SIZE=4][COLOR=red][B]Mr. WHITE. No. [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#660000]Mr. GOLDSMITH. I have no further questions. Thank you. [/COLOR][/LEFT]


All his claims examined and taken apart here:-


The trouble with your "overwhelming" evidence, is that it isn't. Not one single claim stands up to scrutiny. Now I refer you to the OP, give me your absolute best piece of evidence, that is irrefutable and cannot be debunked.:whistle:
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