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Nobody's Fault

Posted 14 Feb 2012 at 22:54 PM by yankee451
Updated 15 Feb 2012 at 03:11 AM by yankee451

I'm a nostalgic fellow. For whatever reason I started thinking about the first time I heard this song, a classic from Led Zeppelin, and one of my all time favorites.

I had just left Fairbanks, Alaska to meet my girlfriend Emily, destined to be a Playboy Playmate at the airport in Oakland, California. It was the summer of 1977; I was 16 and so far out of my element that my black, skin-tight felt pants could barely hide my bulging erection.

I was head over heels infatuated with Emily, a blonde-bombshell California girl I met in high-school in Alaska, and at the time I was doing my best to prove to the world how big a schmuck I was by following her all over the country. My dad warned me I'd never find a more expensive girlfriend, but damn man; look at her.

I got off the plane in Oakland and Emily met me with her friend whose name escapes me, I can place the face but not the name; she was blonde from the sun and had a lot of facial hair.

It was hot. I was wearing black felt pants and a long-sleeved shirt. What an asshole.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, Emily had a watermelon injected with Vodka which never fooled security one bit but Jesus. Look at her.

So we're about 30 feet from the stage on the green of the Oakland Coliseum, with Emily and her third-wheel (what's her name!?), the Vodka watermelon, and the felt-panted schmuck on a blanket. You just can't make this stuff up. I recall Rick Derringer opened the show, and Led Zeppelin was about 45 minutes late, and while waiting for their arrival, the crowd got restive. When they did arrive the band was kind of sleepy and lame...hard to imagine, I know, but I was too busy sucking face while lying on the blanket to much care.

Suddenly I heard the opening notes to Nobody's Fault, a song to which we in Alaska hadn't had access; a song I'd never heard before. Suddenly I "came-to" and noticed I was in the midst of tens of thousands of people screaming their support to the suddenly-awake and second-to-none LED ZEPPELIN.

The previously hung-over, or bored (hard to tell) Robert Plant, dressed in his skin tight low-rider jeans and his skimpy little blouse was suddenly choreographed with the newly invigorated band. Now THIS was a concert! We were on our feet, tens of thousands of us, boogieing like teenagers in the prime of life when Robert Plant, holding his microphone like a guitar, took an exaggerated step, like a baseball pitcher might do pretending to be a horse, and when his foot hit the ground the music stopped, and for one split second there was silence. I could feel a collective "lurch" in the roaring throngs, and by the time the crowd realized what had happened, our screams of approval were drowned out by Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham, RIP kicking back into the chorus. Gives me chills, I tell you.

"Nobody's Fault" caught me by surprise. Join me in traveling back to the summer of 1977:

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    oustanding story. great song. 1977 helluva year.

    Posted 15 Feb 2012 at 02:23 AM by loopDloop loopDloop is offline
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    yankee451's Avatar
    Originally Posted by loopDloop View Comment
    oustanding story. great song. 1977 helluva year.

    helluva year indeed.

    I must have misremembered Plant's "blouse", because here is what looks like footage from the very show I saw. I recall being fairly close to the stage, but not as close as the vantage point of this video. I recall Page needed to borrow a belt from a stage hand to hold up his pants, and I do recall he was wearing a black suit with either dragons or fire up the sides. He's wearing a black suit in the video but Plant's wearing a blue T-Shirt, so I got that part wrong. Later that evening I saw on the news that they had an altercation involving the police which resulted in the cancellation of the rest of their tour. I think I'm remembering that right.

    Anyway, here's the footage:


    Oh, and Emily's friend's name was Stacy...it's all coming back now.
    Posted 15 Feb 2012 at 03:05 AM by yankee451 yankee451 is offline

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