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Meeting the Other Side

Posted 1 Feb 2015 at 10:53 AM by Truthissweet

Meeting the Other Side

There is a feeling one can experience that is referred to as a 'runners high', or in my case an 'ice skaters high'. You may have experienced this phenomena. Quite enjoyable. Last year, I experienced the above feeling, but not while ice skating. A much different situation.

For most people that investigate what really happened on 911, it involves a lot of researching on a computer. Searches, links, pictures, videos, audio clips and other related items. A lot of time is invested in hopes of cracking the 911 case wide open. Worldwide in scope. But how many people actually get to come face-to-face with actual people involved in the continuing cover-up of 911? You are reading the written words of one such individual. Me.

On two occasions, three days apart, this independent 911 researcher encountered two individuals continuing the official story cover-up. And that is not by their choice. I can not tell you the feeling when these these two gentlemen sat no farther than seven feet from me. The first time it was both of them; the second time just one individual.

Any worthwhile 911 researcher knows what actually happened at Shanksville, so I will skip that part. On 9/11/12 (almost exact same perfect weather as on 911) at around 8:20 am, I was stopped by a local police officer while walking to the local McDonalds just down the road. To make a long story short, this officer thought I was the person who robbed a local bank the previous day. The bank robber was referred to as the 'Bucket List Bandit'. You may have heard of the series of robberies across the country by this man. The only resemblance was my glasses. This whole situation is a blog in itself! I was let go after being totally humiliated in front of a couple homeowners not more than twenty-five feet from where I was stopped. Eventually, five police officers decided I was not a bank robber. I should have told them, 'but I play one on TV'.

Fast forward to the following weekend. While at the cafe I attend usually seven days a week for two hours or so, I explained my story to a friend of mine who I had known for a year. One comment lead to another and I explained that if this bank robber somehow was funneling his stolen funds to a terrorist type group, I could have been locked away with no rights for however long. Remote chance of course, but you never know.

I was referring about the Patriot Act to my friend and he started talking about PNAC and other 911 related topics. The subject of Shanksville (Sville) came up and my friend said that a group of local college professors that were forensic pathologists (FP) were at Sville testing remains for identification. I bit my tongue holding back my reaction to what I had just heard. I explained, for the first time, to my friend what I had been doing in regards to 911 research since '03. I am a firm believer in fate because it was getting stopped by the police that lead to me finding out about the FPs.

I needed to somehow contact these FPs and see if they would explain to me what they actually found at Sville. Time marched on and then on 9/9/14, an article appeared in the local paper featuring the FPs. This was in reference to the twentieth anniversary of the Pittsburgh plane crash. You know, an actual crash with plane parts and body remains scattered over the landscape. The FPs were assisting at the crash site. I had lived in a North Pittsurgh suburb, McCandless, at the time of the plane crash. The article was now the impetus to reach out and try and meet the FPs.

Time was short and I hurriedly mapped out a plan of a hopeful encounter. On 9/9/14, I emailed the more well known FP and asked if he would meet me in the cafe. I explained I was there everyday and my timeframe. I made a mistake. On the bottom of my emails, I post the name of the book I am currently writing. It is a novel based on what I think actually happened from '79-current date. I plan to be finished with book in June '17. The tentative title is 'Physics Did Them In: The First Time In Five Billon Years The Law Of Physics Did Not Exist For Eight Hours'. A long title, but I designed a unique book cover. I am sure seeing that book title tipped-off the FP about my real agenda. A mistake on my part.

Right after sending that email, I sent an email to the local radio station that has a morning 6-9 show geared towards local issues and national issues from a Fox News listener point of view. I had met the morning broadcaster a couple times in regards to sports related events. I am sure he remembered me. I asked the host to hold a debate between the college FP and myself within a reasonable time period so the 911 anniversary was in the listeners' minds. Also, I sent a bunch of links to articles and videos to explain how I was going to approach a debate on Sville. The FP has no idea that I have scheduled this debate. He thinks I just want to only meet with him at the cafe.

Right after that email, I sent an email to the area independent magazine and asked for a debate between the FP and myself. I had met some of the magazine staff during the previous two summers at their info booth during the annual blues/jazz fest. I sent the same info to the magazine editor as I sent to the radio show host. Now the fun begins.

The next day, hopped-up on coffee, I boldly emailed the FP and challenged him to a debate either on radio or in the magazine. I was going for the jugular in a respectful way. I figured he knows what I am up to anyway from my book title. Right after I sent the email, I stared into the abyss wondering what the hell I was going to expect. I was to find out in about fourty-eight hours.

The afternoon of 9/12/14 will stay in my brain forever. I received an email from the radio host. It read, 'uh, thanks'. Seriously. That was his actual reply and I never heard again from him about holding a debate. I received an email from the magazine editor. His email stated, 'thank you for your email. If we plan on doing a 911 feature in '15, we will most definitely contact you'. Fair enough reply. The magazine did not do any 911 feature articles for the '14 issue. Just a passing mention.

It was about 1:30 pm and I was located against the far wall doing my thing on my ipod. I glanced to my left at the slightly elevated center in-the-round seating area and I did a double take. Seven feet from me, eating their lunch, were the two FPs. They looked slightly different as the pictures in the paper referring to Pittsburgh crash were five years old. I knew who they were. One of the FPs had put on some weight and his face was much fuller. The other was basically the same looking as his picture in the paper.

I readjusted my seating position so I was now directly facing them. I was wearing headphones listening to music and would shoot a glance at them hoping they wouldn't notice. Our eyes locked-on one time but that was it. They were scoping me out as I was scoping them out without being too noticeable. Twenty minutes later they left a now packed cafe. I wanted to somehow take a picture but was unable to get in the right position. After they left, I went to a couple of the cafe staff I know and asked them if someone was asking about me by my first name. No one recalled that happening. I was wondering how they know who I was and who told them.

Three days later at around 2 pm, I sat in the far corner of the cafe facing out the back. There were only two other people in the cafe located back towards the front and quite a distance from my table. Ideal situation to do some 911 research. While engrossed watching a 911 youtube video, I looked up and to my surprise, the head FP was sitting in the last available table near the corner. Of all the tables available, he choses this table and is directory facing me. Seven feet distance once again. I looked up then down. My adrenalin kicked in. I ever so slightly looked at the FP while wearing my ball cap. I could see him eyeing me a couple times.

After five minutes, I unhooked my ipod from the charger cord and took it with me as I took a newspaper back to the rack near the front of the cafe. I then took a long range picture of the FP as he was looking down eating the very little amount of food he had bought at the buffet part of cafe. Then I took a quick smoke break outside so I could eye the FP. I went back and sat down without acknowledging him in any manner. For the next twenty minutes, he just sat there picking at his meager helping of food. He knew that I knew that he knew that I knew what was going on. I believe that last sentence makes sense. I think you get what I am trying to say. Finally, the FP got up and left but not before standing and looking out the back door for about two minutes. I took another picture of him from behind. What was he thinking? He then walked around the center portion of the cafe and then I snapped another picture. I have not seen the two FPs since that time during the time period I spend at the cafe. The cafe is only three miles from the college.

Within minutes of the FP leaving, I emailed the other FP and told him I was willing to drop meeting him. In my initial email, I had explained if did not receive a reply in about a week, then I would drop the subject. My intention was not to harass or cause any problems investigating the FPs time at Sville. I could have really caused a whole bunch of problems for the FPs and the college. Funny thing is that 99.99% of the people in this area have no idea what I accomplished.

For the first time in thirteen years, there was someone in the area who challenged the FPs for some answers about Sville. The local media has never even questioned them like I had planned to question them. I understand why. This year will be different. I now have a sympathetic ear in the local media. She is going to try and make a connection possible close to 9/11/15. We shall see. Everything in this blog is true. Anyone reading this should be lucky enough to have been in my shoes for six days last 911. This area is a 911 gold mine. Besides my book, I am looking into three other cases involving 911. At this time, I can not say anything. But believe me, when it is okay to report on what I am investigating, the first place to write about it is this forum blog.
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    Added links and pics

    Thank you Bucket List Bandit

    Pittsburgh plane crash anniversary article

    Dr. Dirkmaat (Bat in hand. I sent him email)

    Hopefully his favorite movie isn't 'Walking Tall'

    Dr. Adovasio, head of department

    My first picture of Adovasio

    I am seated to his right about where third window from left begins

    Second picture

    In the back of his mind he wants to waterboard me

    Third picture

    'Ladies and Gentlemen...Elvis has left the building'

    I wish the ipod had zoom lens capability.
    Posted 2 Feb 2015 at 09:45 AM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline
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    An Open Letter to Dr. Dirkmaat and Dr. Adovasio

    Dear Sirs,

    Last September I requested a meeting with Dr. Dirkmaat so he could explain to me what transpired at Shanksville related to his duties as part of DMORT. I expanded that request somewhat hastily to include a debate concerning what I feel 'actually happened' versus the 'official story'. As has been shown in this blog, there was no attempt by Dr. Dirkmaat to respond to my request which was outstanding for six days. After such time, I dropped my request to meet.

    I would like to once again ask if you will meet with me to explain your duties at Shanksville and to provide any type of documentation to include working notes and pictures. As a tax paying citizen of this country that provides your DMORT income, you should be forthcoming in explaining the official story not only to me, but also to the readers of this blog and others who have an interest in the subject. In that sense, you work for us. I realize my request has little chance of being granted but I feel the question has to be asked once again.

    I can't speak for everyone on this forum, but I would like to think that it is not your decision to avoid speaking about Shanksville and that most here would understand your situation. You know where to meet with me and at what time period. If anything, just acknowledge to me stating you can not talk about the subject. That is much better than totally avoiding me. I represent a lot of good people here and around the world who want answers. Answers to legitimate questions concerning the many discrepancies in the official story. I respectfully await your reply to my question.



    Posted 14 Feb 2015 at 08:59 AM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline
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    The rewards of playing the game in Shanksville:
    Mercyhurst University Institute for Intelligence Studies
    The Institute for Intelligence Studies Mercyhurst University (IIS-MU), located on the campus of Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, offers undergraduate and graduate studies programs in intelligence analysis. The program also offers graduate certificates in Applied Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Law Enforcement Intelligence. IIS-MU "promotes the study of Intelligence in higher academic settings, while seeking to identify, promote, and employ best practices in the study and application of intelligence studies throughout its various disciplines (national security, law enforcement, business intelligence and academia)."

    IIS-MU was founded in February 2004, thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE). For a dozen years before the opening of the institute, Mercyhurst College offered an undergraduate degree in intelligence studies as part of its ground-breaking

    Research/Intelligence Analyst Program (RIAP, or R/iap). Nestled within Mercyhurst College's Department of History, RIAP was the first non-governmental initiative of its kind in the U.S. The program began in 1992 with only 14 students, but the competence of graduates eventually attracted the attention of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

    The intense public debate in the U.S. following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, focused on U.S. intelligence analysts and their need for training, which directed attention to Mercyhurst's already-growing program. RIAP's success at the undergraduate level led to the offering of a graduate program by 2004. The Federal Bureau of Investigation instituted a sabbatical program in 2005, through which senior analysts began to attend IIS-MU for advanced training.

    For many years, no other school in the United States offered a degree designed specifically for intelligence analysts.

    Robert J. Heibel, a retired FBI agent, founded the undergraduate program in 1992 and is now Executive Director of IIS-MU.

    James G. Breckenridge, a retired US Army officer and former member of the faculty at West Point, chairs the undergraduate Department of Intelligence Studies.

    IIS-MU founded and sponsors the Global Intelligence Forum each year in Dungarvan, Ireland. The conference seeks to find the best practices in intelligence analysis and see how they can be applied to other industries and companies.

    IIS-MU Press opened as a publishing house in 2005. IIS-MU cited the need for additional textbooks in the field as its reason for getting into publishing. Four books have been published as of February 2009 and others are in the works.

    In February 2009, Assistant Professor Stephen Marrin presented two papers at international conferences. The first paper, entitled "Reconceptualizing the Relationship Between CIA's Analysis and Decisionmaking: The Case of Pre-9/11 Terrorism Intelligence" was presented at a conference in Dublin, Ireland on The CIA & US Foreign Policy: Reform, Representations and New Approaches to Intelligence. The second, entitled "The Intelligence-Policy Interface and Iraq in Britain and the United States" was given at a workshop on Intelligence, Policy and Comparative Politics in London.

    Six IIS-MU students won the first-ever ODNI-sponsored 2008 Open Source Challenge which gave the students one week to thoroughly research, document and convincingly answer the question: "Is Al Qaeda a cohesive organization with strong and centralized control, intent and direction?" The team's answer surpassed those of more than 20 other competitors, some veterans of the U.S. intelligence community. Another team shared the first prize with Mercyhurst after it answered the second question option in the contest. That team, from iJET Intelligent Risk Systems, had two members who graduated from IIS-MU's graduate program.

    As of 2014, there are approximately 300 students enrolled in the undergraduate program. This includes students from across the United States as well as international students. The students primarily come from the Ohio-Pennsylvania-NY area.

    The Masters of Science in Applied Intelligence is a thirty-four or thirty-six-credit two-year program designed to prepare graduates to pursue analyst careers in law enforcement, national security and competitive intelligence. As of 2009, there are approximately 53 graduate students in the Applied Intelligence program.

    The 2007-2008 school year includes nine faculty and six adjunct faculty. Current professors include retired or former members of the Los Angeles Police Department, the National Drug Intelligence Center, the US State Department, the United States Army, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
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    Not bad getting your name associated with the local college who harbors forensic pathologists covering up Shanksville.

    Introducing the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences

    University announced today that its pioneering intelligence studies program will take the name of the nation’s first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, 43rd governor of Pennsylvania and Erie native, Tom Ridge.

    “Intelligence studies,” which educates students for careers in national security, law enforcement and business, is the university’s top major and leader in distance and online learning initiatives, drawing students from across the nation and abroad. From its European headquarters at Mercyhurst Ireland in Dungarvan to its role in educating partner nations of the U. S. Department of State in intelligence analysis, its reach is global.

    In recognition of its growth and as a vehicle by which it can best structure bold new objectives, the department recently reconfigured to become the university’s seventh school, incorporating not only intelligence studies, but mathematics, computer systems and communication. The new school will be known as “The Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences.”

    “We are deeply honored and grateful to Gov. Ridge for lending his name to an innovative program that has helped catapult Mercyhurst University onto the world stage, and we look forward to graduating individuals who aspire to combine keen analytic skills with a commitment to genuine human flourishing in the manner of Gov. Ridge,” said Mercyhurst President Tom Gamble, Ph.D.

    The opportunity to name the school after such a prominent figure in national security as Gov. Ridge, whose archives, and those of his wife Michele, are now housed at the university, seemed only fitting.

    “From his days as governor of Pennsylvania and as a U.S. Cabinet member representing Homeland Security, Tom Ridge has demonstrated a global mindset, not to mention he’s a native son,” said James Breckenridge, Ph.D., dean and architect of the new school.

    “Gov. Ridge has always been a big supporter of ours and we admire his interest, commitment and practice in and around the intelligence studies discipline,” Breckenridge said. “I might add that as keynote speaker, he was instrumental in the success of our first Global Intelligence Forum in Ireland.”

    Today, Ridge is CEO of Ridge Global, an international provider of security and risk management services worldwide and, as such, the ideal face of a new school that aims to develop intelligence and information management leaders for the 21st century work environment. Ridge is also partner of Ridge-Schmidt Cyber, an international consultancy helping leaders in business and government solve complex cyber security challenges.

    “Graduates of Mercyhurst’s intelligence studies program are well known and highly regarded inside the walls of our nation’s intelligence and defense agencies in Washington,” said Gov. Ridge. “I am honored that Mercyhurst University, an institution with which I have enjoyed a long and proud affiliation, would choose to attach my name to this new school. The young men and women who will leave with degrees will play a critical role in defending our nation’s safety and securing our freedom.”

    Breckenridge said the new school will stress critical thinking, collaborative decision-making, the application of technology to assist in information management and knowledge transfer (big data). Multi-media and social media as communication platforms will also be emphasized while courses to address the demand for homeland security and cyber security professionals will be integrated. Further, he said, the school will serve as a Center of Excellence for distance and online learning, and take the lead in exploring, designing and developing new ways to deliver professional education.

    “In marrying intelligence studies, mathematics, computer systems and communication, along with distance learning and online education, Mercyhurst is well positioned to exploit the new higher education environment,” Breckenridge said. “Currently, no higher education institution in the United States has developed an equivalent initiative.”
    Posted 17 Feb 2016 at 14:25 PM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline
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    From this morning, a video where the Bucket List Bandit action took place.

    Posted 24 May 2019 at 13:15 PM by Truthissweet Truthissweet is offline

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