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    My Little "Drop in the Bucket"

    Ah, 9/11/12 still fresh in my mind. I get stopped at around 8:20 am on a sunny 9/01/01 type day. A bank robbery occurred the day before in the area by the Bucket List Bandit. An over-zealous cop stops me while walking to Mcds. He thinks I am the bank robber maybe because I had my bookbag and wearing cargo shorts and a Hendrix t-shirt (wearing the shirt in my photo album on LRF), lol.

    This little shit has the nerve to ask me for ID even though I asked for photos that could show me I looked like bank robbery. I refused to give ID until I saw the pictures. Two other patrol cars show up. My officer asks them if they have any pics of bank robber. They did and I did not look like robber. Even the other two policemen laughed saying I didn't look like robber.

    Didn't matter, I gave cop my ID, he ran it and I passed, lol. Yet, the little shit wanted my address and phone number. I told him no on phone number because I passed his background check.

    Off I went for coffee. Most cops are good in my area but there some younger cops who have an obvious vendetta. I will tell you my '09 Memorial Day PA trooper encounter next.
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