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    My Little "Drop in the Bucket"

    Thank you for your comment, Patrick.

    I am (now) familiar with many cases that have been won, and won't get caught short again.

    While I will allow folks to do their own due diligence (because cases differ), I will share some tips to help figure some of it out.

    My birth-given name is Steven Griffith Grumbein, that is how I sign my full signature...and here are some tips:

    1. NEVER sign ANY documents without having everything FULLY EXPLAINED, to your satisfaction and even then, ONLY sign specific portions that you understand cannot increase/alter any charges brought against you, and with your personally hired counsel's approval (see tip #2)! Otherwise, you are giving them FULL PERMISSION to continue to charge/prosecute as they see fit and you are likely to lose.

    2. No matter your financial stature - NEVER settle for a "Court Appointed Lawyer", they are NOT fighting for you, they are getting paid whether you are convicted or not. Your own PAID counsel will actually fight for you, and if conditions warrant, can counter-charge for damages, dramatically improving your odds (and potentially, counsel's paycheck).

    3. Note that there are only three capital letters in my birth-given name NOT - "STEVEN GRIFFITH GRUMBEIN" - in ALL CAPS - as is shown on all legal documents, therefore, the "accused" (in all caps) does not exist (is a "straw man"), but CAN BE REPRESENTED by myself as Steven Griffith Grumbein, which is where many of these cases are being won by savvy individuals.
    Posted 9 May 2018 at 17:50 PM by griff griff is offline

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