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    Real Hardcore Truth From a Christians Perspective

    I don't see a edit button. In section "9)" of my post above the word "by"should read "but" ... Thus it should read: "... US Gov ...so it can go in and bomb anything BUT ISIS targets."

    You've also done one "fabulous" job of cherry-picking the Bible. What about the fact that "god" of the Bible killed (or ordered killed) about a million times more people than did the Satan of the Bible? What about all the Bible promoted/defended: rape, slavery, child and animal abuse? What about how the "god" of the Bible, killed every living human except about 8 (the only ??? good ones on the whole planet - that's just ridiculous; every single other was not only evil but so evil he/she deserved drowning (including all the infants & babies? - this from an all-loving "god"?) And why did every single living animal (except 2 of each) have to be drowned - were they guilty of sin too? How did "god" fit the dinosaurs on the Ark? And what did all the carnivores on the Ark eat (if there were only 2 of each species, including their prey)? And talking snakes? And if Adam & Eve only had 3 sons; then who were the mothers of THEIR children? It had to be EVE (so the "god" of the Bible built INCEST right into the very essence of human life?) OR the remaining two sons had to have not only had homosexual sex; but had to have produced children without a vagina or uterus available.

    There are 1,000s of times more examples than just these of the gross and rampant immorality in the Bible.

    There is no other, third, option:
    You are either terribly: DUPED or DUPING.
    Posted 6 Sep 2016 at 19:15 PM by pablonovi pablonovi is offline
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    Real Hardcore Truth From a Christians Perspective

    1. Since the end of WW2, the US Gov has killed more people (and more innocent people) than the rest of the world combined (and was never elected "The World Policeman". Yet here you are promoting the US Gov's Big Lie version of events, DEFENDING the Death Machine.

    2. The US has existed for 240 yours, during which about 220 years it's been at war. The people of the US never voted for permanent war & have never benefited from it (only the superrich have; especially the 545 US Billionaires. Yet here you are promoting the US Gov's Big Lie version of events, YOU are defending the eternal war machine.

    3) The 545 US Billionaires make most of their money off of being banksters or military contractors; yet you are backing them.

    4) Obama is not the first US Pres to make the National Debt way worse; but someone you only mention a Democrat and a Black President. What about the Bushites & Clinton & Regan. You state that the US National Debt is gonna reach $20 Trillion; but several years ago, a University study put the number at $202 Trillion - so your number is pathetically off. Yet here you are promoting the US Gov's Big Lie Divide-And-Conquer version of events.

    5) You defend the US Gov of the super-rich (AGAINST the working people of all nationalities);

    6) You defend the Police State!

    7) You claim OBVIOUS FALSE FLAG ATTACKS were supposedly really done by Muslim Terrorists instead of by the US Gov.

    You rail against, "radical Islamists, Mexican Cartels, North Korean and Iraninian spies." when it's the US Gov OWNED by the US billionaires that IS SPYING ON us 1 zillion times more than the North Koreans & Iranians could possibly be.

    9) You rail against ISIS (which has been proven many times over to be the US Gov's latest version of Al Qaida) as if the US Gov is using ISIS against the American people - when it is doing the exact opposite; it is using ITS ISIS against the people of the world WHILE claiming to be opposed to it; so it can go in and bomb anything by ISIS targets. How come the "Muslim-Terroists" of ISIS have not even once attacked IsraHell.

    10) You fail to even mention IsraHell in all you humongous rant.


    All under the fašade, the cover, of being an enraged democracy-loving, Christian.
    Posted 6 Sep 2016 at 18:58 PM by pablonovi pablonovi is offline
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    Illegal Immigration

    It's been documented ENDLESSLY, that Mexican "illegal" aliens in the US contribute FAR MORE to the economy than they take out of it. This, and only this, explains why the 545 US Billionaires allow them in in the first place.

    Conversely, were every last "illegal" alien deported; the US economy would INSTATLY tank and a very high percent of the richest Americans would loose their fortunes - which is exactly why they haven't been deported.

    This blaming "illegal" aliens is a US Billionaire trick; the classic trick of DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

    (It might be worth people's time to watch the movie, "A Day Without Mexicans" - it's far from perfect; but it does make that one main point.
    Posted 6 Sep 2016 at 16:47 PM by pablonovi pablonovi is offline

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