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TRANSLATION frontpage-article of 9/17/2001

Posted 26 Aug 2011 at 12:32 PM by Culto

Friends look for missing IngeBorg

She still called and emailed when the first tower in the WTC was already on fire. But after the second plane drilled itself into the second tower of the skyscraper, nothing had been heard of the Dutch IngeBorg Lariby. This week her friends in New York organized a search for tracks of the 42 years old: "joyful, blond and smart girl, full of spirit. "
"Maybe I'm just hoping for a small miracle", her friend Ingrid Koutros says. "But I want so much she is still alive."

"Of course, when I watch the footage of the second plane flying into the tower, I hardly dare to hope," friend Martijn de Pee says, "but I don't want to declare her dead. Not all of the wounded were identified yet, maybe she is in a hospital..."
Recently her friends congratulated her with a new job. IngeBorg would start-up a new office for the Regus company, which rents ready-to-use offices to companies. As a manager she had initiated succesfully a similar formula in Vienna before. Now it was time for New York. She occupied a new office in one of the towers of the prestigious World Trade Center, on the 93rd floor.
She was working there when at 8.49 AM a plane flew into the other tower. "After the hit she called and emailed various persons", Martijn de Pee says. "She talked to her parents. And she answered phone-calls from worried people as well." Ingrid Koutros: "It was an accident in the other tower, she could see the smoke. Yet, she was relatively safe at her own position, she informed the other people." The staff in her tower panicked as well. People wanted to leave, out of the building as quick as possible. However, IngeBorg decided not to leave the office, together with her people. "She said that the tower's security service adviced to stay at the workplaces", Martijn says.
"Everybody thought of it as a plane-accident in the other building. Glass and debris flying around would only endanger those who would flee away. It was better to stay at one's own floor, it was safer there."

IngeBorg spoke with people for another 17 minutes: with friends, with her boss, with her parents. She told that everybody was calm and that they continued waiting for a signal from the security. Then a Boeing drilled itself into her building, on the 87th floor, just underneath her own, and all contact was cut off.
"It's nothing like IngeBorg, such a destiny," Ingrid says. "She is a very joyful girl. I've known her for 15 years already. It's not possible to speak about IngeBorg in the past tense. This just isn't possible so suddenly, this cannot be?!"
In the meantime IngeBorg was put on the missing-list, even at the CNN-website. Also her friends fear the worst. Sunday morning Martijn collected her records at her dentist, to bring them to the identification-team. He also collected DNA-material, from her comb and toothbrush. "But they didn't need it yet," he says. "they weren't so far yet. Keep in mind, we're also doing this for her parents. They are devastated. Maybe we can support them a bit like this with the loss of their daughter and our friend."
Ingrid: "Tonight the resue workers asked for data of her mobile phone. They were sent to them by now. For the time she hasn't been found yet, there is still hope," she says emotionally. "but chances are decreasing rapidly now."
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